Ask me anything ~ Answers! // Yes, I'm back!

Thank you so much for all your delightful questions everyone, and here are the long-awaited answers! (The reason because they've been so long-awaited is because me and my family have gone away for two weeks and I didn't take Jane with me. Jane is my laptop.) So, that's the reason I've been so incredibly absent lately. But I back now, and we're not going away again, rest assured.

Evie asked...

If you could choose between Mr Darcy, Mr Bingley, Mr Edward Ferras or Col.Brandon who would you marry and why?

All of you think I'm going to jump up, snap my fingers and shout 'Mr Darcy, OF COURSE.' I mean, my favourite movie is P&P95. I love Mr Darcy excessively, really, don't worry. But Mr Darcy, to my opinion, does not smile enough.
I am not excessively fond of Edward Ferras in the Emma Thompson version- I like him, but he just ain't my favourite. But I've recently watched the 2008 version (review coming soon!) and I've literally fallen in love with Dan Steven's portrayal.
My favourite Austen hero, however, remains Mr Knightley. But for now, the 2008 Edward Ferras is who I am so allure about. The above gif explains it all in short. Ah, the things gifs can do.

Which Crawley sister are you most like?
I hope Sybil, of course. But I have the tendency to be somewhat cold sometimes, so I bring forth some characteristics of Mary too.

Sara Lewis asked...

What's one fashion trend from the past that you wish we could bring back?

Oooh, there are tons and tons of things, dear. Everything. Puffed sleeves, hoop-skirts, muffs... the list goes on and on. But there are a few things which especially come to mind. For example petticoats. I know that sounds really weird, but I just love the idea of skirts with lots of frothy, swishy petticoats underneath. I would really love that to come back into fashion.
Don't we all want a skirt like Mary Poppins? Tell the fashion people.

Which is your favourite period drama movie/series and which is your least favourite?

My favourite is Pride and Prejudice 1995, because it's just amazing in every respect- perfect lines, perfect actors, perfect everything. My least favourite? Let me think. Oh yes, 'the Mill on the Floss' is pretty bad- the main character dies in the end. Yep, 'the Mill on the Floss' is awful. Don't ever watch it. Another period drama I dislike rather strongly is the 2005 of Pride and Prejudice. It just ain't Pride and Prejudice.

Who is your favourite male historical figure? Favourite female historical figure?

My favourite male historical figure is, at the moment, Fred Astaire. I know I should have picked someone real herotic and kind- you know, someone like Abraham Lincoln or Wilberforce. But, to be honest, I don't know much about them, and at the moment I completely into Fred Astaire. Watch the little video and you'll probably understand:
(No offence to Americans, by the way :P)
My favourite female historical figure is Jane Austen or Lucy Maud Montgomery or Florence Nightingale. I can't decide. Jane Austen, because she wrote the bestest books which were made into the bestest films, Montgomery because I love her writing to pieces and her stories and youth and life was just so stinkin' interesting, and Florence Nightingale because she was so brave and kind and such an amazing person.

What do you think of classic movies (things from the 1950's and earlier)?

To be honest, I haven't seen any old movies. I have, however, seen clips of scenes and songs on youtube, like the one above, for instance. I'm hooked- I just love them. I think that they should all come back and become really popular, because I think they deserve it. I've definitely got some classic movies on my to-see list!

How do you prefer to write, with a pen and paper or on a computer?

It depends. I write faster on the computer, and I tend to do that more often, as I am a fast person and all that. But, for example, when I want to write a descriptive paragraph or need to tackle an extra hard bit, I can't do it whilst in front of a screen. Then I like going outside with a paper and pen and write it whilst thinking calmly, choosing words wisely.

Favourite Bible character (other than God, of course :-))?

Oh, I love Esther. The story is just amazing, and so is she. She is courageous, stands up for what's right and saves her people. Plus, she's beautiful and wears amazing dresses. :-)

What is your favourite colour?

Pink! Forever and ever.

Reyna Nicole asked...

