Tags and a Bucket List

Just so you know :-) I do love it.

Ashley's questions:

1. Would you rather be hot or cold?
I'm sorry but I can't answer that question. I hate sweating ferociously, but I hate shivering as well. I always think it's worse to shiver than to sweat, but I'm not very sure. Somewhere in between is fine for me...
Okay, I know I didn't really answer that question.

Random picture describing me

2. Do you name inanimate objects? 

Yes, I do. I've named my laptop Jane, partly after Jane Austen and partly after Emma Jane. I've named my new mp3 player Clotaire- which is a ghastly French boys name (I am not hereby saying that I think my mp3 is ghastly or French... I love my mp3, but somehow I called it Clotaire.) My handbag is called Tessa and my guitar's name is Ginny, short for Virginia. My head-cushion's name is Violeine and I'm considering to call my old camera who always needs new batteries Fanny. After Fanny Thornton. Yes, I think my camera deserves that name.
Call me ridiculous, but I love giving things names.

  3. What is your favorite post that you have written?I must admit that I am mighty proud of my Judy Garland Costumes post and *don't be angry!* My Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Review.

4. What is your favorite show on Netflix?
What's Netflix? Is Pride and Prejudice 1995 on Netflix? If yes, there you go.

5. History or science? English or math?
History (although not if you are talking about the dates) and definitely English. Maths is a subject which I have abominated all my life.

6. What are some things that make you laugh?
- Jeeves and (especially!) Wooster
- My dad
- Mr Bennet
- Pictures of myself when I was a toddler
- Emma Woodhouse
- Funny Quotes
- Water pistol fights
- The ridiculous song 'Forty-Seven Ginger Headed Sailors'
- Mr Collins
- Newspaper articles which are plain to see that it's all lies
- My little siblings

7. The funniest joke you have ever heard/told?
Goodness! I don't know! Here's a rather funny one which my dad told me recently:

There was this man who went with this friend to a joke club. He friend went there every evening, but it was the first time he was visiting. In the joke club, what they obviously did was telling each other jokes. They had this big joke book and, because they had heard the jokes so many times, they could shout out a number and everyone would laugh, knowing which joke he or she was talking about.
The visitor wanted to try. 'Three hundred and two!' He shouted.
There was a long silence. The visitor turned to his friend and asked him, 'Was that joke not funny?'
'No,' said his friend, 'It was the way you said it.'
Then, after a while, the visitor decided to try again; 'Nine-hundred and seventy-two!' He shouted.
This time, everyone laughed and laughed and laughed. And laughed.
'Well,' said the visitor to his friend. 'I did say this one the right way, didn't I?'
'No, it's not that,' said his friend, 'We just haven't heard that one before!'


8. Favorite sport?
I'm not a sporty person at all, but I quite enjoy playing table tennis, or ping pong, however you call it.

9. Ereaders or physical books?
I like them both, but physical books will always be better. Always and forever.

10. Favorite place to buy books online?
Amazon! It's brilliant.

11. What is your dream job?
You guys probably know this already. An author, of course! But I know that it'll probably stay a dream.

Cryslyn's Questions:

1). What is your dream home?
Something small, cosy and vintage. I don't really mind about the outside, but I'd love the inside to be shabby chic, with pink everywhere and flowers. Like this:

2). Do you have a current occupation? If not, what would you like for your future job to be?
My dream is to become a writer, but, as I said in Ashley's questions, that will probably stay a dream. I'd also really like to be a kindergarten teacher, as I think children are one of the nicest things on earth. This picture proves that:

3). Have you grown stronger spiritually in a specific area where you struggled before? How did God help you out of it?
My parents have always helped me to follow God throughout my life, and I feel myself getting closer to Him everyday. As long as I can remember, God has helped me.

4). What is your favourite colour to wear?
Pink and Blue and light, fluttery colours. I also like wearing black, but then with a different colour on top, of course.
I've also recently developed a love for that sailor look:

5). Name a place that you have always wanted to visit?
America, so I could visit this amazing girl and her lovely sister.

6). Can you speak any other language besides that of your own ethnicity?
Yes, I can speak French, besides English (which my Dad speaks) and Dutch (which is my mother tongue.) And I'm also learning German.
7). What is your favourite film?
You all know that. Pride and Prejudice 1995! Forever and always. For more of my favourite films, you can check out of Top Ten Movies post.

