Caption Contest #1

This week we are having a caption contest! (I have numbered this in the title, because I might to some more in the future.) The screencap I have used (from the Period Drama 'Lark Rise to Candleford') from the amazing screencap-source blog, which is a must to check out.
Rules for the game:
Basically all you have to do is look at the screencap (above, Mary) and think of a funny line or two which suits it. I will choose a winner- the person with the wittiest line! Just comment the line you want to put on the picture, and I'll put it on the picture (if you've won) and put it on my blog for people to giggle over. I hope that was clear! (It probably wasn't, but never mind :)
Try hard to be witty!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and that you'll play this game!


  1. Is that Bates from Downton!!?!
    anyway.. um

    "Apparently this is a duckface"

  2. Hey Naomi! I've tagged you so please check it out on my blog! Thanks:-)

  3. Hey Naomi! You have been tagged but it's the same tag as Elizabethany so don't worry :)

  4. Guy: You look like a squirrel
    Girl: Do you really think so?

    Sorry this isn't witty. I couldn't think of anything :(

  5. "I said something funny, is there a reason why you are not laughing?"


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