1. What is your favourite musical?

Sound of Music! Why? Need I explain? Doesn't everyone love this musical to bits? It's charming, heart-rendering, emotional and funny. And so quotable, so quotable. Which a film must be if he can afford to.

Max: How many have I had? (lemonade glasses)
Maid: Two, sir.
Max: Ah, make it an uneven three.

Captain: You will have to wear some other dresses in my house.
Maria: I don't have any other dresses, I gave them all to the poor.
Captain: What about this one?
Maria: Oh the poor didn't want these!

Child: Can we really keep the puppet show, Uncle Max?
Max: Of course! Why do you think I sent the bill to your father?

Baroness: Out there walks a lady who, I think, will never be a nun.
*Captain does a facial expression which happens to be my favourite facial expression in the movie*

There are lots more... priceless!

2. Just 'cause I'm curious, what's the desktop image on your computer right now? (If it's private, never mind). ;)
You know, I was hoping someone would ask this, and then you did. Thank you. :-) It is, as a matter of fact, this:
I often put up a picture of the Period Drama we are or have most recently watched. This couple is charming, especially him. *insert winks*

3. Have you ever seen the older (1985?) version of North and South? If so, what was your opinion on it?

Sorry, but no, I haven't. I have however watched the more common version, and you can read my sentiments on it here.

Danielle asked...

What is something you are interested in that most people are surprised you like?

Pride and Prejudice. Heehee, kidding- everyone knows I love it.
Well, a lot of people are surprised when I say something I don't like, for example Narnia, cough. Oh yes, a lot of people think it really strange that I love rain. But then, I still haven't answered your question, because I'm not really interested in rain. I don't really know.

Randomly nice picture of Jane Eyre staring outside

What are your thoughts on Disney?

I love Mary Poppins for example, and I think Disney does a great job of making films so happy and entertaining. Being, however, not the animated-movie-sort-of-person, I haven't seen very many Disney movies.

Is your room neat and tidy? Or is it full and chaotic?

Ahem. Must I answer this question? Yes, Naomi, you must.
Well, right now, I am glad to inform you all that it is, in fact, very neat and tidy (apart from several clothes on the floor, some shoes and Regency dress patterns, but never mind- it isn't much.) The reason for that is because I have recently done a huge tidy up.
But, normally it is full and chaotic, I must admit that.

yet another randomly nice picture
Are there any television shows you have heard a lot about and are keen on watching?

Ohh, do not start me. The Paradise, Mr Selfridge, Road to Avonlea, Horiato Hornblower (a certain someone tells me so much about it I feel quite left out! *insert winks to the certain someone*) and Call the Midwife.
So, yes, there are. :-)

Do you collect anything a bit weird?

I collect letters, birth-cards, beads, books, everything related to Jane Austen, pretty clothes, old-fashioned things, quotes, Royal magazines, tins, compliments, words, posters and the number of times I have viewed P&P. Yes, I do collect a few weird things. :)
I just collect pretty things... like randomly nice pictures. :-)

Is there anything you would love to do more of, but can't due to location/abilities/age?

YES. I want to publish a book and enter book competitions but each one has those age limits on them. Can't wait till I'm eighteen. :) Then you will see where I am.

Is there anything you started as a child that you wish you had kept up with so you could still do it? Like dancing or something?

No, not really. Maybe having the ability to be cute.

Do you like wearing skirts and/or dresses?

Yes! Indeed I do. In fact, now I am in the middle of making my very first Regency dress! I'm so excited!

Do you enjoy shopping?

Well, normally, yes. Sometimes, no. When it isn't too long and when I find pretty quickly what I like, I find it very enjoyable. But sometimes it's very tedious- when you spend the whole day going through shops and shops and shops and can't find anything to your liking. And then coming home, with nothing but a spoilt afternoon. Duh.

Do you have any close friends you have met in very unusual circumstances?

Well, you all, to start with! Perhaps nowadays meeting people through blogging and the Internet isn't that unusual, but it is for me. :)

What is the last thing you won?

Me? Win? Uh, a piece of chocolate for finding something that was long lost in the house, I think. Thank you, mama. ;-)

Ella asked...

