Yet another award!

Emma Jane, a very lovely friend, with whom I get along with very well, has nominated me the Beautiful Blog award. Thank you, dear!!!

  ~What is one of your favorite period drama lines that you find yourself quoting often?

Oh Emma!!!! How can I just choose ONE?
I often say 'You take delight in vexing me' when someone teases me. Heehee. Mrs Bennet has some very funny quotes.
I also often say 'Is there any felicity in the world... superior to this,' which was spoken by Marianne Dashwood. I say it whenever I see or do something I like. :P
There are millions of others, but I can't say them ALL, can I?

  ~What was the last book you read?

I am now reading 'The Scarlett Thread' by Francine Rivers. It's really good, although not the best.

  ~What is the best movie you've seen so far in 2014?

Pride and Prejudice 1995. Heehee.
I watch P&P every year, on the 21st of January, my birthday. It's a tradition.
But after Pride and Prejudice, I'd say the best movie I saw this year is Emma 2009. And after that probably Downton Abbey.
I found this picture, and I really like it- although I have no idea where it comes from, so don't ask me in the comments.

  ~Who is one of your least-favourite period drama couples?

I thought for a long time for this one. I thought of Lydia Bennet and Mr Wickham, Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill, The 2005 Lizzy and the 2005 Darcy, but none of them seems 'bad' enough. I'm sure that there is, somewhere a very annoying and irritating couple, but I just can't seem to think of it!
You see, either the lady is nice and the man is not, or either the man is nice and the lady is not. If Thomas and O'Brien in Downton Abbey were a couple, I'd put them in immediately. But they aren't you see, and I am with a problem. Poor me. I can't answer a question.
*thinks and thinks*

Maybe Scarlett and Rhett. Scarlett I don't like just because. Scarlett is probably my least favourite heroine. Hate the loathsome beast. As for Rhett, he can be charming (and he teases Scarlett so well:) but I must say I'm not very fond of him either. Is a bit slimy and oily and smug.
No... please don't go away. I'm sorry if I've offended you... but Rhett is just not my type. I can say this without hurting you, can I, Rhett-lovers?

  ~Who is the one period drama man you can most imagine yourself marrying? (This doesn't have to be your favorite literary/period drama hero, just the man you think you would be most suited to.)

Now this question I can answer without any single hesitation. For I am passionately in love with...
Oh!!!!!!!! *Naomi faints*

 ~ What is your favorite time period and culture to read about?

Mmm... I love reading books set in the Edwardian/ Fifties/ WW1 time. I also love reading Civil War novels. They just fascinate me to bits. That is, if it is possible to be fascinated to bits. I'm not sure if it is, you see.
Lynn Austin... you are an AMAZING writer...
Actually I love reading any book from any time period, if it is a good story and well written. That's all that matters. Take Lynn Austin for instance. She has written Civil War books, Bible character books, 'now' time books, WW2 books and I just love them all.

 ~Are you familiar with the Irish music group Celtic Woman? If so, who is your favorite of the singers?

Well, I am familiar with Emma Jane and Emma Jane is familiar with the Celtic Woman group, which is practically the same as saying that yes, I am familiar with the Celtic Woman.

 ~What is one of your all-time favorite book covers?
Squee. Squeee. Sqeeeeeee.
Emma Jane, thank you for asking this question!!! The only problem is I have so so many. But it doesn't matter, does it. I'll just show you a few. Prepare to faint.
Of course. Wonderland Creek.
This isn't Lynn Austin's best novel, but the cover...
My soon-to-be-mine book is sooo pretty!
Another book that will soon be mine
I have never read this, so I can't say I recommend it, but I do recommend it by judging it by its cover...
I read this a lot when I was younger. I still love the cover!!
I haven't read it, but I'm in love the cover...

Love both the inside and outside of this book. Another Lynn Austin book that I love.

I could go on and on, I but feel I am boring my readers and must go on.

 ~Is there a specific period drama/literary character whom you often find yourself quoting?

Yes. *lowers her head in shame* Mrs Bennet.
I just love this picture. (I know, it has nothing to do with this post.)

 ~Is there a specific period drama/literary character whom you find yourself acting a lot like sometimes?

Yes. Alice Grace Ripley from Wonderland Creek. (See top on of my list of favourite covers.) You see readers, I have named my blog Wonderland Creek. Shouldn't it be normal for me to act like the main character?
Alice and I are both scared of animals, not very good at cooking, used to all the modern conveniences (in other words, we wouldn't like living without electricity and so on), book worms, and we are both slightly whiny. :P

That was that! Thanks again Emma. *Gives Emma a hug*

Here ends my post for today.


  1. Ooooh, I loved reading your answers! And of course you're very welcome, dear. :-)

    Huh, I wonder where that black-and-white picture comes from. It actually looks super familiar. Okay, now that's going to bug me. :-P

    Scarlett and Rhett are your least favorite couple? Really? Of course Scarlett can be really awful, but I really don't hate her. At least, not as much as you do. And as for Rhett, well, I just can't hate him. Although you're right, he is too smug. I don't really think he's slimy, though.

