Multiple Coice Quiz- Answers

I loved creating this game! I shall make some others in the same genre in the future. You all did pretty well, and without further ado, here are the long-awaited answers!
#1. What are the names of Sophie Hutton's (from Cranford) two younger sisters?
a) Lizzie and Helen

#2. What are the names of the Dashwood's servants at Barton Cottage? (Sense and Sensibility)
c) Betsy and Thomas
#3.  According to Mr Collins, how much did Rosings chimney piece in the second drawing room cost?
b) 800£
#4. Complete the quote: This is a fine kettle of....
a) fish
(Marilla Cuthbert said this)

#5 Who's the first person speaking in the entire Downton Abbey show (aka- series one)?
c) The postmaster
#6 What did Pollyanna say when her aunt told her to eat bread and milk with Nancy, the maid (it was a punishment)?
a) Oh, thank you, Aunt Polly! I love bread and milk!
#7 At the end of 'My Fair Lady', Henry Higgins tells Eliza to find his...
a) slippers
#8 Finish this quote: I mustn't come any closer. I promised your...
d) father
(said by Roger Hamely)
#9 Gwendolyn Fairfax (the Importance of Being Earnest) thinks reading ones diary is...
a) sensational
#10 Tumnus the faun (in Narnia) tempts Lucy to come to his house by promising...
d) sardines
#11 In the Kings Speech, king George tells his daughters a story. In the end of the story the penguin changes into a...
b) albatross
#12 In North and South, Fanny Thornton is shocked to see that the Hales do not have a...
a) piano
#13 What does Lizzy Bennet think that not many wouldn't approve of?
c) Pemberly

#14 What would Anne Shirley have done had Matthew not come to pick her up?
b) climb into a cherry tree and spend the night there

#15 Who said this? "Seems a pity to miss such a good pudding"
c) Violet Crawley

 Players' scores:
Miss Laurie: 150
Emma Jane: 110
Kiri Liz: 110
Ella: 80
Evie: 60
Birdie: 60
Thanks for playing, girls!

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  1. Wow, I actually got them all correct? This was a great quiz! Thanks for posting! :)


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