Why did you decide to start a blog?

Well, because my dearest friend Emma Jane (sorry people, not bothered to put a link, her blog is 'for the Beauty of the earth which you can find in the 'blogs' page up there. I'm sure you all know her, but if you don't... quick, know her, because she amazing) because Emma had a blog and because, well, I just loved looking at all those sort of blogs, you know. Then I thought, 'Why don't I?' I'm so glad I did, this blog blesses me every day.

What was the movie that got you to love period dramas?

This is explained in a very longer version here (not bothered to put a link... oh, okay then... HERE), but the basic answer is PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 1995.

1. Have you ever drank Mountain Dew?
Huh. No. I'm so embarrassed. Because *in a low shocked whisper* I didn't even know it was something one drank. I'm so sorry Ashley, but no, I haven't. It sound very romantic though, and I sounds like something I'd like to do someday.

2. What is your favourite food?
Pizza. It's everyone's favourite food.

3. Do you like Mexican food?
Not specifically, but I don't really mind. Don't really have an opinion on that one.

4. What are some of your favourite GIFs?
Ah, this made me open my eyes! Let us start.
I owe you a lot, Ashley. Thank you so much for asking me this question. These gifs have proved that Matthew and Mary are the sweetest couple in the world.

5. What is your favourite book (I think I know this one :)
After the Holy Bible, I love Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (this was the one you knew, I would imagine), All Lynn Austin's books but especially the Refiner's Fire series (and also Wonderland Creek, of course) and The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery. You can read my reviews on both Wonderland Creek and the Blue Castle but, again, I'm not bothered to do the link stuff, so you can read them via the Reviews page. :-)

6. Do you own a laptop? If so, what kind?
Yes, Jane. I don't know what it is actually. Oh stupid me, I'm on it now, I can have a look. Let's see, it's a Packard Bell. Doesn't really mean a lot to me, as long as it's a laptop I'm happy. :-)

7. What is your favourite language to speak?
British! Of course.
(Side-note to the ones who know me less well: I am British.)

8. When does school start where you live?
I get home-schooled and we start school at half past seven! I know, it's rather early, but our family is just a whole flock of early-birds, and we end a little earlier as well. The public schools start at eight I think.

9. Do you have any siblings?
Haha, I must admit I laughed when I read that question. When people ask me and I say 'Yes, eight' they pretty much always faint. Well, not quite, but still.
Yes, I am the second of nine children. I have one older brother, four younger ones (sympathy please) and three younger sisters. I know, we really need more girls. I keep on telling my mum. (Kidding ;-) For more information, you could read this post I wrote about My Family.
Anyway, thank you all so much and I'm sorry for my long absence! I'm back again and hope to post something more soon! I've really missed you all, and I'm very happy to be back again.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! Brace youself: a long comment is coming!

    I do like that Mary Poppins skirt, but I think petticoats would be really hot.

    The Fred Astaire video is awesome!!! I love that song! Ginger and Fred are beautiful together!

    Esther is an amazing role model!! She was so brave! I love that this story shows that God can use anyone!

    Sound of Music used to be my favorite musical. I was obsessed! For two or three years, I would sign letters as Gretel or Marta, whichever age I was at!! I still like it, but it's not my favorite. Don't ask me what is :P

    Rain!!!!!! I live in the desert, so any day with rain is a good day!!!

    I like the live-action Disney films better as a general rule.

    I am reading a Hornblower book, so I need to look into watching it!

    What are birth-cards? I should "officially" start collecting words and posters and quotes :D

    I can't wait to read your work!!!

    The ability to be cute!!! Bahahahahaha! Don't we all :D

    You're making a regency dress!!! Cool!!

    Shopping for a long time makes me cranky too :(

    Mountain Dew is a green soda that contains A LOT of caffeine! But it is soooo good! Writing about it makes me want some right now!

    Ahhh pizza! The great food equalizer! (I have no idea what that means but it sounded good :P)

    Your GIFs are funny/sweet/awesome!

    I just read Blue Castle and I enjoyed it. It did give me a bunch to think about!

