The things we bloggers DO (and the things we bloggers should do)

Screencap from 'the Paradise' (on my to-see list)
~We bloggers love the phrase 'without further ado'. Those particular three words are to be found at least once, probably more, in every existing blog.

~Don't write complaintative (is that a word?) posts. They encourage your readers to complain as well, and then the atmosphere becomes very drowsy. Not nice.
~More than ten gifs in one post is too much. I like gifs, but when there are too many, your eyes get tired.

~No-one is perfect, remember that. Not everything in every blog is good.

~Blogs with quotes in their sidebars attract me.
~Another word we take great delight in using is 'rambling' or 'ramblings' or 'rambles' and all that jazz. So do I, so I'm not against it at all. Just an observation... it's a very popular word in the blog-world.
 ~A little slang makes your posts somewhat juicier, but too much is not elegant.
~Abrupt endings are 'in' too.
~Blogger pals, when they write each other comments, they never write 'my dear'- it's always, always m'dear or 'mdear or m-dear. I don't know why, but somehow no-one seems to like the presence of the letter 'y'.
~Always, always think twice before you publish something.
~I hardly ever follow blogs with publicity and advertisement (unless the blog is advertising for their own things- then I don't mind.)

~When you have a good idea for a blog post, write down some notes immediately, before you forget.
~Please always capitalize the letters which should be capitalized. I can't stand it when people write "'i' am..."
~It's tradition to put up randomly nice pictures. Ahem. Especially in Wonderland Creek.

~We bloggers should always welcome new bloggers into the blogging world. Are you getting tired of the word 'blog'?
~The first impression on a blog is important. I think it's important that viewer immediately sees three things: That you are a Christian, that the blog is pretty to look at, and that it is clear that you love writing what you wrote.

~There are more than 170000000 blogs in the Internet, so obviously it is impossible to keep track of loads. So you should only follow blogs which interest you. Don't just follow for the sake of following. (Am I making sense?)
~It is now becoming popular to make very long titles and then end it with a '...because I couldn't think of a better title.'

~If you don't enjoy writing, don't blog. (Oh so that's why all my blogging friends seem to write stories, heehee.)
~Getting tagged used to be more fashionable than it is now. Not on my part, however. I still love getting tagged. :-)
~Signing your name with a picture at the end of your posts is very sweet.
~You can steal ideas from other blogs. I do it the whole time. Some bloggers are too kind and simply too good to do it, but I think it's absolutely okay.
~It is extremely stylish to quote in your posts without telling your reader it's a quote. To use a quote as a common sentence in posts is very up-to-date, indeed it is.
~Whenever someone comments 'It's tolerable I suppose' it is the blog-hostess' duty to quickly comment back with '... but not handsome enough to tempt me.' Even if you don't know what the commenter is talking about.

~When readers comment long comments, I think it is very polite to answer back.
~Saying 'the comment-box is glad to receive you' is more trendy than just saying 'you can comment'. At least, that's my opinion. :)

~Don't mention the same word too many times in a post. It's hard sometimes. When I wrote my P&P95 review, I yearned to write the word 'love' ten times in succession.
~We shouldn't feel afraid of setting our opinions boldly, even if you know all the other blogs don't agree. But of course, in a nice way.

~Saying- ahem- writing 'ahem' puts some sparkle in your posts.
~I think you can use smileys in posts, but not so many that your post has a modern feel, if you know what I mean.
~I don't think it is at all that necessary to beg people to comment at the end of each post. People comment if they want to, and that sentence won't change their mind. At least, that's what I'm thinking. But of course, do what you want, this is just me.
~Bloggers like saying 'please pour a cup of tea and stay awhile!' or something like that in their 'about' thingy. I think that's a very welcoming sentence, and I've observed that many use it. When I was younger (like, twelve), however, I didn't like it. Because I didn't like tea. 

 ~To use this sign : '~' is very elegant.
~Please, please people. Don't use the word 'lol'. I don't like it. We Period Drama-lovers, we use the term *Lydia-snort* instead.

