8 Reasons why Home is the Best Place

To my opinion, 'home' is simply the best place in the world. We should realise this and not think that the grass is greener on the other side! I've been away on holiday quite a lot this summer, and, although I really enjoyed that, I've really realised how good 'home' is. Because, seriously, the best parts of this summer have been the days I spent at home.
All your belongings are close by. That book you haven't read for a long time. It's at home, tucked away in a bookcase. That blouse you felt like wearing - it's close by. Your favourite mug is in the cupboard, your dvd's are near. You just have all your things together, ready for you to take. When away on vacation you often (or I do, in the least!) feel like 'your' things, don't you?
All those familiar noises. Ah, that's what I really love about home. My door that creaks terribly whenever someone opens it. The way the attic staircase thumps when my brothers keep on running over it. The way my dad puts on music to wake everybody up in the morning. The way I hear my little sister snore. Just priceless.
All those familiar smells. Dad with his morning coffee. The rabbit-hutch-smell in the garden. The smell of  'our' washing powder. That makes home.
All those familiar sights. Ah, every window in our home has their own good sights and views. We know them so well, and, (even though ours aren't at all that pretty) we never tire of them.  
With your family. In most cases, 'home' is associated with 'family'. And, as we all know perfectly well, our families are the best people in the world (or one of the best, anyway:). Even though our siblings and our parents or children have their things, family stays the best forever.
That good old schedule. Almost every home has their own routines and schedules. Things like 'TV at seven o'clock' and 'Singing on Sundays'... things which, for us, seem absolutely NORMAL. But it's that good old schedule which is what we will remember our whole lives.
Your own bed is the best of all. Sleeping in a holiday home on some other sort of mattress is never the same. For me, my bed is one of my favourite places in the world... it's just, my bed. Yeah, I can't go into more depth than that. :P
You belong at home. And of course, one of the best things about 'home' is that you belong there. You don't belong in some sort of holiday home, or in... whatever... you belong at home. Home, sweet, home. The best place in the world.


  1. This just about made me cry. ;-P

    Naomi, this is adorable. Priceless. You've described everything I feel so perfectly. How is it you always do that? *wink, wink*

    In fact, I like this so much I'm going to nominate it for Miss Dashwood's I'd Like To Share. What say you to that? :-)

    ~Violet (I haven't used that one in a while. ;-P)

  2. Aww, thank you darling Violet! Yep, I know you are a home-person, just like I am. And THANK YOU so much for nominating me! I say aye, aye to that sir!

  3. This is so sweet!!! Although, I haven't really been away from home enough to feel quite the same... But this is adorable. :)

  4. I love staying home!!! Therefore, I agree with all of these!

    Especially the smell! Have you noticed that everybody's house has a different smell, but you don't really notice your own except when you come back from a trip?

    And your belongings! No, I'm not using them right now, but I *may* need them later!!

    Thanks for this great post!

  5. This was wonderful, and sooo true!! Especially the part about having your belongings near. Because seriously, there is never any room to pack my complete collection of Jane Austen, or my sewing machine, or...
    Anyways, lovely post!!
    ~Miss Elliot

  6. Beautiful, lovely post, Naomi!
    I especially empathize with this due to our NOT having our own home for 2 months! I always loved and appreciated home, but not having one for that long really helped me appreciate and love it even more! Now that we're in our new home, I thank God so much for it! Home is certainly one of the best places on earth and there's just nothing like it. :) Your list is perfection. Smells noises, sights, schedule, and YES YOUR OWN BED!! And of course most important of all is your family. That's what really makes it home, in my opinion! :)
    Thank you for such a great post!!


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