Period Drama House ~ Game Answers

Well done everyone! You all did really well. (Answers are a day early, I know- and there's no excuse :)

Period Drama: Sense and Sensibility 1995
Name of house: Barton Cottage

Period Drama: The Waltons
House belongs to: The Waltons
Period Drama: Little House on the Praire
House belongs to: Ingalls Family
Period Drama: Emma 2009
Name of House: Hartfield
Period Drama: Gone with the Wind
Name of House: Tara
Period Drama: Pride and Prejudice 2005
Name of House: Rosings
Period Drama: Wives and Daughters
Name of House: Hamely Hall
Period Drama: Sound of Music
House belongs to: The Von Trapp family
Period Drama: Pride and Prejudice 1995
Name of House: Pemberly
Period Drama: Downton Abbey
Name of House: Downton Abbey
Actually, to be honest, this picture is not from Downton Abbey- it's from Jeeves and Wooster! The house was used for 'Totleigh towers'. When we watched this movie and saw the house, everyone shouted 'DOWNTON ABBEY!!!'
We were so excited, as you can imagine. :-)
Violetta: 160
Miss Laurie: 160
KiriLiz: 160
Sadie: 150
Elizabethany: 140
Birdie: 120
Thanks for playing everyone! I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Oh, shoot, I should have gotten Rosings from P&P 95. And the Von Trapp house. Hmph.
    Downton was in Jeeves and Wooster? That's really cool. I've never seen Downton in another period drama, but whenever Sadie and I see a house we recognize, we shout it out too. :-)


  2. I should have known number 2 was the Waltons' house! *facepalm*:-)


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