~If you feel that your blog is unpopular, don't despair. Keep on writing, and people will come. There are always people who enjoy what you write.
~It is very kind to comment frequently, even if you think the blog-hostess is posting far to much. Ahem.
~Remember, you are the hostess. Your blog is like a tea party. You have visitors whom you engage with biscuits and tea. And visitors, they say 'thank you', just like you comment.


  1. Great Post Naomi!! :D
    I agree with them all completly. Sorry about the abundance of GIF usage in my pots...
    ~Evie :-)

  2. Thanks Evie! Yes, some of your posts have quite a lot of gifs! But normally it's OK though- I love the gifs you choose... they are so funny!

  3. :) Yeeeaaah... I kinda need to cut down on the usage.. but thank you! I am glad people find them amusing :)

  4. Naomi, mY dear, this really made me think about my own blog! Most of these are very good points, although it all depends on personal taste, I suppose. Although I don't normally use terms of endearment at all, so it is a bit weird for me to say any kind of 'my dear' at all, with or without a 'y'. :P
    I also really love it when people sign off with their name on a picture, they are so cute! :)

  5. Danielle,
    I'm glad you liked it! Yes I know but I think that when people do use terms of endearment it's always m'dear. Haha, I laughed when I saw you wrote mY dear.

  6. Absolutely great, spot-on post, m'dear!!! ;-) You put it all so well... :-)

  7. This is absolutely brilliant, Naomi. All of these are SO true and you are just SO clever and I loved every bit of it. :-)

    I am guilty of many of these, I'm afraid. But I suppose that's not always a bad thing, since some of them are very good.

    I think I have used the phrase 'without further ado' at least....thrice. That I can recall

    Argh, I really don't like it when people complain too much in their posts. It's very middle class.

    I completely agree about the gifs thing. You know my feelings on those. ;-P Posting one every once in a while is special, but if you use tons in every post they get boring, and suddenly they're not so cool anymore. (When I first saw a gif I was like "HOW IS THAT MOVING THAT IS SO COOL WHAT IS THAT?!?" Now it's more like, "Oh, that's nice.")

    I personally think bloggers tend to use the word 'ramblings' a tad too much. I do use it myself occasionally, though. Well, it is on my header. I suppose I'm guilty of that one too.

    Yes, I approve of a little slang. I've always been fond of slang.

    I don't usually have abrupt endings-- it's just not me. I like to have closure. ;-)

    I sometimes write 'my dear', don't I, my dear? Of course I do like to write 'm'dear' because that's how Sir Percy says it. (Did you know that's kind of where the whole trend stemmed from?)

    I don't like blogs with ads either. Unless you're advertising for your novel or your etsy shop or something, 'cause that's just cool.


    I don't usually have the problem of not coming up with a good title, and thus I don't think I've ever used to 'because I couldn't think of a better one' ploy. But you're right, I have seen that used often.

    I like it when people sign their names with pictures, but I've decided to take a break from doing that for a while. I guess I'm kind of tired of making them, and I want to do something simpler this summer. I might use pictures again in the future, though.

    Sometimes I like it when people quote without directly saying what the quote is from, but if I don't know what it's from it can be a teeny bit annoying. Although I'm guilty of doing it myself. ;-P Ahem. But I usually say what the quote is from, don't I, dear?

    It is very polite to answer long comments....and I don't always, *hangs head shamefully*. Sometimes it just takes so much time.

    It is debatable whether I say *ahem* too much. It's just such a convenient word, haha.

    I like using smileys, but I agree that too many of them do look tacky. Do you think I use too many?

    Haha, I don't think I've ever begged people to comment.

    I used to say the 'pour a cup of tea' thing in my profile, but I've changed it. I haven't seen that used too many places, though, and I think it's cute.

    I NEVER write 'lol'. That crosses the line of 'just too hipster' for me.

