The line Game (I couldn't think of a better name than that)

Okayyyy- a new game!
Bonus Point: Who is this actress? (I have no idea which Period Drama it is, though. If you know, you can tell me:)
What Period Drama do these following lines belong to? 10 points can be earned for each and 10 points for the Bonus Question. A total of 160 points can be earned! I hope you'll enjoy this!

I hope you enjoyed this! (Click on the images for a better view)
Apologies for so many- I wanted to do just ten first, but it was so much fun making that I ended up with lots- choosing just fifteen was even hard!


  1. How fun! :-)

    #1 DANIEL DERONDA. (It deserves to be all in capitals.) :-P
    #2 Little Dorrit
    #3 Ummm....is it the older Little Woman? That looks like it might be Meg.
    #4 Wow, that looks SO familiar! I almost think it might be from something I've just watched....maybe it'll come to me.
    #5 I don't know. :-( *hangs head*
    #6 Sense and Sensibility (2008)
    #7 Mary Poppins
    #8 *in Violet Crawley's voice* "I have nooooo idea."
    #9 Umm....?
    #10 Amazing Grace
    #11 I REALLY don't know what this one is.
    #12 Ahhhh! I'm doing terrible!
    #13 Alright, I know this one: Downton Abbey. :-)
    #14 Hmmm....maybe Chariots of Fire? I've never seen it, so that's just a guess.
    #15 Little House on the Prairie.

    This is very clever! Thanks, dear! :-)


  2. Oh, and the picture is Romola Garai. I think it's from Glorious 39, but I'm not sure since I haven't seen it.


  3. 1. Emma? 2009
    2. Young Victoria
    3. Gone With the Wind
    5. Miss Potter
    7. Mary Poppins
    8. My Fair Lady! :D
    9. Jeeves and Wooster
    13. Downton Abey
    14. Charriots of Fire

    Hmm not as many as I thought :( ah well fun game!

  4. Emma Jane, you have 100 points.
    Evie, you have 50 points. Your guesses 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 were wrong, but you can come and guess again! Same about you Emma. :)

  5. 1. Daniel Deronda

    2. Little Dorrit

    6. S&S 2008

    7. Mary Poppins

    8. My Fair Lady

    9. Jeeves and Wooster

    12. War Horse

    13. Downton Abbey

    14. The Book Thief

    15. Little House on the Prairie

  6. You have such clever ideas for games!
    I believe that's Romola Garai. I'm not sure, but it might be from Glorious 39.
    #1- Daniel Deronda.
    #2- Little Dorrit.
    #3- I'm not sure, but she looks very familiar.
    #4- ?
    #5- Lark Rise to Candelford?
    #6- Sense and Sensibility.
    #7- Mary Poppins!
    #8- ?
    #9- ?
    #10- Amazing Grace.
    #11- ?
    #12- I feel like I should know this one!
    #13- Downton Abbey.
    #14- ?
    #15- Little House on the Prairie!
    Thank you!

  7. Bonus point: Romola Garai (lovely picture, but I also have no idea about which period drama it is)

    1. Daniel Deronda
    2. Little Dorrit
    6. Sense and sensibility 2008
    7. Mary Poppins?
    8. My fair lady?
    9. Jeeves and Wooster
    10. Amazing Grace
    11. Call the midwife
    13. Downton Abbey

    Hmm, not so very good...

  8. Kiri Liz, Sadie and Birdie, you all have 90 points!

  9. Bonus Photo: the actress is Romola Garai, I think it might be from the movie Glorious 39 because the hairstyle and color is similar to other photos from that film and the character she plays is an actress. I've only seen that film once, it's a bit of a thriller set in World War II.

    Now the lines!
    #1. Daniel Deronda
    #2. Little Dorrit
    #3. Gone With The Wind?
    #5. Lark Rise to Candleford?
    #6. Sense & Sensibility 2008
    #7. Mary Poppins
    #8. My Fair Lady
    #9. Jeeves and Wooster
    #10. Amazing Grace
    #11. Call The Midwife or The Land Girls?
    #12. War Horse?
    #13. Downton Abbey, Season 2
    #14. Chariots of Fire?
    #15. Little House On The Prairie

    Fun and a bit challenging! :)

  10. Miss Laurie, you have a 140 points! Well done!


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