Nathalie from Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens nominated me the Sunflower award! Isn't that nice of her! Thank you Nathalie!
State 11 facts about yourself:
-I am British (and very proud of the fact)
-I have contact-lenses
-My favourite literary heroine is Elizabeth Bennet
-My favourite literary hero is Mr George Knightley
Mr Knightley
-I would name my daughter:
Elizabeth Lace (I sort of invented the name Lace, but I just love it;)
Margaret Daisy
Rosemary Jane
-I would name my son:
Matthew (we all know why:-)
-I am now typing (yes, Naomi, thank you, but I think we had gathered that much)
-We are currently in the middle of watching Downton Abbey-- and it's so good!
-My favourite Anne of Green Gables quote is: There is more scope for the imagination here. I love the way she says it in the movie.
-I am not wearing any socks now (sorry, I'm being terribly random)

Least favourite and favourite Disney princess?
To be honest I have never watched those movies, but as a child, I always stated that my favourite was Cinderella (I loved her blue dress) and my least favourite the Sea Mermaid (is that one?) because to me the Sea Mermaid wasn't really a princess.
 Book you're currently reading?
I am now reading Anne of Green Gables in French. It's not too hard because I've read it a fast amount of times in English, so I know it practically of by heart. I even noticed that in the French version they left a paragraph out!
I love that smile of hers
A movie that makes you cry?
I don't know if you've heard of it, but the movie 'Treasures in the Snow' always makes me cry. There's a boy there who gets wrongly judged by everyone and I always feel soooo sorry for him.
Which author do you prefer: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, or L. M. Montgomery?
Haha, I suppose you expect me to say Jane Austen. Well, I love Jane Austen as a writer, but I must say I prefer L.M.Montgomery, who is- together with Lynn Austin- my favourite author. I've read all the books she's ever written- and there are more than you think!
I love the Anne books, of course. I think the best Anne books are the first two and the very last, about her daughter Rilla.
Then I also love the Emily books. They are rather similar to the Anne books, although different too, in a way (I'm being very clear, am I not?).
But my favourite Montgomery book is 'the Blue Castle'. It's sooo good! I read it once every two months. It's filled with delicious description and has an amazing and witty plot. Read it!
Favorite person from history?
After Jesus, my Saviour, I'd probably pick Jane Austen or L.M.Montgomery.
Describe the dress you'd wear on the red carpet if you were a famous actress:
Oh! I just love this question! I'd wear a lovely frilly, fussy, sheeny dress- draped with lace and endless flounces. A bit like Scarlett O'Hara's white dress:
But I'd have it light pink instead of white. *dreaming away*
Thank you Nathalie!
Now, instead of nominating people, I have made a different blog award. Everyone seems to have all the others already.
The Beautiful Blog Award!
I nominate:
Emma Jane
Miss Laurie
And my questions are:
-What do you think of Pride and Prejudice 1995? I want your honest opinion!
-What are you now reading?
-What is your least favourite costume from your favourite movie?
-What is your favourite Period Drama hat?
-Who is the last man (from a Period Drama) in the world who you could ever marry?
-Which period drama lady would most like to have as your teacher?
-What is the next thing that you are going to watch? (Or what do you think?)
-What's the colour of your bedroom?
-What do you feel like eating now?
Answer the questions
Nominate as many people as you wish
Ask ten questions
...and that's it!


  1. Thanks for awarding me! Ooh I just love the red carpet question! :) Thanks again!

  2. Oh sorry I meant to ask this can i steel the red carpet question?

  3. Hi Isabelle, the red carpet question isn't one which belongs to the questions I wrote for you, but of course you can answer it too- I know, it's such a fun question!

  4. Oooh, fun! Thanks for awarding me! :-)

    Each time I visit your blog I love it more! I love all that you've added to the sidebar, especially the gif of MARY AND MATTHEW......*dreamy sigh*

    I didn't know you liked Mr. Knightley better than Mr. Darcy! *high five* He and Edward are my favorite Jane Austen heroes. Mr Darcy is....okay. *ducks head*

    Oooooh, I think Rosemary Jane is very pretty. I also love the names Margaret and Elizabeth.

    Heehee, Matthew is actually my favorite boy's name too. Not for any particular reason, it just is. :-P

    By the 'Sea Princess' I believe you are referring to the Little Mermaid, yes? I only watched that movie once and it was a loooonnnnngggg time ago and I remember absolutely nothing about it, except that I didn't like it very much. :-P My favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast (my favorite!), and I also really like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

    YESSSS, I have seen Treasures in the Snow!!! I'm actually really surprised that you've seen it-- or that ANYONE has seen it-- because it was one of those movies that my sisters and I used to watch over and over again when we were really little and I always thought we were the only people who watched it. :-P I haven't seen it in an age. I know, it's soooo sad!!!

    I love your questions! So creative, my dear! And of course you would add that question about P&P. :-)

    And one last thing: I love your Jo March signature!

    ~Miss Violet Rose Hayes

  5. Haha, yes! I do like Mr Knightley better than Mr Darcy- I think Mr Darcy doesn't smile enough, although I do still love him. He's probably my third favourite literary hero (Matthew Crawley comes second)
    Oh yes I was referring to the Little Mermaid.
    Oh! You've seen Treasures in the Snow? Hurrah! I always thought we were the only one who watched that :-) I also always cry when I read the book- it's just so sad!
    Yes, of course I HAD to ask a P&P question!
    Yours truly, Alice Grace Ripley
    (People reading this comment and not understanding the Alice Grace Ripley thing- It's a private joke between us two.)

  6. Hi Naomi!
    Thank you so much for nominating me for your award! They look like such great questions, I can't wait to answer them! :)
    Oh wow, you're British? That's so cool!
    I love the names Elizabeth and Matthew too! You probably noticed that on my blog post. ;)
    I've read sooo many L.M. Montgomery books, but I haven't gotten to read the Blue Castle yet. I really want to!
    Oh yes, I love Scarlet's dress.....she has so many lovely dresses...and some not too lovely ones as well, haha. ;)

  7. Thanks for commenting Nathalie!
    Yes, I'm British- had you not noticed the way I spell 'favoUrite'?
    Oh!! Read the Blue Castle! It's sooo good!
    I'm looking forward to read your answers!

  8. I think LM Montgomery books don't get the attention they deserve. Most people seem to talk about the movies and not the entire long series, and then totally ignore such lovely others as the Emily trilogy. I haven't read Blue Castle; I am not sure if my library has that.
    My mom read Treasures in the Snow long, long ago to us (my little sister read it recently; I need to read more of that author for myself, it is so cool to rediscover things), and I watched the movie or at least part long, long ago (like 10 or more years ago).

  9. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Emily series! I would add italics, but I can't in the comment box. :P
    Oh read the Blue Castle! You won't be disappointed!
    I just love Montgomery's books! She has such a way with words. Have you read 'Jane of Lantern Hills?' it's also really good. I have read all her books, and I think they are all so charming. They should be more famous than they are.

  10. Thank you for nominating me, it was very sweet of you and the questions were fun to answer!

    My answers here:http://old-fashionedcharm.blogspot.com/2014/04/sunflower-blogger-award-questions.html


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