20 movies I am burning to see

Ha. Ha. Ha. I know I'm not the only one who's laughing. People who know me well, know that I have this amazingly loo-oo-oong to-see list and that I am constantly adding movies and rarely ticking them off. I definitely have more than twenty- definitely- but here are the twenty I am MOST yearning to see. Either I've heard about them from lots of people, either it's because of my darling Emma, or either it's because I accidentally stumbled across it and I thought it looked like something I would really enjoy.
Movies are in no particular order. The first ten, however, I am yearning to see more than the last ten. But for the rest it's in no particular order.
Road to Avonlea
I have seen the first episode of the first series only, and I'm officially hooked. This series looks/is so, so, so charming and I can't wait to see LOTS more of it! The story of the lovely, feisty-headed Sara is just so me-ish. Such a happy, pretty, sweet and funny movie which goes on and on. And the costumes... are priceless.
Little Dorrit
Oh dear, everyone in the blogging world seems to scream at me: WATCH LITTLE DORRIT. In a nice, way of course. This movie has been recommended to me by so many people and I really feel I'm missing something out! It seems a little too dark to be an absolute favourite of mine, but I'm sure that I would really, really enjoy it.
Meet me at St. Louis
This musical is definitely close on the top of my list. I HAVE to see this movie. I'm a big fan of all the songs but I've never seen the film. The screencaps I've seen make me faint! The dresses, scenery, interior designs and hair-styles are SO scrumptious! I believe this would be Judy Garland in my favourite role. I only have to get hold of the dvd! Argh.
Young Queen Victoria
Heehee, I'm imagining all your abhorred faces. Because aye, I have not even seen the splendiforious 'Young Queen Victoria'. I'm in love with it already though, and I know that when I'll see it (which will be very soon, I hope) it will be one of my favourite movies. The costumes, the elaborate-ness! Isn't it nice to have something like that to look forward to? There's a bright side to everything. :-)
Miss Potter
Again, this is one of those movies everyone seems to be talking about. The story about the sweet Beatrix Potter... her life as a writer, and her sad love story. As you can see, I've heard so much about it that I know what it's all about. That's how it works with me. I read reviews, listen to soundtracks, study the costumes before actually watching everything.
Daniel Deronda
Squeep. YES. I have not watched this. *Long sigh* This movie has gorgeous costumes, Hugh Bonnerville and Romola Garai, one of my favourite actresses. Why have I not seen this? Everyone says I have to. I should spend some money on dvd's, don't you think, instead of waiting to meet someone who I can borrow it from?
The Scarlet Pimpernel
This is the worst shock yet for the blogging world. I know hardly anything about the popular 'Scarlet Pimpernel' apart from that it has lots of cool quotable phrases (sink me, everyone knows that m-dear!) and that I would like it. Or so everyone tells me. Actually, I don't think I would be so crazy about this movie as lots of other people are, but I know I would love it.
Lark Rise to Candleford (Season 2-4)
Don't worry dears, I have seen the whole entire first season and I'm a Lark Rise fan already. You can imagine how badly I want to see the other seasons!
The Paradise
I would love this movie/series. It looks so elegant and sparkly and fun. I mean, it's about a huge, dashing shop, so it must be very elegant indeed. I've heard it resembles Lark Rise to Candleford, so I just know, without further research that this is something for me. I WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD.
Easter Parade

This is like 'Meet me at St.Louis', because I know quite a few of the songs in it off by heart but haven't seen it. But I'm even worse of here than I was with Meet me, because I don't really know what the story is about. But it's a classic, and it has dear Judy Garland and dear Fred Astaire. I've got to see this quickly.

