Dress colour game ~ Answers

Here are the answers to the dress colour game!! Thank you Emma Jane, Miss Laurie and Livia Rachelle for playing! You all did really well.

Bonus question: Sense and Sensibilty 2008
#1 The dress Emma (2009) wears when she and Mr Knightley kiss in the garden.
Yellow with floral design.
That scene!

#2 The dress Elizabeth Bennet (1995) wears in the first scene.
White dress with light blue spencer

#3 The dress Margaret Hale wears in the last scene. (aka, the kissing scene)
Dark green/blackish with stripes

#4 The dress Scarlett O'Hara wears in the last scene (aka the 'tomorrow is another day' scene)
Black (mourning dress)
Yes, I know that...
#5 The dress Marianne Dashwood (1995) wears to the ball.
Turquoise/ blue
Oh, Whiloughby!

#6 The dress Daisy (the scullery maid) wears in the entire first Downton Abbey series. (Hint: It's always the same one!)
Pink with white stripes

#7 Anne Shirley's first puffed sleeved dress.
Light Blue
They look ridiculous. You'll have to turn sideways to go through the door...

#8  Jane Austen's (in Becoming Jane) ball gown.
Green/ Gold

#9 The dress Leisl von Trapp (Sound of Music) wears when she sings "I am Sixteen going on Seventeen"
Light pink
Did you know Charmian Carr (Leisl) was 21, not 16?
#10 The dress Sophie Hutton in Cranford wears in the last scene
White... her wedding dress!

#11 The dress Mary Crawley wears in her engagement scene to Matthew (aka the snow-scene (no peeking at my favourite and least favourite scene post!))
Dark, deep red
I'm obsessed by this scene!
#12 The dress Cynthia Kirkpatrick (Wives and Daughters) wears when she arrives at the Gibson house for the first time.

Emma Jane - 110 points
Miss Laurie - 100 points
Livia Rachelle- 50 points
Well done everyone! Thank you for playing!
If you haven't yet played the ABC game... please do!


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