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And... yet ANOTHER one. Another Award I mean. And oh me oh my, they always stay fun. This time it is an award which I do not yet have. The...
Evie (a very lovely new blogger who let me make a header for her) nominated all her followers, which (thank goodness because the questions are so much fun) includes me. So... quick people! Become a follower, so that you too can answer these scrumptiously fun questions! Go. (and no, I am NOT being bossy.)
1. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?
This is dead easy. Jane Austen. Of course. My most dearest, beloved, most darlingest Jane Austen. I would run to her, give her a big hug and say, 'Thank you. Thank you.'
2. Would you rather live in the country or in the city?
Right now I live in just a rather calm street. I like it. You don't feel lonely, there are shops nearby, but yet it is calmer than living in the middle of a city. But still, had I have to choose, I'd definitely choose the country. You know... the fields, the flowers, blossom, butterflies... it is unresistent.
3. What was your life like growing up?
You mean, what IS my life like growing up. Because I am but fifteen years of age, and of course I still live at home. I am very happy indeed with my life. I have lovely parents, I have a Christian family, enough brothers and sisters, a lovely room filled with period drama pictures which I share with an adorable sister... yes- I am very happy with my growing up life indeed (of course, not EVERYTHING goes well. Now and then--- well, things get annoyingly cumbersome).
If I ever get old and white I shall look back at it with a smile on my face.
4. What were you like in high school?
Oh dear. I'm not in high school yet. Well maybe I am.... no I don't know. You see- we follow another system- the British system, and it's all different. I won't explain it all now (sorry, but this is a subject which bores me incessively.)
I get home-schooled- which is absolutely swellissimus because that means I can do my work at my desk at my own tempo and only have to walk up the stairs after breakfast to go to school.
5. Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many?
I have five brothers and three sisters. I am the second.
And yes, we all have the same father and mother (EVERYONE  asks that, so I thought I'd just say it before you ask because I don't like it when people ask.)
Normally people react in a very surprising way when they ask me this question. Some gape and look at me speechless as if I just said I had eaten a piece of cheese from the moon. Some gasp and say, 'NINE?!' Some say, 'How does your mother manage- I can't cope with two.' Some say, 'You must have a big house then.'
Close your mouth, for goodness sake! Queen Victoria had nine children, so what's so amazing?
I love being part in a big family although it can be... um... noisy sometimes.
6. What’s your favorite part about today so far?
When I checked my emails and saw that Emma Jane had sent me one. Thank you dear.
This was so fun Evie!
Here are my questions:
1. What are you now wearing? (You don't have to answer this question if you are wearing your pyjama's.)
2. How would you name this girl?
I would name her Candy. (You should choose another name, btw)
3. If you had to change your name, what would it be?
4. What's the last thing you watched and who was your favourite character and what was your favourite costume in it?
5. Have you read a Jane Austen novel? What did you think of it? (I scratched that out because I didn't want any negative replies)
6. If you saw Lady Catherine de Bourgh, what would you say?
I mean this L C, NOT Judi Dench
7. Do you have siblings? How many?
I tag anyone who reads this who does not have the Liebster blog award, or who simply loves answering questions.


  1. Thank you my dear Naomi for that wonderful introduction! :) I also would go back and meet Jane Austen and do what you said, if only we had a TARDIS we could go back in time together! heeheh I want to live in the country too! it's such a lovely laid back lifestyle that is so welcome when one lives in a big city.. *coughmecoughcough* aaaaah yes sorry, I didn't word that question well I am the same age and should have proofread my questions. sorry ! ooooh please do tell about the british system! I am facinated. Perhaps I should explain the new Australian system sometime considering I will be teaching it *rubs hands on head in an exasperated manner* it's become so confusing. Awesome a big family! My family friends have 7 children and they live around the corner, let's say they are the most lvoely people I have met! about your email, do I repy to the one you sent me with my blog header?
    Sorry about the rant!

  2. Thanks Evie for your long comment,
    Yes you can reply to my email (I love receiving emails!)
    Ohhhh- the Englsih system. It takes long to explain this. But I shall try, because you have asked me. Well, you can choose like three subjects for your "end exams" which are called A-levels, and before that there are other exams (I'm doing 10) which I'm doing now (I'm splitting them up in 2/3 years) which are called IGCSE's.
    It's a --- well, not exactly relaxing-- but it's a nice system which enables you to concentrate on your better subjects.

  3. Oooh that is confusing! but thank you for taking the time to reply! I will send you an email soon!

  4. Oh, you're very welcome for the email, dear. :-)

    What fun questions! I love answering questions, so I'm just going to answer them right here.

    1. Right now I'm wearing a brown skirt with blue flowers on it and a brown short-sleeved shirt (which happens to be my favorite shirt). I'm also barefoot today because it's so warm, so I'm kind of in my element right now. :-)

    2. Oh, she actually looks a lot like a little girl I know! Hmmm, I think I would name her Charley, like Charley Neckett in Bleak House. Or maybe Ellis. :-P

    3. THAT IS HARD. Honestly, I've never thought about changing my name. Maybe Violet? Heehee. Or Rosemary.

    4. Last night we started watching Frozen! We haven't finished it yet, but I think my favorite character is Anna. And my favorite costume is Elsa's white dress.

    5. I've started reading Emma, P&P and S&S, but I've never finished a Jane Austen novel.

    6. "For pity's sake, smile, woman."

    7. Yes, I have two sisters, Molly and Sadie, but of course you already knew that. :-)


  5. Hello Again Naomi!

    here are the answers to your tag

  6. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Emma, I LOVED all your answers! Especially 'for pity's sake smile woman'-- I really laughed.
    I love the name Rosemary as well-- and Violet too, of course :-)
    I love being barefoot. In the summer I'm outside barefoot the whole time. :-P
    I'm must go now, Emma darling....


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