The Inheritance
 Someone once told me that I 'would really love this movie' and that it was 'extremely sweet'. Well, that was enough to make me want to see it, isn't it? 'The Inheritance' was written by 'Louisa May Aclott', who wrote 'Little Women'. I don't really know much about the story, but I know it's appropriate and sweet and that I would love it.
The House of Eliott
I discovered about these series (I know, series again) at Elegance of Fashion, where I read it was about two sisters starting up their fashion business. I mean, how epic and cool is that! And it's set during the Roaring Twenties- I love that time period. Long story short, I look forward to devouring this series!
It's my dear friend Emma who told me about this one! Thank you darling, I owe you a great part of my to-see list. Heehee. This series seems so charming! I don't know very much about it, but I know enough to make me want to see it. Firstly, it's about a school-teacher, and I love school-teacher-stories. Secondly, Christy's dresses are beautiful (especially the blue one in the picture up there). And thirdly, it looks like something I would really enjoy.
Somewhere in Time
My goodness, this must be, by the look of it, the most romantic, most sensational movie ever. Perhaps a little too mushy, even, but I'd love it. I'm such a hopeless romantic, so this would suit me. And doesn't Jane Seymour look stunning in that beautiful outfit! And he (don't even know their names, you know) is so handsome.
State Fair
Again, I know and I love the songs of this sweet-darling-looking musical. My main reason for wanting to see this, though, is because of Marge's costumes. Her wardrobe is probably one of my favourite wardrobes in the world. And I haven't seen the movie. That's just weird, ay?
Bleak House
This is another of those miniseries everyone talks about and I know nothing of. I think it sounds a bit dreary, but it does look like something I would really enjoy. I just feel so left out, not having watched this! It really is appalling! (Heehee, don't mind me:)

Saving Mr Banks
I love Mary Poppins and I love Emma Thompson, so I know I'd really love 'Saving Mr Banks'. Especially ever since I read a review of it at 'Yet another Period Drama blog', I've been burning to see it! It sounds so witty and charming!

Mansfield Park
This is the only Jane Austen novel I have not seen a TV adaption of, and- being a Jane Austen fan- I feel I should, and quickly! I don't know about which version, though. I know it won't be the one with Billie Pyper, because she wears her hair down and does not look like Fanny should at all. I've heard the adaption with Francie O'Connor is not the best, but it has Johnny Lee Miller. And the old version (see above picture) looks very sweet. In any case, I would like to see one version very soon!

Roman Holiday
I don't know why, but I had to add at least one black-and-white movie in this post. Just to show you, I have lots of those on my to-see list too. Roman Holiday is one of those! This movie is so famous and stars the fashionable Audrey Hepburn! I don't really know what the storyline's about, but it really looks so stinkin' good.

The Parent Trap
This is one of the movies I stumbled across on my own. It's a Disney movie starring Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills. Haha, yes, she acts twins, who got separated by birth because their parents divorced. They switch places and think of tricks to get the family together again. I just think it sounds so charming and that I'd so enjoy it. I don't know about it's appropriateness, though- does anyone here?

I can't just stop with twenty, because I want to prove that I have lots more. 'Dr Quinn Medicine Woman' and 'Horiato Hornblower' and 'East of Eden', for example- I'm burning to see those, so I can finally 'really' understand what Emma keeps on talking about. 'Mr Selfrige series', 'Little Women (older adaption)', 'So dear to my heart', 'the Andy Hardy movies', 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers', and loads more. It's a nightmare. :D

There's a bright side to everything, of course! I have all these movies to look forward to! Looking forward to something is always half of the fun, isn't it? And Looking forward to something never has disappointments.
But yeah, I really have to see some of these soon. Each at it's own time, of course. :-)
Which one, do you think, I should watch the most quickly?
Are you shocked at my long list? :-)



  1. I have a long list too!! All these ones you have listed are things I've been wanting to see too (Except the ones I've already seen)! 'The Parent Trap' is darling, it's always been my favourite!

    I hope these all live up to your expectations!

  2. Naomi, Naomi, Naomi...!!!! You haven't seen Little Dorrit, Young Victoria, Miss Potter, The Inheritance(!), or Mansfield Park!!????? :-) But yes, yes, yes...I know, there're a lot I still need to get to, too--so it's nice to know I'm not the only one. ;-)

    Let me jot down some notes on the ones I know something about:

    Little Dorrit: I liked the book and I liked the movie well enough, though I'm not sure why some people like it so much. The last episode had a really puzzling character switch which was kind of annoying, but it's well worth watching.

    The Young Victoria: is just gorgeous and the leads did an amazing job. :-) And everything looks so portrait-accurate! It does have a couple bedroom scenes we skip, but you can pretty much tell when they're coming.

    Miss Potter: is so sweet and so sad!! We were all just crying while watching, but it ends hopefully and is definitely one to re-watch.