8). If you could live in any time period, what would you choose?
I would choose the Vintage time... when girls wore pretty dresses, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were in the fashion, tapdancing was common, when going to 'the pictures' was cheap and when people all gathered around a tiny television screen. Just after the second World War.

9). Iced or hot coffee?
Neither. Sorry about that.
But thank you for thus giving me the opportunity to put a randomly nice picture here instead! :-)

10). Do you like, dislike, love, or adore my blog?

(sorry, just had to ask that question. :)
I love it. Your photography especially... I think it's amazing!

Elizabethany's Tag:
Elizabethany tagged me with the Bucket List tag... which is super fun and allows me to write all my dreams. I have too many.
The first one, of course, is:
-Publishing a book
-Publishing lots of books and becoming a well known authoress
-Meeting the love of my life and have the most romantic marriage ever

-Making and Designing my own Wedding gown

- Go to a ball

- Sing Vintage songs on stage

- Own a hoop skirt

-Learn how to tapdance

-Own a pair of ballet shoes

-Learn how to do my hair in the Emma bun fast enough so I can wear it every day

-Leave a note in a library book

-Find a note in a library book

-Meet Emma Jane

-Shake Queen Elizabeth's hand

-Learn how to do a Vintage updo in my hair

-Visit Hyde Park (Pemberly) and the Downton Abbey house with my best friend

- Eat Strawberry and Ice Cream under a weeping willow

- Own a lace skirt

- Have a chat with Jennifer Ehle (and of course ask her so much about her time in P&P that she'll go crazy.)

- Visit all the Pride and Prejudice locations

- Have pink frilly curtains around my bed

- Write Lynn Austin an email

- Try the first string numbers that come into my head on the telephone and ask the person picking up if he/she has seen P&P.

- Own a typewriter

- Watch all the Period Dramas I haven't yet seen but want to

- Own Mary Crawley's Red Evening Dinner Dress
- Have one hundred followers

- Be an extra in a movie

- Have my own library

- Catch a brides bouquet

- Design dresses for Period Dramas

- Watch P&P all in one go

- Find a lost child and bring it back to it's mother

- Have my portrait painted

- Send a message in a bottle or find a message in a bottle

- Ride in a hot air balloon (I've stolen a lot of these from Elizabethany, by the way)

- Hear someone compliment me without them knowing I was listening

- Discover something amazing about my family or friends I never knew

- Find a present under my bed and find it is a tulle skirt

- Own a pair of beautiful heels

- Meet all my online friends.
- Have a Victorian dressing table
 - Watch a black and white movie in the cinema
- Wear a puffed sleeved nightgown
- Act Eliza Doolittle in a musical production of My Fair Lady

- Receive lots of comments on this post!!!

This was SO much fun girls! Thanks!
I tag YOU. The rules are, put the picture:

On your blog, write at least ten things which are on your bucket list and tag five people. I'm sorry for not tagging five people, it's just that all the people I want to tag seem to have just received loads of them!


  1. Ah, a lovely post all around, Naomi!! And now to make one of your bucket list items come true -- I'M LEAVING A COMMENT!! :D

    I name things, too! My laptop is Precious (LOTR-based), and my new phone which has completely no minutes on it yet is Iris (named after the Greek messenger goddess; I thought that ironic).

    Bahahaha!! I love that joke! I'm going to have to tell it to my dad! :D

    I wish I could get into the sailor look. It's really sweet, but I haven't anything that looks remotely like that. I'm trying not to be jealous of all the girls who have those cute dresses. Yes, I'm getting better at doing that. *winks* You know, one day, I'm just going to have to buckle down and make myself one.

    Ahh!! You speak French? I took two years of French in highschool, didn't learn much, but loved it! I'm hoping to retake French in college and REALLY learn it this time. I love listening to it spoken, and I base a lot of my story names (in my fantasy works) on French culture/pronunciation/etc.

    I'm with you there on iced and hot coffee. I love the smell of coffee, but I can't abide the taste.

    Yes, I want to learn to tap dance. Vintage songs on stage?? SO THERE! Hot air balloon! :D You have a wonderful bucket list, m'dear. And I absobloominglutely love your pictures. Every. Last. One.

    I've seen the bucket list tag going around, so I may just have to snag it one of these days. Thanks, Naomi, for a fun post! :)

  2. Kiri Liz!


    Don't worry, I don't have a sailor dress either, heehee. I REALLY want one SO badly. I once saw someone wear one... and no, I was not jealous. *winks*

    Yep, I speak French. Not very fluently, but I can manage a conversation. Oui.