    I really enjoyed this post, Naomi! Thank you for giving us all these tips and advice. :-)


  8. Heidi,
    Thank you m-dear (aren't we fashionable? :-)

    Well I HAVE to comment back, because your comment was long, heehee.

    Thank you MY dear (yep, you're right we are like the only few ones who say MY dear) I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I am clever? Oh, what flatteries! Thanks!

    Heehee, YES! The first time I saw a gif I was MERESMERIZED. I called it a 'picture-video'. Yes, I thought about you when I wrote the gif one.

    Yep me too... the word 'ramblings' gets used SO much nowadays that it kind of gets out of your ears. Oops, that's not an English expression- it's a Dutch one. It means that it kind of gets boring. But still it's a very sweet word, and I love to use it now and then. I also love it on your header- there's no need to feel guilty my dear.

    No, I don't think you put too many smileys in your posts. It's okay. I'm GLAD you never write 'lol'... I just DO NOT like it. I used think it was short for lolly, and I NEVER understand why so many people wrote it down. Even though I like lollies, I CAN NOT STAND 'lol'. We Lydia-snort. Especially me. I'm famous for my snorts. My dad sometimes calls me Lydia Bennet.



  9. Oh Emma,
    You don't have the word 'rambling' on your header. I just had a look.

  10. I don't know that there's something sensical I can follow all this up with. I loved it. Every single bit, m'dear. I'm feeling the need to ~ahem~ just so I can *Lydia-snort.*

    Wonderful post!!!

  11. Haha, KiriLiz, your comment made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

  12. Well, here's a long comment to say thank you!
    Preliminarily (is that a word?) I don't consider my blog to be an elegant, period-drama, old-fashioned blog because that's not who I am. However, I do agree with you on most of these things! Without further ado-

    Yeah, complaining posts are not good! However, a humorous rant once in a while, *insert several thumbs up*

    Yeah 10 GIFs is A LOT!!!

    Rambling is why we all started blogs in the first place, isn't it ;)

    Yes! Slang, contractions, and anything you wouldn't use in school make your posts so much more personable!! (In moderation, of course)

    I hate abrupt endings, but I foresee the need to use them :(

    Bloggers, please follow basic rules of grammar!!!

    I like long titles, but I wouldn't end them that way ;)

    I don't enjoy writing fiction, but I do enjoy blogging.

    I need to make some name-signed pictures

    Thank you for boosting my confidence in stealing bloggers' ideas!!!

    I tend to use the word AWESOME too much :(

    LOL drives me crazy because you can tell that people aren't laughing!!

    And here's an abrupt ending that I hate :D

  13. Ashley,
    Yes, in this post I when I talked about the Period Drama and old-fashioned things, I was thinking about blogs similar to my own. I like your blog too, the way it is.

    Yep YOU CAN steal ideas! I do it the whole time, and do people notice?
    Yay! Someone else who doesn't like LOL. *Lydia-snort*

    Thanks for the long comment!

  14. Okay, yeah, I guess I don't have the word 'ramblings' on my header. I had to have a look myself. ;-P I think I did on my last header, and I'd forgotten that I'd changed it. Hehe.


  15. Naomi -- (you don't have to put up this comment), but I have a question for you... Could you shoot me an email at ladyofanorien(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll reply with my question?

  16. I so agree! :D But some of the things I don't say, so I better change it. Ahem. :P

  17. This is great! I enjoyed reading this, Naomi. :)

    Btw, you have been nominated for the Sunflower Blogger Award! http://bloggingcryslyn.blogspot.com/2014/07/sunflower-blogger-award.html

  18. Haha, LOVED this!! I am a very new blogger myself and so it was encouraging to know that you welcome me! ;-)
    I thought (from reading Miss Dashwood's blog) that "M'dear" came from the Scarlet Pimpernel (you know "Odd's fish, m'dear"). But I could be wrong.
    Anyway, thanks for this hilarious post. I was excessively diverted!
    (Check out my blog {PuritanObserver}!)

  19. Hey Naomi!! Hope you are having a fun summer!! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award!!!!



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