My Family

I have an absolutely lovely family, readers, and it's about time I introduced them properly to you. Well, to start with, we are numerous. Two parents (not that this is different from the norm, of course) five boys and four girls (shocking, I know- we lost). Oh, and- if you're interested in knowing it, also a rabbit. My younger siblings insist upon it that I put Mopsy (the rabbit) in as a family member. I think rabbits are rabbits and only family members when in a rabbit family. But there, there- one shares opinions.

I might tell you the names of my siblings one day, but for now that will stay a secret for the Internets. But of course I shall give them screen-names. I couldn't bare to refer to them as 'this sister o' mine' and 'that brother o' mine'. And- because I am a crazy Period Drama nut- I shall give them the name of the Period Drama person they relate to the most.

Get introduced!

Ignore the head at the back.
My older brother is my only sibling who is older than me, but it was the hardest to find someone suiting his character. Then I found someone... but that person had such an unsuitable name! Valentine! So I'll just call him Logue, which is Valentine's surname. Logue sounds nicer.
Righty. So. My brother Logue is always studying. So is Lionel Logue's son in the Kings Speech, that's why I chose him. At the table, on the sofa- always with a book in his hand.
My brother Logue, is a history nut, loves reading Woodhouse, studying Greek and Latin and also enjoys going on cycle rides... with a history book in his hand.

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Climbing trees? Chasing dogs? Wading in mud? That's my sister. Margaret is full of energy and love for animals and nature. She could spend hours in amusement looking at birds and insects, taking care of Mopsy, patting dogs and cats. Although we are far from being similar she and I are terribly good friends and we always (almost always) enjoy each-others company.
I would like to add that my sister Margaret is not entirely like Margaret Dashwood. To start with she is fourteen years old (like Margaret in the book) and she does not care much for atlases. My sister Margaret also plays the piano amazingly and is also trying the violin.


Those of you who have read my review of Just William might be a little surprised at my choice here. I said in my review that William was rather rude and not a good role model. No. My brother William is not like that. But they are rather similar in some aspects. Both of them are funny and can make a whole room laugh until they cry. Both of them are wild boys who get into mischief.
My brother William is also a breath-taking pianist and guitarist of twelve years old who enjoys cooking for the family.


For those of you who are common with the Little House on the Prairie series know who Andy Garvey is. (He's Laura's friend and a neighbour of the Ingalls'. This is fictional and not in the book.) Andy is a little shy in public but amongst those he knows, he is not. He loves animals of all kinds and he's tough, courageous and very brave.
My brother Andy also knows surprisingly much about animals, history and geography for a ten-year-old.

Jim Bob

Just like Jim Bob in the Walton TV series, my eight-year-old brother is one of the calmer are quieter ones of the boys. Of course, he has an inner toughness and loves fighting with his brothers and joining in the fun. My brother Jim loves studying anything which has anything to do with birds, our rabbit Mopsy, learning Greek from his oldest brother and playing the piano.
He's a very kind and sweet boy.


My sister Gretl is five- almost six, and I think that she behaves more grown up than Gretl does in the movie. I do, however, think she and Gretl are rather similar. Both of them put up their hand to show how old they are, both of them giggle incessantly, both of them always want to join the fun with the older ones and both of them are good singers.
My sister Gretl rooms with Margaret, and is therefore rather similar to her. She loves animals, climbing trees and playing outside. Unlike Margaret, she loves dressing up in the prettiest dresses she can find. Gretl is spunky, knows what she wants and insists upon doing anything the bigger ones do. Because- she says- she IS big!

Carrie, aged four, is my roommate- and oh, what an adorable one she is! When in a cheerful disposition she is giggly and sweet and laughs a lot. My sister Carrie is not entirely like Carrie Ingalls, but it was the closest I could find.
Carrie loves dressing up, playing with Gretl, eating food (food is her ONE weakness) and drawing. I love her so much! My room would be boring without her!

This is seriously the only picture I could find
Now, to start with my youngest sibling is two years old. Two. So he's much younger than Dani Burnier from Treasures in the Snow (a movie more people should see!). It was however, the best I could find. Both of them get spoilt being the youngest and both of them are radiantly cute.
Dani gets, since he's the youngest of nine children, rather spoilt with kisses and hugs. That is, of course, a good thing. He's loves his mother and always wants her by his side.
Dani is the cutest little brother existable on this globe!

This is Dani with our rabbit, Mopsy:

Photograph courtesy to Margaret

Of course I cannot end this post before mentioning my lovely parents who bring us up. My father and mother are simply the best. (I cannot find the right Period Drama people to match them, sorry.) Thank you Daddy and Mummy for all your love and work! Thanks Logue, Margaret, William, Andy, Jim Bob, Gretl, Carrie and Dani for putting up with me every day!

PS. This is my 50th post!


  1. How wonderful to read all about you family! It is obvious you love them very much!
    Although I can't help but imagine them all to be the actual characters, and your house to just be a mix of all the period dramas you mentioned! :P

  2. It is lovely to have you as my daughter! I am proud of you
    mama xx

  3. Great set of characters! Enough to give their father many grey hairs! Only joking, super lovely bunch and, well no individuals are ever the same - we're all created so beautifully uniquely - but these are nice personalities to capture a lot of similarities. Well, you couldn't find a character bad enough to represent your father....! ha ha!
    lots of love my lovely daughter,
    Papa xxx

  4. Sounds like you're blessed with an amazing family!

  5. Oooh lovely post! :) I should do this too, maybe after exams :)

  6. oh and congrats about the 50 posts!! :)


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