A tag, Ramblings and the Final Header!

This blog post will consist of a tag Elizabethany was so kind as to give to me, some ramblings and nothing-of-importance stuff, and- at the end- the final new Summer Header! (I know this post is posted a day too early- I should have given you all another day for voting, but... well, I don't have an excuse, heehee.)

So. Firstly, the lovely tag.

1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you like to be?

I would go to visit my dearest friend Emma Jane who lives far too far away from me. We live oceans apart. Sobbbb.

2. What is your favourite vegetable?

Calm down Naomi. Strawberries aren't vegetables.
Oh. Uh, I suppose I'd go for tomatoes. Don't tell me that's a fruit too. (I have heard people say tomatoes are fruits, but not for me.)
3. Would you rather live in a fairytale castle or a Regency mansion?
Regency mansion- indubitably.
Fairytale castles are too- well, fake. You know, pink ones with millions of flags and red rose-bushes climbing on the walls. Yeah, that's nice too- but it's a little... you know. Regency mansions are GRAND, sophisticated and buried with secrets and history.
4. If your best friend was a period drama character, who would he/she be?
Emma is my best friend and she- I think- resembles...
 Anne Shirley!
Emma doesn't chat quite as much as Anne, but she has a vivid imagination, loves reading, has her sort of face, is as kind as she is, is good at inventing names, and loves writing and does it well and with big words. :)
And of course, I'm Diana.
5. What is your favourite book of all time? 
The Bible. First and Always. It is the book I read every evening and never ever tire of. It is Incessant, Almighty and Holy.
After that, I LOVE:
This is simply THE most AMAZING book ever. I read it in two days, finished it three days ago, and I am all awe and fasciation. Go, read it now. You will love it.
I also love pretty much anything by Lynn Austin and Lucy Maud Montgomery, including 'Wonderland Creek' (read my review here) and 'The Blue Castle' (read my review here)

That was the tag. Thanks Elizabethany, I really enjoyed answering the questions!

Now. Some rambling.
My sister Margaret lately pointed out that they made a mistake in 'the Return to Cranford.' She said that in 'Cranford' Harry had his tenth birthday and that someone said he was fifteen in 'Return to Cranford'. But you know, Tessie? Martha's child? She's not five years older than she was in 'Cranford', is she? She wasn't even born then- and in 'Return to Cranford' she looks two, not five and not even four.
I thought it was a clever observation.
I just LOVE the following gif, don't you?
(for those of you who don't know who this handsome couple is, it's Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip in their engagement official photo-shot. Oh my, I just love this couple.)
Because I'm skipping all over the place anyway- hopping from one subject to an entirely different one- I will do it again. Change the subject. Oh yes, I recently redecorated parts of my room with Period Drama pictures. Actually, that was a month ago, but my camera didn't work so I couldn't take pictures (yes, thank you Mary).... until now. Here's a picture of my favourite corner of my room:

As you can see, it's covered with Period Drama pictures and books. :)

Oh yes, here's another picture I once made, proudly displaying my fondest love for reading, literature and books.

Yesterday I was thinking and wondering which actor/ Period Drama character I look most like. I finally decided I looked a little like Jane in 'Austenland' (which- I hasten to add- have not seen so I can't recommend it).
What's the actor's name again? Oh yes, Keri Russel.

Of course, I'm younger than she is :)
Saaadly I don't own such a pretty Regency gown- BUT I am planning to make one for myself very soon. Yayy! I have the pattern now, right beside me as I write this. I'm planning to make one out of pink bed-sheets first, so that if it all comes to nothing and goes wrong I won't have spent my money on expensive material for nothing. If it goes well (which I definitely HOPE) I shall make a second one, with real material.
Okay, now I'm done with my nonsensical ramblings. Phew.
The final Header
Aaaand now, the moment you've all been waiting for (you probably skipped the 'rambling' part anyway, haha)- the most-voted-for header is...
Vintage Design!

I will put the header up on the 21st of June, which is the first day of Summer. Please excuse me if things are a little ramshackle and out-of-place in the beginning.

Thanks for voting!


  1. Oh my gosh i love that gif! Sooo cute! :D
    Oh, and I cannot wait for the new header! It is so pretty!
    And strawberries are so yummy! :)

  2. Strawberries! Emma probably told you this already, but we just opened our stand yesterday and we have so many strawberries! I ate so many yesterday.:)
    I love your room with all the period drama pictures! Once we get our printer working I want to decorate my wall like that.
    I can't wait till you put on your new background and header! Thery're soooo pretty! I liked the other one, but I think I like this one just as much and I'm glad you chose it!

  3. Hi Naomi!
    Love this post btw!
    The gif of Philip and Elizabeth is really sweet! i believe it was you who commented on my blog (:
    That was quite exciting!
    (my first comment!)

  4. I'm glad you chose that header. Actually I can't decide which one I like best (even though I voted for the other one), but I lurve the vintage look-- it's so perfect for summer. :-)

    Yessssss, you must come to visit meeeee!!!

    I really do consider it high flattery that you think I resemble Anne. She's one of those people I would love to be more like. Thankee, dearie. :-)

    OHHH ISN'T FIRE BY NIGHT SO AMAZING?!? I remember when I first read it, I was all awe and fascination. Since then I've read it three times, and I'm STILL all awe and fascination. It's just so epic. My second-favorite book, right after Hidden Places (as much as I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of Lynn Austin's books, Hidden Places will always be my favorite. Nothing will ever replace it). :-)

    Huh, I never noticed that in RTC. I should have, since now that you pointed it out it's kind of obvious.

    I love thinking and wondering which actress I look most like, and thinking who other people look like. You know, I was kind of surprised when you said Keri Russell, because I think I look a lot like her too! I haven't seen Lost in Austen (it looks a little too over-the-top-JA-obsessive-to-the-point-of-being-annoying if you ask me,) but when we watched The Magic of Ordinary Days (which is a very sweet movie, by the way) I thought, "hey, she looks sort of like me!" Of course, her hair is a bit darker, but on the whole I think I quite resemble her. I also slightly resemble Anne Hathaway-- but that's mostly just my nose and my expressions. ;-P

    There, I have given you a long, rambly comment for your long, rambly post. :-)


  5. Danielle,
    I know that gifs is priceless! I love the smile they share together... ahhh.

    Yes I know about all your strawberries- I AM SO ENVIOUS. Thanks you! I like my header too. :)

    Thanks you! I like that gifs so much too. You're welcome!

    YES FIRE BY NIGHT IS SO AMAZING I HAVE NO WORDS. I wish I could make my words bigger. :) I think I might like it a teensyweeny little more than Hidden Places, although that's ABSOBLUMELUTELY SWELL too.
    And you do remind me of Anne and I want to visit you soooo much.
    I've just received your email in which you tell me you just received my letter- Going of to read it again.... :D



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