Summery theme is here!

As all of you have, without any doubt, instantly noticed, I have put up the Vintage header and background! I must say, I am rather happy with my work. (That's not bad you know, God was happy with his work too, see the first chapter in the Bible. :)
For memory's sake, here's my Spring header:
 What do you think of my new 'summery-theme'? I have also redone my sidebar (I've put up pretty pictures which needed showing and my favourite quotes) and I have made a new page for all my favourite blogs and plus that I've also redone my 'About the Authoress page'. Yep, I've been busy, but I loved every second of it. I just love redecorating stuff... I just love it.
Have I your approval?
(Do I need your approval?)
(No, but I should like to know I have it all the same)
(Who am I quoting?.... quick, tell me!)
Oh yes, one more thing... if you haven't done THIS I made (to know you better and to know how I can improve Wonderland Creek) could you PLEASE do it. I've been amusedly enjoying all the answers people have already filled in. :) Click right here.


  1. OH IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Well, done, Naomi! I also love how you've re-done your 'About the Authoress' page-- I did that too a few days ago.
    The vintage theme is so cute! :-)


  2. I love this new theme, it's so pretty! Oh and I also love your signature.

  3. Stunning! I love, love, love the new blog layout!! :D
    Well done!!

  4. Oooh what a pleasent surprise! great job m'dear :)

  5. Oh I just love your new header! It is so pretty, and it is the one I voted for! :) You always make such lovely headers!

  6. Thanks you everyone! Your comments made and make me so happy... thank you.

  7. Hey Naomi! I am not sure how to add pages to the blog? do you think you could email me about how to do it?
    Evie :-)


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