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My apologies everyone, for this very hard and not-as-fun-as-usual game. I shall admit it out freely, and you must agree (I know you do in your hearts) that this game was- well, bluntly put, not very fun. Plus it was a tad too hard too. Any, any, anyways, nivver mind. Here are the answers. I promise that my next game will be funner. Cough. Yes, yes- I perfectly know that 'funner' isn't a real word, so don't tell me.
parents: M.B, Ms B
children: J, M

The Banks family in 'Mary Poppins' 
parents: M. vT, Ms vT
children: L, F, L, K, B, M, G

The von Trapp Family in 'The Sound of Music'
parents: M. oH, Ms oH
children: S, S, C

The O'Hara family in 'Gone with the wind'
parents: M. Cr, Ms Cr
children: M, E, S

The Crawley family in 'Downton Abbey' (yes, I know I should have called the Lord and Lady Grantham.)

parents: M. H (his wife is dead)
children: S, L, H, W
(hint: the youngest dies in the movie)

The Hutton family in 'Cranford'

parents: M. D (dies), Ms D
children: E, M, M

The Dashwood family in 'Sense and Sensibility'

parents: M. W (his wife is dead)
children: I, E

The Woodhouse family in 'Emma'

parents: M. W, Ms W
children: J.b, J, M.E, B, J.B, E
(some have double names)

The Walton family in 'the Waltons'

parents: M. I, Ms I
children: M, L, C, G
(in the movie they also adopted three more children, but I did not add them)

The Ingalls family in 'Little house on the Prairie'

parents: M. M, Ms M
children: M, J, B, A
(hint: the three oldest have their names shortened.)

The March family in 'Little Women'

Players scores:
Danielle: 70 points
Emma Jane: 60 points
Sadie: 60 points

Thanks for playing girls!

Sadie, I have no idea where this picture comes from!


  1. Thank you for the game, Naomi! I guess it was a bit hard, but I thought it was a pretty fun game. I always like the games you come up with.:-)
    In Christ,

  2. I don't think it was a bad game at all. It was interesting; I just could answer many, maybe a hint before the letters? I wouldn't toss the idea completely. I figured out a few without playing although I should have known a few more. I haven't watched some of these. When I only know a few answers I don't comment, excellent sportsmanship I know :P

  3. I think it was a nice quiz, but it certainly had me thinking! Maybe another hint would have made it easier...? It was still very clever for you to think of, so I hope you can do another one soon! :)

  4. This looks like so much fun!! I hope you do anther one soon!!


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