Name Game ~ Answers // I'm baaack!

What-ho, what-ho, what-ho my dear blogochumps! I have missed you, and I'm mighty glad to be back. Me and my family had a lovely holiday in the fine lands of England, but it's good to be back home. There really is no place like home, you know.
For now, here are the answers to my previous game, but, I promise, there will be a more interesting post soon.
#1 Reginald Jeeves
(In Jeeves and Wooster)
#2 Mrs Elsie Hughes
(In Downton Abbey)
#3 Mrs Beryl Patmore
(In Downton Abbey)
#4 Mr George Wickham
(In Pride and Prejudice)
#5 Colonel Christopher Brandon
(In Sense and Sensibilty)
#5 The Baroness: Elsa
(In the Sound of Music)
#6 Mrs Winfred Banks
(In Mary Poppins)
#7 Mr Charles Bingley
(In Pride and Prejudice)
#8 The Artful Dodger: Jack
(In Oliver Twist)
#9 Mr Charlie Carson
(In Downton Abbey)
#10 Miss Eva Beadle
(in Little House on the Prairie- she's the school-teacher)
#11 Grandpa Zeb Walton
(From the waltons)
#12 Miss Octavia Pole
(In Cranford)
#13 Mr Thomas Palmer
(From Sense and Sensibilty)
#14 Mr Joseph Molesly
(Once again, Downton Abbey)
#15 Miss Muriel Stacy
(Anne of Green Gables)
Miss Laurie, Emma Jane, Ashley, thank you so much for playing and sorry for not scoring your answers. I just haven't got time right now... have to unpack some bags.


  1. Hey!! Welcome back!!! Hope you had fun in Merry Old England =) I had fun making up first names for this game :D I think I only got one right!

  2. Your baaaaaaaaccccccckk! :D *hugs!*

  3. You're back!!! :-) I've missed you dear. Let's see, is that the third time I've told you that?

    Oops, you made a mistake! Mr. Molesly's first name is Alfred.



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