    The Scarlet Pimpernel I still have to see, too. Eeeks! Like you, I'm not sure if I'll tremendously like it, but he looks absolutely right, so if she's good I might be able to forgive the hair-do's. :-) I would most highly recommend the first book, though (The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy). My sister read one of the following books, too and she says the movie is based on a combination of the two.

    And The Inheritance!!! Yes, you do have to see that one! :-) It's very simple, but very rich and sweet. :-) And the time period is so fun!

    Somewhere in Time does look super good--and super romantic, I agree. I don't know anything about the story line there, either.

    Bleak House is on my list, too.

    And Mansfield Park! I've read up on all three versions a lot which meant I decided not to see the two newer versions either due to serious messing with the story/twisted messages. But we own the old one and it's so good! It's 80's, but Fanny is spot on. And Tom is so great! As a side note, it's pretty funny because "Edmund" later played Mr. Musgrove in the '07 Persuasion. :-)

    And...Roman Holiday. This wasn't a favorite--the ending just made me so mad (I felt they'd wasted a bunch of the foreshadowing they put in earlier), but I have friends who really like it--so I'd love to hear your opinion if you see it! Another b/w I would recommend (though it's lovely in Technicolor--which is how we generally watch it) is The Mark of Zorro with Tyrone Power. Very fun!

    And have you seen Our Mutual Friend? I haven't either...

    I think that's all for now... :-) And as usual a most delightful post, dear!!

  3. Ahh the movie list!! :D I think we all have one! But, I'm not shocked, because mine is long too!

    Little Dorrit is a must see for me too! But I want to read the book first, aaand it's not "free" to stream on Netflix :(

    WATCH MEET ME AT ST. LOUIS!!! You'll love it!! It might even make you cry :) Watch this one the most quickly!!

    Young Queen Victoria is one I haven't heard much about, but does sound interesting!

    I haven't seen The Scarlet Pimpernel 1982 either! But the book was swellimous, so yeah, I need to watch it!

    Easter Parade looks cool, because 1) classic, 2) dancing with Fred, and 3) Judy and Fred!!!

    I read the book Christy, and it was a life-changer!! I really should see the movie, but I don't want to ruin what I thought of the book :(

    Ooooh! You would like State Fair too! You probably want to watch the 1940's version, NOT the 1960's!! There's some skippable stuff in the 60's one, and the 40's one is more charming over all, I think :)


    The Hayley Mills Parent Trap!!!! It's a great movie!! I think there would be 2 parts that would be a little inappropriate (maybe more?), but over all, a nice movie :)

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is wonderful!!!

    I really enjoyed your list!! Can't wait to see your reviews on these!

  4. Haha, I knew everyone would comment with WATCH THIS!!!!

    Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :-)

    I loved your long comment and your notes! I know, it's shocking I haven't seen some of these. Yes, I've heard there are some skipping scenes in Queen Victoria. Oh I like a sad movie now and then, and Miss Potter sounds so sweet! I want to see it even MORE now. Arghgh.
    The Inheritance sounds SO good. Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't seen the Scarlet Pimpernel. Phew, I can't tell you how RELIEVED I am. :-)
    Yes, I've heard the oldest version of Mansfield Park is the best one too. The other two have a lot of historical issues. :-(
    Actually I started watching 'Our Mutual Friend' but it was too creepy and too dark for me, and I stopped after forty minutes. My friend Emma told me it gets MUCH better afterwards, though, but it's too late now, as we've given the dvd back to it's owner. Haha.

    Yes I KNOW. I HAVE TO SEE MEET ME AT ST LOUIS. I know I would LOVE it. The costumes are gorgeous, aren't they? I love a movie with gorgeous costumes.
    Yes it's the old State Fair version I want to see... the one I put the picture up. Yeah, I've heard the later version is pretty bad (usually is the case, with movies, isn't it?:P)
    Ohh, what a joy to hear that you too have not seen Little Dorrit! I'm not the only one!!!
    Thank you for warning me about Parent Trap- I suppose the skipable scenes are the ones between the dad and mum?
    Yes, I'll review them if I see them. I don't know WHEN I will though!
    Thanks for your long comment!

