Once again... hurrah!

Once again, for the third time in my life, I have been nominated the Sunflower Blogger Award. And, of course, I'm very happy to do another tag, because they always stay fun. This time it is Cryslyn who nominated me. Thank you Cryslyn! (By the way, I love your name- it's so beautiful! Isn't it, readers?)
Anyways, without further ado, here are the questions.
Sorry... you're getting impatient.
Oh hurry up!!!!
1). How did you become a Christian?
 My parents brought me up to be Christian from the moment I was born. I am very thankful I have- I am being brought up in a Christian family.
2). If you could play any instrument of your choice, what would it be?
I play the piano and the guitar, and to be honest I wouldn't want to play another one since I've got my hands filled with those two. But if I could suddenly play any instrument, without any practice (how ideal does that sound!) I'd choose to play the harp.
The harp is a beautiful, elegant and feminine instrument, and I think it would be absolutely thrilling to know how to play one.
3). How many siblings do you have?
I have one older brother, four younger brothers and three younger sisters. And YES we all belong to the same dad and the same mum. Do I like being part of a big family? Oh yes I do! There's always someone to play or chat with, and there's never a second of loneliness in the house. Of course, there are negative things about a big family, especially during chore-time!
4). If you could be stranded in any of your favorite novels, which would it be and why?
Squeep! What a fun question!
Mmm-- Pride and Prejudice, most indubitably. It would be so fun to suddenly find myself standing in front of Longbourn, ready to go inside and find the Bennet females sitting in the parlour, begging Mr Bennet to visit Mr Bingley.

5). What is your favorite Disney movie?
Mary Poppins!
I simply love that movie! It's so funny, lively and cheerful. It's one of our family favourite which we watch at least once every year.
She's so pretty.

6). What is your dream occupation?
My dream occupation is definitely to be a bestselling author or to be a costume designer for Period Dramas. Oh, you've made me dream...

7). Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?
No, I don't really have a pet, but my brothers and sisters have a rabbit.
8). What scripture from the Bible is most encouraging to you?
I don't know. I love the books of Corinthians, for example. I remember reading that recently, and being very encouraged.
9). Have you ever travelled out of the country you live in?
Yes. We have family in different countries, who we visit at least once every year. I am not really one for making long journeys (sitting in the car is so boring...) but I love arriving!
10). Favourite colour?
Pink. It's absolutely gorgeous.
This is so "my style"
11). What is your favourite song at present?
I have recently watched the lovely movie 'The Kings Speech', and I have simply fallen in love with the soundtrack 'Speaking to the Nations'. It's by Beethoven, and it's used when the King finally succeeds in his broadcast speech, declaring the second world war to his nation. This part always makes me cry.
Every time again.
Sorry if you meant a song to sing.
That was that!
Thanks very much Cryslyn!


  1. Thank you for answering my questions, Naomi.
    I dearly enjoyed reading your answers. ♥


  2. Ohhhhh, I would LOVE to play the harp! It's such a beautiful, elegant instrument.

    Stranded in Pride and Prejudice? :-P That actually doesn't sound like very much fun to me, haha. Sorry. :-P I think I'd most like to be stranded in Fire By Night, or maybe A Proper Pursuit. That is a fun question. :-)

    By the way, I love that signature, Naomi. Lizzy looks so lovely, as always. :-)


  3. What Emma! Being stranded in P&P would be VERY fun! Then you would be able to talk to Lizzy- and follow the story plot, and dance in balls... change your mind, Em.
    Yess Lizzy always looks lovely. Thank you for saying that. :-)


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