Beautiful People ~ Mary Evangeline Dimmer

Mary Evangeline Dimmer is the main character in my book 'Suxbury Village'  which I am currently trying to write.  Here's a post to introduce you to her character, favourite clothing style, pastime and future dreams. Welcome to Mary Dimmer, fourth Dimmer child, third Dimmer daughter.

"I think that waltzing is supposed to be shocking, vulgar and inappropriate but that when people realised that there was in reality nothing mainly wrong about it, the idea got successfully published. Now even pastors agree on the controversial subject- yes, life is improving greatly."

~What is Mary's personality? Summerise in short.
Mary is sarcastic, sometimes has the tendency to be a little too lazy and a little too negative, and has Lydia-Bennet snorts. Oh yes, she snorts a lot. Famous for them. Apart from that, she's romantic, dreamy, clever, helpful- just the kind sort of girl who has many faults but is too nice to be anyone bad. Oh yes, she's very witty. I forgot to say that.
She knows she has bad sides, and admits it out freely. She's always saying and promising herself to be better in the future.
“Oh Estelle. I have many, many faults. I am negative, always imagine the worst and never look at things at the bright side.”
"My dear, that's like saying you don't like fish, hate fish and loathe fish.'
~Does she wear her hair in the pompadour hairstyle everyday?
The pompadour hairstyle, which was the fashion the Edwardian Era? It's in the fashion, so yes.

~What would she choose? A dance or a book?
 Mmm. Hard one. When someone asks her in the book, she answers:

‘Oh no. Yes, maybe. Well, no. Truth to say, I can’t answer that question.’
Mary adores reading, but I think she'd prefer a dance.

~Who's her favourite sibling?
Mary doesn't believe in favourite siblings, so she doesn't realise she has one. But she does, and it's Martha. She and Martha get along superbly almost all of time, and although they tease each other a great, great deal they are very good friends.

Oh Mother! I’m so happy for dear old Martha! She deserves to be happy. Martha is a dreadful tease, and snores far too loud, and so on, but for the rest, she’s- like the Americans say- she’s swell.’

 ~But Martha isn't her best friend, I believe?
Nope. She isn't actually. Mary's best friend is Ella Yateson, the daughter of the Suxbury village shopkeeper, who lives across the road. Although Mary thinks Ella talks wayyyy to much, she always stays loyal and they always stay 'best friends'.

 ‘Yes, Ella certainly does know how to talk. But she’s a darling- has great compassion towards everyone, and makes friends very quickly. I remember we were best friends officially after two days we met.’
~What is Mary's household task? What does she think of it?
I haven't written about her chores yet, but I've got a specific task in mind, and I've got Mary's reaction in mind as well, so I can answer this question. Mary's task is to make all the beds in the morning and to mend all the broken socks.

"I don't mind making beds- although I don't understand why no-one can simply make their own bed. As for mending the stinky grotty socks, that I do not take delight in. Yes, don't look at me like that Peggy, for I know 'grotty' isn't a word. Now you aren't the only one that uses stupid phrases. Martha, could you pass me the jam please?'

~If one of Mary's quotes would become famous, which one do you think it would be?
The one at the top of this post. I admit I am rather proud of it.

~Adventurous or a scardycap?
Yes, I cannot deny this. Mary is a scardycap. Sorry guys. Martha and Ella are the adventurous ones.

~We all know Mary is going to end up with Mr Matthew Crawley. What do you know of their future, after the ending of your book (yet to be written)?
Oh!! Fun question. :D
Yes, I have it all planned out. They will live in a lovely cottage with honeysuckle in the front garden and pink calico curtains in front of the windows. Their four children, three of whom are girls, look like this:
That's Elizabeth McGovern, young Ian Gruffudd,  I don't know, and young Audrey Hepburn
Oh yes, the names of the children are: Irony, Jedidiah, Clarabelle and Honey. Mary has a weak spot when it comes to special names, in case you hadn't noticed.
Mmm- I might write a sequel after all. :-)

~Oh, so Mary likes special names. What would she like herself to be called?
Dara Charlotte Mincybelle Fiona.
I'm not kidding. (She didn't choose that name for her children because Matthew wouldn't let her.)

~What's Mary's best childhood memory?
Meeting Ella for the first time and the time she got a dress which wasn't a hand-me-down.

~One last question, does Mary earn her living?
Oh goodness yes! Mr Dimmer hates to see his children not doing anything. Mary cannot teach and she cannot sew, so she helps write newspapers in the print-shop. She doesn't mind doing it, but she doesn't hate it either.
Her boss Mrs Darby, she hates really does not like.

That was Mary! I hope you like her. Because I do.


  1. Yes Emma, you may steal the same idea and do it with Calico on your blog.

  2. Lovely post! I love this character. She's very real and unique. At what stage does she meet Matthew? :-)

  3. Ooooh she sounds fun! I like her very much! I am writing a story too and will complete the tag soon.

  4. Thanks Elizabethany and Evie!

    Evie, this tag is actually specially made by me for the character, so you might want to ask different questions. You can certainly steal some questions, of course!

  5. The more I hear of your book, the more exciting it sounds! It sounds like something I would like to read. :)

  6. I loved reading more about Mary! She sounds very - like we Americans say - swell. I love how you described her personality-- a girl with too many faults but too nice to be anyone bad. Bet you can guess who that makes me think of...:-P

    All your quotes are fabulous, dearie. I especially love the first one and the one about fish. :-P

    Young Ioan Gruffudd! I probably don't have to tell you that I've seen that picture before. If you can find a picture of Ioan Gruffudd that I haven't seen before, I'll be really impressed. Haha, I'm just kidding. And that girl on the right of him is Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family, played by Christina Ricci.

    This was most enjoyable, Naomi. I love Mary already.


  7. Thank you Emma!

    No... I can't guess who that makes you think of--- unless it's me. :-)

    The fish quote is actually not said by Mary- Mary says: "Oh Estelle. I have many, many faults. I am negative, always imagine the worst and never look at things at the bright side.”
    And then Estelle replies.

    Why am I explaining this to you? I'm sure you knew. Cough.

    Yes, I KNEW you'd be happy to see Ioan Gruffudd.

    Please do the same sort of thing with Calico, if you have time. I think it would be lovely to know Calico better. :-)

    (Don't do it, if you don't want to- for it is entirely up to you.)


  8. Oh yes- I could have know that.

    Yes-- OF COURSE it's not me.
    Just kdding. I do have many faults. :P

  9. Elizabethany, sorry- I forgot to answer your question. She meets Matthew in a dance- but doesn't like him very much. She's rather prejudiced in the beginning. Ahem. You can guess where I got that from, heehee.
    But that all changes...

  10. I see! thats ok Naomi :) she sounds delightful! and thanks for your help with my book :D


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