  5. Good list! I've seen most of these, and would definitely recommend them. The ones I haven't seen look good too; I'd like to check them out myself!

  6. First off... you have a great list!

    I absolutely LOVE "Little Dorrit"! I think its maybe one of my top period dramas. Though there are a few people that annoy me to no end :)

    "Meet Me in St. Louis" was fun to watch but definitely in my opinion not one of my favorites. Now "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and "Singin' in the Rain" are :)

    Romola Garai is one of my favorite actresses as well but I wasn't to fond of "Daniel Deronda". But I do love Johdi May who does play in it :)

    I was very sad that "The Inheritance" was not at all like the book :( I love the book so I am hoping someone somewhere makes a new movie :)

    "Christy"! I think that was one of my first "big girl" movies to watch :) She did make me quite upset though at some times. But I won't say how/why as that would spoil some of the story for you :)

    I did like "Bleak House" though it was a little dark and I also enjoyed "Saving Mr. Banks". The songs on the latter are just amazing!


  7. Hi I'm Vellvin, new to your blog how do you do. :) Your list looks reall cool.
    Road to Avonlea: I've seen the first entire season of it, it's really good! I hope you'll enjoy it when you watch it! :)
    Young Victoria is one of my favourite movies! It's so cool! And I abosluelty adore Prince Albert. :)
    Miss Potter is really good. Though it's sad. I love the soundtrack and Mr. Warnes sister is awesome, too!
    The Scarlet Pimpernel I love to bits! I've read a couple fo the books and I must say that lines like 'sink me' and 'odds fish m'dear' are soooooo quotable. I hope you'll like it!
    Larkrise is really good! I've only seen a little more than the first season, but I'm pretty sure the quality is still very good.
    Saving Mr. Banks is on my to-watch list too! Seeing as we've borrowed it from friends we'll probably watch it soon. I hope it's as good as I think it is!
    I've seen part of the old Mansfield Park. I must say though, that they're wigs are quite irritating!
    I recently saw A Roman Holiday. It's quite a good movie! I hated the ending but it is quite a classic! :)
    The Parent Trap is a funny, good movie.
    Oh! I abosluetly adore Horatio Hornblower! It's really cool! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is also a favourtie of mine!

    Nice list. Hopefully you'll be able to watch some of them soon. :)
    God Bless,

  8. Sadie,
    I know, a lot of these come from Emma, so I know you love them too.

    Oh, Little Dorrit does sound good!
    Yep, I've seen Singin' in the rain. I liked it, but it wasn't a favourite. I do think Meet me at St Louis sounds good, though.
    Oh, I LOVE Johdi May too! She was very sweet with Romola in Emma, wasn't she?
    Oh, you can spoil it for me :) I like knowing things before watching things. :-P

    Nice to have you commenting!
    I watched the first episode of Road to Avonlea on youtube and I enjoyed it SO much!!! I really hope to see some more.
    Haha, I've heard Prince Albert is quite the hero, and that lots of people love him. :-)
    I know, Lark Rise is amazing.
    Thank you for your long comment and your notes and opinions!
    I have a question for you though- how are you related to Jane Austen? I think that's SO cool. I'm quite jealous!!! :-)

    ~ Naomi

  9. Your to-see list! Yay! I like how you put it-- you're "burning" to see them-- cause that's just you. ;-)

    Well, I must admit, I have seen most of these. :-) I know you'd love all of them (except maybe East of Eden-- I know it's not on the top of your list-- but I don't really know if it's the kind of thing you'd like. That s, it's just kind of different).

    Yes, you must watch Meet Me In St. Louis! It's such a classic and so much fun. Oh, I wish I could watch it with you! I agree, the costumes are just gorgeous, if a tiny bit inaccurate. (Hey, it's the forties, we can give them a break.) ;-P

    I've seen The Inheritance twice and wasn't very impressed by it. It's really simple and doesn't have much to it, but the setting and characters and costumes are sweet. It's a nice movie, just not that exciting.

    Daniel Deronda, on the other hand!!!! Oh, I LOVE Daniel Deronda! The cast is simply brilliant and the scenery and the costumes AND THE MUSIC....yes, you have to see it.