    I know isn't singing Vintage songs on stage such a dream? And of course I'd had to do it in a dress like Judy Garland wears in that picture.

    Thank you, I like my pictures too. ;-)

    ~ Naomi

    PS You are very good for not saying anything about me being proud of my Narnia post, for I know how much you love it. Heehee.

    PSS YES, DO THE BUCKET TAG. I tag YOU, okay?

  3. Ah, you're welcome. I really did have heaps of fun leaving a comment. I did not intend for it to end up so long, but... *shurgs* Everybody likes long comments, non? ;)

    YES! Okay, on a side-note: do you know where that pic of Judy Garland came from? As in, the movie? I've seen very few Judy Garland movies. Shame, yes, really. I'm working on that.

    Haha... I must admit I thought about saying something on Narnia. But then I got distracted by your ice cream background and could only think happy thoughts. It's a wonder I didn't sail off to Neverland yet.

    Yes ma'am. I'll do the tag. ;D

  4. The film is called 'Little Nellie Kelly'. I haven't seen it, but I have listened to the song she sings in that dress (singin' in the rain). I don't know if the film is good though.

    It must, because it's vintage.

    Like the ice cream background. :-)

  5. Love that Emma picture!!!

    Clotaire...... hmmmm That is a ghastly name! But I shall name my dentist that or something ;)

    Netflix is an online movie streaming service. Last time I checked, they didn't have P&P95, but they do have the 1980 version.

    History and English!!!!

    I really, really need to read/watch Jeeves and Wooster! It looks so funny!

    I just listened to "47 Ginger-Headed Sailors". It is a great and catchy song!! (Which means I like it. A lot.)

    Amazon does have a lot of good books for cheap prices!! Have you used Abe Books? Evie recommended them and they are so cheap and have really old books!!!

    Children are wonderful!! (Most of the time :P)

    The sailor look is cute, but I don't have any dresses that look like that!!!

    Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!!! Have you seen them dance on roller skates? I think that is my favorite time period too!

    Learn how to tap dance!!!! That would be amazing!!

    A typewriter would be cool to own!

    This was an awesome post!!! Thanks for answering!

  6. Goooooooood Morning My Friend!
    I as instructed am now leaving a comment on this superb post :D.

    *Wild Applause*

    My dear you really have a knack at making things so very pretty. I must employ your services to help improve my blog if you have time of course!

    I will look out for your books! That would be lovely.

    Tapdancing yes yes yes!

    I really would love to meet you but alas Australia is too far.

    *smacks self on forehead* I wish I had thought of Jennifer Ehle too!

    I would love 100 followers too!

    I wish I had thought of these things becuase now reading them I really want to put them on my post... I could credit you? :?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. I love that you speak Dutch! I am half Dutch but I only know a few words, my dad speaks it though. So I'm not the only one who names things...my cellphone is called Enjolras and I have an owl moneybox called Joly. My sister has an angry bird soft toy called Vizzini...we're crazy!

  8. Ashley,
    Bwahaha, name your dentist Clotaire. Haha.
    Oh yes, I kinda guessed Netflix was something like that... but I had no clue what they showed on it.
    Yep 47 Ginger-headed Sailors is very catchy... but plump silly.
    Oooh yes, I have seen Fred and Ginger do the roller skates dance... isn't it AMAZING?

    Why, thanks a lot! Surey, I'll help you with your blog, you just have to ask me.
    Haha, don't worry you may steal some of these bucket list thingys.

    Oooh I didn't know you were half dutch! Leuk, zeg.
    Phew, I'm glad to here I'm not the only one who give things names... isn't being crazy nice? :-P

    ~ Naomi

  9. Hey! Just remembered I had commented on this post and am popping in, Ok so I really need your help with my sidebars, they are not very appealing at the moment... soo what do you suggest? :-) Thanks for you help!
    ~Evie (Mrs Brandon)

  10. Ah, you're Dutch (or half-Dutch?) I'm Dutch as well! Leuk je te ontmoeten! You don't see that many Dutch people in the blogging world (or they are hidden....)

  11. Birdie,
    Oh it's going to be weird to compose a comment in Dutch...
    Ja, mijn moeder is van Belgie en mijn vader is Engels. Inderdaad, misschien zijn er meer mensen die Nederlands/Vlaams praten. :-)
    This is so cool. :)

  12. Ah, Belgium! I do like 'your' country, I love going on a citytrip to one of the lovely Belgian cities!


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