ABC game ~ Answers

Well done everyone!!! Here are the answers!

A. A has a friend, B. B loves D. A wants B to marry E. C wants B to marry D. But E loves A. B then loves C. But C loves A. A loves C. B then loves D again and all ends well.

Answer: Emma
A and her parents move house. A meets B and doesn't like him. B likes A (after a while). A makes a friend, C. C dies. Other people die too. B is in problems. A's parents both die. A goes to cousin. B eventually goes to find her. A now loves B. The end.

Answer: North and South
A is new in the village. A takes fancy in B. B also takes fancy in A. A's friend (who has the same job as A) plays trick. Now C thinks A loves her. A's housekeeper also eventually thinks A loves her. A does not know this. B's father does know it and breaks engagement between A and B. B gets very sick. When A saves her life, problems are solved. A and B marry.

Answer: Cranford (Dr Harrison thingy)
Such a pretty picture
A, B and mother and sister move house. A loves C, who she left behind. B loves D. E loves B. D suddenly leaves. A finds out C is engaged to someone els
e. Now both A and B are sad. A and B go to London. E comes. E tells A something shocking about D. B is heartbroken. After some time, B takes fancy in E. E still loves B. A hears that C is married. But actually C's brother is married, not C. So A can marry C and B marries E.

Answer: Sense and Sensibility

A loves B. A's step-sister, C comes. B loves C. B and C are engaged. A is sad. C doesn't really love B. C eventually breaks engagement. B realises what a fool he's been for loving C and marries A.

Answer: Wives and Daughters
That fan!
A loves B. B marries C. A marries C's brother. C's brother dies. A marries A's sister's fiancé. A's sister's fiancé dies. A marries D. They divorce.

Answer: GONE WITH THE WIND (It looks better in capitals)

A loves B. B loves C. C loves D. D loves no-one in particular. Then D does start to love C. But C then loves B. A and B are enemies. And I don't know how it goes on because I haven't seen the rest. :P

Answer: The Daisy-Alfred-Ivy-Jimmy thingy in Downton Abbey
(sorry about the difficulty in this one. The only two who got this right is my sister (because she watches the same things as I do and Emma Jane who always knows what I have watched and who loves Downton Abbey.)

A and B want C. C is different than expected. But C is nicer than expected and they keep her. C makes friend with D. C makes enemies with E after E teases C about her hair. But in the end C marries E.

Answer: Anne of Green Gables

A's sister loves B's friend. B loves A. A does not love B. B separates A's sister from B's friend. A hates B. B sends letter. A understands. In the end A marries B and A's sister marries B's friend. All is understood and forgiven.
Answer: Pride and Prejudice (you were waiting for that, weren't you?)
A is dad. A's oldest daughter loves B. But A promised C his daughter. But A's oldest daughter can marry B. A agrees with that match.
A's second daughter loves D. D is revolutionist. But after a while, A also agrees with that match.
A's third daughter loves E. E is not a Jew. A does not agree. They elope. A is furious.

Answer: The Fiddler on the Roof

Thanks for playing everyone!
Hannah 100
Emma Jane 100
Livia Rachelle 90
Nathalie 90
Miss Laurie 90
Sadie 80


  1. It was a fun game! Thanks for making it! :)


    :-P Hehee.

    And goody goody, I got them all right! This game was lots of fun, dearie! Thanks! :-)



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