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I know I haven't posted the 'dress colour game' answers yet- they are coming tomorrow instead of Saturday because I'm going on holiday with my family- but I got struck by such an excellent game idea that I decided to do one now.
So please, readers, play this game, and try the dress colour game as well.

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Now, what on earth is the A B C game?
I shall explain.
I am going to summarize a period drama story, using A and B and C and D (and so on) instead of the names, and you have to guess which period drama I'm talking about.
One can gain 100 points.
Understand? Here goes then...

A. A has a friend, B. B loves D. A wants B to marry E. C wants B to marry D. But E loves A. B then loves C. But C loves A. A loves C. B then loves D again and all ends well.

A and her parents move house. A meets B and doesn't like him. B likes A (after a while). A makes a friend, C. C dies. Other people die too. B is in problems. A's parents both die. A goes to cousin. B eventually goes to find her. A now loves B. The end.

A is new in the village. A takes fancy in B. B also takes fancy in A. A's friend (who has the same job as A) plays trick. Now C thinks A loves her. A's housekeeper also eventually thinks A loves her. A does not know this. B's father does know it and breaks engagement between A and B. B gets very sick. When A saves her life, problems are solved. A and B marry.

A, B and mother and sister move house. A loves C, who she left behind. B loves D. E loves B. D suddenly leaves. A finds out C is engaged to someone else. Now both A and B are sad. A and B go to London. E comes. E tells A something shocking about D. B is heartbroken. After some time, B takes fancy in E. E still loves B. A hears that C is married. But actually C's brother is married, not C. So A can marry C and B marries E.

A loves B. A's step-sister, C comes. B loves C. B and C are engaged. A is sad. C doesn't really love B. C eventually breaks engagement. B realises what a fool he's been for loving C and marries A.

A loves B. B marries C. A marries C's brother. C's brother dies. A marries A's sister's fiancé. A's sister's fiancé dies. A marries D. They divorce.

A loves B. B loves C. C loves D. D loves no-one in particular. Then D does start to love C. But C then loves B. A and B are enemies. And I don't know how it goes on because I haven't seen the rest. :P

A and B want C. C is different than expected. But C is nicer than expected and they keep her. C makes friend with D. C makes enemies with E after E teases C about her hair. But in the end C marries E.

A's sister loves B's friend. B loves A. A does not love B. B separates A's sister from B's friend. A hates B. B sends letter. A understands. In the end A marries B and A's sister marries B's friend. All is understood and forgiven.

A is dad. A's oldest daughter loves B. But A promised C his daughter. But A's oldest daughter can marry B. A agrees with that match.
A's second daughter loves D. D is revolutionist. But after a while, A also agrees with that match.
A's third daughter loves E. E is not a Jew. A does not agree. They elope. A is furious.

I hope that wasn't too hard or too easy or too complicated!
I hope you enjoy playing it!
So the answers for the dress colour game will come tomorrow and the answers for this game, next week.


  1. Wow, this looks tricky! But I shall give it a try. You do come up with some clever ideas, Alice!

    #1 It miiiiiiight be Emma, but I'm not sure.

    #2 North and South

    #3 Cranford

    #4 Sense and Sensibility

    #5 Wives and Daughters. Hey, I think I'm better at this than I thought!

    #6 This one's got a lot of dying and marrying and divorcing. I can't think of it right now, but I might come up with it later....?

    #7 Haha, Downton Abbey. :-)

    #8 Anne of Green Gables

    #9 *drumroll* Pride and Prejudice!

    #10 Fiddler on the Roof :-P

    This was lots of fun! Thanks! :-)


  2. Hahaha this is great!
    #1 Emma.
    #2 North and South
    #3 Cranford
    #4 Sense and Sensibility
    #5 Wives and Daughters
    #6 Gone With the Wind?
    #7 No Idea
    #8 Anne of Green Gables
    #9 Pride and Prejudice
    #10 Fiddler on the Roof

    Thanks for the game! :)

  3. 1. Emma
    2. North and South
    3. Cranford?
    4. Sense and Sensibility
    5. Wives and Daughters
    6. Gone with the Wind
    7. ?
    8. Anne of Green Gables
    9. Pride and Prejudice
    10. Fiddler on the Roof

  4. Yay! I love games! This one looks kinda hard, but I'll do my best!
    #2- North and South?
    #3- Cranford!
    #4- Sense and Sensibility.
    #5- Wives and Daughters.
    #6- GONE WITH THE WIND. It just looks better in capitals.
    #7-...you lost me there.
    #8- Anne of Green Gables.
    #9- Pride and Prejudice.
    #10- Fiddler on the Roof?
    That was so clever of you!

  5. OHHHHHHH! #6 is GONE WITH THE WIND!!!! How did I not get that!?! (Actually Sadie got it first and then gave me a hint. I can't believe I didn't think of it before.) Just one thing-- I think you've got it mixed up. Wouldn't it be Scarlett (A) loves Ashley (B), Ashley marries Melanie (C), and Scarlett marries C's brother, and then C's brother dies?

  6. Well done to everyone who played so far!
    Hannah, you have 100 points (probably because you're my sister and watched all the films I have, but never mind...)
    Emma Jane, you have 100 points
    Nathalie, you have 90 points
    Livia Rachelle, you have 90 points,
    Sadie you have 80 points.
    Well done everyone!

  7. This is such a clever idea for a game! Took me a bit to figure some of these out.

    #1. Emma
    #2. North & South
    #3. Crawford
    #4. Sense & Sensibility
    #5. Wives & Daughters
    #6. Gone With The Wind?
    #7. Story doesn't sound familiar unless it is A Midsummer Night's Dream?
    #8. Anne Of Green Gables
    #9. Pride & Prejudice
    #10. Fiddled On The Roof

    I can see this game being done several different times with different stories, so cool! :)


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