Period Drama Lines ~ Answers

Bonus Point: This is Romola Garai (my second favourite actress, after Julia Sawalha) The movie is Glorious 39- Thank you Emma, Sadie and Miss Laurie for telling me!

So... well done everyone! You did pretty well, even though this was harder than my usual games! 
Daniel Deronda
Sidenote: This movie is on my to-see list. I REALLY want to watch it! It looks so good!
Little Dorrit
Sidenote: I haven't seen this movie, but really want to!
Meg in Little Women (the old adaption)
Sidenote: I adore her dress! It's scrumptious!
Patricia in "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines"
Sidenote: I have seen this movie- and I love it! Isn't Patricia pretty?
Dorcas Lane in "Lark Rise to Candleford"
Sidenote: We are watching this now! I love it!
Sense and Sensibility (2009)
Sidenote: Those gloves look leathery. Weird.
Mary Poppins
Sidenote: Her dress!!!!!
My Fair Lady
Sidenote: These. Hats. Are. Amazing.
Jeeves and Wooster
Sidenote: Haha.
Amazing Grace
Sidenote: Romola Garai again (for the third time in this post)
Call the Midwives
Sidenote: I have not seen this movie
War Horse
Sidenote: I have seen this movie, and this scene was so funny!
 Downton Abbey
Sidenote: Matthew does NOT belong to Lavinia. Why doesn't he see that?
 Chariots of Fire
No sidenote for this one :D
 Little House on the Prairie (Harriet and Nellie Oleson)
Sidenote: When I was younger, I loved the Olesons' scenes!
Miss Laurie: 140 points
Emma Jane: 100 points
Sadie: 90 points
Birdie: 90 points
Kiri Liz: 90 points
Evie: 50 points
Thank you for so many people participating! I've never had so many players before- it's was really wonderful. I hope you will enjoy the new game. :-)

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  1. Haha, I love all your little sidenotes. :-P This game was really fun, dearie!



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