    I watched State Fair a long time ago and don't remember much about it, but I think it was very sweet. I still sing some of the songs, like "It Might Be Spring" and "It's a Grand Night For Singing". And you're right, Marge's wardrobe is adorable!

    Never heard of Easter Parade, but it looks very charming.

    Roman Holiday! GREGORY PECK. Yes, I have to see this one too. It's one of my aunt's favorites.

    Haha, The Parent Trap-- yep, that's a classic. You wouldn't believe how many times I watched that as a child. It's a nice family movie, nothing remotely inappropriate whatsoever. I've seen it so many times it's just boring to me now, but I think you'd really enjoy it.

    Haha, you put my western week button up! Soon there will be more buttons, so you can choose another if you'd like. Thanks for the advertising! :-)


  10. Emmskers! Nice to have you commenting again!

    I know, I know... I HAVE to see lots of these. All, when it comes to that, actually. :-P

    But you know, we never seem to have time. When we do, my siblings always want to watch something different. My choice is never the popular one. :-)
    'Meet me at St Louis' is not on youtube, and it's VERY expensive on Amazon, so I'll have to find someone who has it, so that we can borrow it. I'll find a way. :-)
    Anyway, that's enough of me complaining. :-P

    Oh, I didn't know you were so familiar with the Parent Trap! I think my whole family would enjoy that. I need to PERSUADE them to TRUST my choices. :-)

    No, I think 'the Inheritance' sounds very good. I like simple movies, as long as they are entertaining.

    You are quite welcome, dear! Yes, I might swap the button for another when you've made some more. That man with the gun is quite terrifying! I hope you make one of a lady with nice clothes. :)

    ~ eN

  11. Yes! Ramola and Johdi were such a good combo!

    I like knowing things beforehand as well :) Such as...When Sybil died. :( I bore it a little better knowing it was going to happen than I would have if I wouldn't have known. (I'm still not over that btw...)

    The thing I didn't like about Christy (the person) was she couldn't make up her mind about which guy she liked! It's so obvious! The preacher and her were so great together! Maybe its just because I like the preacher better :) Don't get me started on the last three(?) movies that had Christy and a few others of the characters change actors/actresses. Seriously...it totally ruined the series! I just pretend those movies don't exist ;)

    Oh and btw...Kellie Martin was just adorable in the series!


  12. Yep, Prince Albert is amazing. :) I hope you find him so.
    You're welcome I'm glad you enjoyed the long comment.
    Hehe, well very distantly related. On my Dad's side. It's so funny to hear peoples reactions to that fact. :)

  13. i have watched the young victoria and the inheritance.they are both really cool! the young Victoria is amazing!

  14. Long comment here I come!
    Little Dorrit is THE BEST! In fact, I don't think it would be too far to say that it's right up there with the 95 P&P and the 09 Emma. It's twisted and charming and classic all at once. :)

    Meet me in St. Louis will not disappoint. It's a very sweet movie and highly entertaining.

    Miss Potter is very sweet but the story line is all over the place. It's like three different ones. First, about her book. Second, about her first romance. Third, about land preservation.

    The paradise starts out just as wonderful as it sounds but the second season goes downhill and gets all soap opera-y.

    Somewhere in time is AH-mazing! I love that movie!

    I actually didn't care for Saving Mr. Banks because it seemed a little bit done-before. It was cute though.

    I really liked The Parent trap, it's a classic. The storyline is different and fresh. And the songs are adorable. :)

    The rest I haven't seen yet. But I hope you enjoy! :D

  15. Hannah,

    I love how you comment on my old posts! Please continue to do so. :-)

    Right, so I've seen Little Dorrit by now and I AGREE. ITS SO AMAZING. Riiight up there, right after P&P and Emma09. I. Luuurve. it. Review will be coming fairly soon!

    Meet me at St Louis is a movie I c.a.n.n.o.t. get hold of. It's really expensive to buy online, not on Youtube, and I know no-one who has it- so I can't borrow it! :(

    I've also see Miss Potter by now, and again it was completely lovely. I liked the publish-book-bits best... but I loved everything, as a whole.

    Ah, the Paradise is like so many other series... going downhill as it goes on. Still, I want to see Series one, at least. :-P

    Thanks again for your comments! Love getting them on old posts, dear!


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