Dress colour game

The first 'Wonderland Creek' game!

Bonus question:
From what movie does this screen cap come from?

This is a period drama dress game, but the opposite way round. What am I talking about?
In a normal dress game, one would show a dress and then the people have to guess who's wearing it. But in this game it's the other way round.
An example:
Question: Describe the dress which Scarlett O'Hara wears in the first scene.
(Your answer would be: A white dress with ruffles.)
Simply saying the colour of the dress is enough.

Ten points for each right colour and ten extra points for answering the bonus question. 130 points can be earned!
I have tried to make this as easy as possible, so please try your best and without peeking!
So what are the colours of these.....

#1 The dress Emma (2009) wears when she and Mr Knightley kiss in the garden.

#2 The dress Elizabeth Bennet (1995) wears in the first scene.

#3 The dress Margaret Hale wears in the last scene. (aka, the kissing scene)

#4 The dress Scarlett O'Hara wears in the last scene (aka the 'tomorrow is another day' scene)

#5 The dress Marianne Dashwood (1995) wears to the ball.

#6 The dress Daisy (the scullery maid) wears in the entire first Downton Abbey series. (Hint: It's always the same one!)

#7 Anne Shirley's first puffed sleeved dress.

#8  Jane Austen's (in Becoming Jane) ball gown.

#9 The dress Leisl von Trapp (Sound of Music) wears when she sings "I am Sixteen going on Seventeen"

#10 The dress Sophie Hutton in Cranford wears in the last scene

#11 The dress Mary Crawley wears in her engagement scene to Matthew (aka the snow-scene (no peeking at my favourite and least favourite scene post!))

#12 The dress Cynthia Kirkpatrick (Wives and Daughters) wears when she arrives at the Gibson house for the first time.

Hope it wasn't to hard!
Answers will be coming next week! Till then, guess as many times as you want!


  1. SQEEEEEEE!!!!

    Naomi darling, this is SO clever. :-) Okay, here goes:

    The screencap is from Sense and Sensibility (2008).

    #1 The dress Emma wears is yellow with blue flowers on it, with a white blouse underneath.

    #2 Ummm...you got me on this one. Absolutely no clue. :-P

    #3 Oooh! Oooh! That green striped dress that turns up in so many period dramas! I think it's green. It is green, isn't it?

    #4 Umm....it's black. :-)

    #5 It's turquoise, I believe. I don't know of any other distinguishable things about it I could mention....?

    #6 Daisy's dress is pink-and-white striped. She also always wears a white apron.

    #7 It's light blue with lace. And puffed sleeves, of course. :-)

    #8 Ooooh! I love this dress. It's a light gold color and it has short puffed sleeves, and I believe it has a little clasp-thingy at the waist.

    #9 Ohhhhh, I love this dress too! Actually I love all of these. :-) Mary's dress is dark red, with no sleeves (wasn't she cold?) and a full skirt.

    #10 Hmmm....I remember the coat she wore, but I'm not sure what color the dress was. Was it tan?

    This was really fun! Thank you!

    Oh, and you figured out how to add the followers gadget. Good. :-)


  2. Me again: I am so sorry, I don't know why I somehow missed two dresses in the middle of the game. I think it was because I was reading it underneath the comment box, and I didn't think to look if I'd missed any. So that probably threw off all my guesses after #8. I'm mortified. :-P

    Okay, anyway.

    #9 Liesel's dress is pink and gorgeous. That's all I remember about it.

    #8 I think Sophie wears a wedding dress in the last scene. It's their wedding, right?

    Hmm, now that I look at it, it seems you've made two #8s and #9s. Maybe that was what threw me off. :-P


  3. Well done Violet! You have 110 points.

  4. I should probably know the photo but I don't, so is it SandS 2008/9?
    1. It is yellow (but doesn't she have more than one yellow dress? One with short sleeves and one she wears long sleeves with). I think the one that she wears is with short sleeves. I don't know (I sound like Harriet).
    2. White with brown jacket I think
    3. Is it black for mourning? I didn't find most of her clothing very pretty.
    4. Haven't watched this whole movie
    5. Um, I think its cream silk
    6. Pink?
    7. Well it is a hideous blue (auburn haired girls shouldn't wear blue; it isn't flattering, listen to Mrs. Montgomery)in the movie, but it was a flattering golden brown in the book.
    8. Need to see this movie
    9. I will say mauve, it looks more purple in some scens, and more pink in others. Probably pinky mauve.
    10. Need to see movie
    11. Don't watch Downton
    12. I cannot remember
    Thanks for the game! I love them even if I don't know/remember everything.

  5. Well done Livia Rachelle, you have 50 points!

  6. Bonus: from Sense & Sensibility 2008
    #1. Yellow with blue floral design
    #2. White dress with pale blue spencer
    #3. Dark green stripes that look black
    #4. don't know Gone With The Wind, only seen it once a long time ago
    #5. Green? I can see Elinor's blue dress but the color of Marianne's gown isn't as clear in my mind.
    #6. Is her uniform pink stiped?
    #7. Pale blue.
    #8. Pale green satin.
    #9. Pale pink.
    #10. White lace wedding dress!
    #11. Red with black accents? Only saw that once.
    #12. Dark Orange-ish?

    Fun game! :)

  7. Well done, Miss Laurie! You have 100 points.


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