Period Drama Children ~ Game Answers

Well done everyone! I hope you didn't faint because of all the adorable cuteness, and I'm so glad you played!

Period Drama: Emma (2009)
Character: Young Frank Churchill
Period Drama: Wives and Daughters
Character: Young Molly Gibson
Period Drama: Just William
Character: William Brown
Period Drama: Sound of Music
Character: Marta von Trapp
Period Drama: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Character: Jeremy Potts
Period Drama: War Horse
Character: Emilie
Period Drama: The Secret Garden
Character: Colin Lennox
Period Drama: The Little Princess
Character: Sara Crewe
Period Drama: The Waltons
Character: Jim Bob Walton
Period Drama: Downton Abbey
Character: Sybil Branson (junior)
Period Drama: Cranford
Character: Walter Hutton
Period Drama: Heidi
Character: Heidi
 Miss Laurie: 180
Kiri Liz:170
Emma: 160
Isabella: 150
Birdie: 140
Sadie: 110 
Ivy Miranda: 20


  1. Alright, I didn't mean to misspell Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang-- that was just a typing mistake. :-P I also misspelled Sara Crewe! Yikes!

    This game was really fun, dear! Thanks! :-)


  2. Jeremy and Emilie! Those were the names I couldn't remember.
    Thanks for a great game! :)


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