    Heehee, I knew you would say Mr. Knightley. :-)

    I LOOOOVE reading novels set during the Civil War!!!! They just fascinate me to bits. And yes, I think it is quite possible to be fascinated to bits, don't you? It happens to me all the time. :-P
    I love how Lynn Austin doesn't just write about one time period, like a lot of other Christian historical fiction writers. Like you said, she writes about all different eras, from the 1930s, to the Civil War, to Bible times! Ohhhh. I just adore her books.

    Haha. No, seriously, you should listen to Celtic Woman sometime. They're all wonderful singers and they have some really beautiful songs.

    I looooove the Wonderland Creek cover. And While We're Far Apart. Of course. And I also love the cover of All Things New, although I wish the book itself was as good as the cover....*sigh*

    Sixteen Brides! SQEEEEE! You are going to love it! :-) And The Tutor's Daughter.

    Ooh! Ooh! My sister Sadie has read Redeeming Love! She loved it and said it's one of the best books she's ever read. I haven't read it, but I love the cover. THAT DRESS.

    Heehee, Mrs. Bennet. Yes, I can see that. Sometimes Sadie says I sound like Hyacinth Gibson, so don't feel bad. :-P

    Thanks for the hug! *Hugs Naomi back*


  2. Emma thank for your scrumptious comment!
    I know the lady sitting down in the black and white picture is acted by Bette Davis... Oh now I know where it comes from!!! It has just now at this moment popped into my mind. It's called Jezebel. The film sounds wicked. I wouldn't like to see it although I just love those dresses.
    Yes actually I have listened to some Celtic Woman songs. My favourite one is... I forgot the title but it's very dancy- more dancy than their normal songs. And there's a lady playing violin and dancing around. It's SO impressive. (I think their perfomances are so impressive.)
    Yes me too, I think you can be fascinated to bits.
    Oh! Sadie has read Redeeming Love!! I'll my mum if I can read it. You see we've got it, but my mum thought it was a bit scary and very 'adult'... hang on, maybe I'm talking about another Francine Rivers book.
    You sound like Hyacinth? Really? I don't think so. But then I have never heard you speak. But I don't think you do. Sadie mst just have teased you. Sisters often do. My sister once said I acted like Lydia Bennet which is not true.
    Thanks for the hug! :)

  3. Sorry, Emma, but I forgot to say something...
    You like Scarlett??????!!!! She's just simply awful! Especially in the book... I'm sorry but I just can't stand the thing.
    No I don't exactly hate Rhett-- but I don't like him either. He's very charming and I love the way he keeps on teasing Scarlett about Ashley, but I can't like him. As I said, I had a long time thinking about my least favourite couple.
    Thanks again for the nomination!!

  4. No, no, no, I did not say I LIKE Scarlett. I don't. I just don't hate her, and I like her enough to care about what happens to her and wish she would become a better person.

    Yeah, that does look like Bette Davis. (By the way, did you know that she was one of the actresses they were considering for Scarlett O'Hara? Random trivia fact of the day.) Well, with a name like Jezebel, it can't be much good!

    Sadie said Redeeming Love was a bit heavy, but she said it was such a good story and totally worth it. It's based on Hosea and Gomer in the Bible, you know. Actually my mom has read it too, and she liked it.

    And yay, you have listened to some Celtic Woman. :-) I know, their performances are SO impressive! I always love their dresses. Hmmm, I wonder which song you listened to? Was it 'At the Ceili', by chance? I know, the fiddler is SO good! I don't know how she can play and dance around the stage at the same time!

    Well, it was only once that I said something that sounded like Hyacinth-- I think I said something snooty to Sadie just to be funny and called her 'my dear' like Hyacinth does-- and she said I sounded like her (which I did). :-P


  5. Ooh! I loove Redeeming Love! I highly recommend it to anyone!

  6. Emma Jane,
    Yes I did know Bette Davis was considered for Scarlett. Almost all the actresses were. So were Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. Random trivia fact of your day: Katharine Hepburn was also asked to act Marilla in Anne of Green Gables. And Diana is Katharine Hepburn's niece. I could go on and on about random trivia facts...
    Yes I do think it was 'at the Ceili'... it was SO impressive.

    OK, I'll ask my mum! I love good books with pretty covers!!

  7. Yes, I did know that about Anne of Green Gables. There are few things I don't know about Anne of Green Gables. :-)


  8. Ah, but do you know THIS:
    Diana auditioned for the Anne part but they didn't take her because she didn't have a Canadian accent. So they gave her the Diana role. She got a black wig, because she had blonde hair. Don't say you knew ALL of that.

  9. That's really great that you named your blog after one of Lynn Austin's novel. I really love Wonderland Creek as well (and many of her other novels!). She really is versatile isn't she, with all the different time periods and subjects she 'tackles'


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