    That's cool that you get to end earlier because you start earlier!

    8 siblings is a lot, but you must have lots of fun! And noise :D

    This was a great post! Thanks for the fun :D

  2. Naaaaaaaomiiiiiii! Youuur baaack! :D I've missed you so much!
    Ahem... ok now this comment will be long as I am commenting on your thoughts :) ok good.. here we goooooooo

    Yes!! I love Dan in that role.. isn't he georgous! although.. coughiwouldmarrycol.brandoncoughcough.. speaking of which did you like him in this version? :)

    I am like Sybil too!! Yay! :D

    Yep! I agree fully! :D

    Oooh interesting, mine is blue and performance black haha

    We have the same desktop! whooooooo!

    Your making your own dress! so excited!! email pics?

    Why must you make me start making swoony faces at my laptop ;) those GIFS are perfection.

    Oh yes m'dear isnt british a simply georgous language.. :D

    hehe I must away sadly for the work I have seams to be piling up like crazy.. Email me soon! ok?
    ~Your Chum

  3. I would have to say that Mr. Knightley is definitely my favorite! I didn't care for Mr. Ferras in the 1995(?) version but after I watched the 08 version I think he is my 2nd favorite :)

    We have something in common! I am also from a large family. I am the 7th of 12. There are 8 boys and 4 girls. And I actually have 3 brothers right above me and 2 brothers right below me.


  4. Ashley,
    Thanks for your long comment!
    Yep, I know Fred and Ginger are just beautiful together- love them.
    You live in the desert? Wow.
    You don't know what birth-cards are? Oh, well maybe people don't do them where you live. It's a card announcing a birth of a baby.
    Oh, so that's what Mountain Dew is. I thought it was like... y'know... dew? Huuuu, I'm so embarrassed. :-)

    Calm down, dear :-)
    Yep, Edward was gorgeous, you hit the nail on the head with that word. Gorgeous describes him perfectly.
    Wow! We have the same desktop background!
    I have only cut out the patterns of the dress, so I can't show you any pictures yet, because I haven't really started, sorry. Thanks for the comment!

    Yes, isn't Mr Knightley such a perfect gentleman! I love him so much. :-)
    Oh it's so nice to hear of someone of another big family... bigger than my own! Lovely!

    Yours truly,

  5. Hey again,
    Sorry if I creeped you out! I didn't mean too! :-)

    Yes it does rather! Georgous! It's a favourite of my grandmothers too.

    Mhmm, although mines on the setting where it changes every 10 mins so at the moment it's a picture from the 25th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera.

    That's ok, I wish I had the skills to make my own dresses. My friend is amazing though and made her own semi dress (that was the ball thingy I was talking about :D)

    Oh and thanks for answering my questions :)

  6. Yaaaaayyy, you've come back to us! I've miiiissssssed you!

    I'm not sure why I'm drawing out all my words-- I think it's because I'm trying to invoke feeling but it just looks creepy. So nevermind about that. Anyway, I'm so glad you're home! :-)

    Yeah, sorry I didn't ask you anything for this, but....I didn't know what I'd ask. :-P *wink, wink* Anywho, I enjoyed reading your answers muchly! And now it's time for me to comment on each and every thing you said-- cause it's been far too long since I did that. :-)

    Yep, I would pick Edward too. Indubitably. Although I might actually prefer Hugh Grant to Dan Stevens. Don't faint.

    I think we all have some of Mary in us, nd that's why none of us can bear to dislike her even when she's not very nice. I am definitely a lot like Mary.

    Oh goodness, there are SO many trends I wish we could bring back. For instance, hats. In the good old days, no one ever left the house without a hat. I'm really into hats right now. I just bought an old vintage boater hat yesterday which I'm completely enamored with-- I'll have to send you a picture. :-)

    Isn't The Mill on the Floss by Thomas Hardy? If it is, chances are I would hate it too. I think my least favorite period drama would either be Tess of the D'Urbervilles (it's HORRIBLE) or In Love and War, which is a sappy, lame movie about Ernest Hemingway in his wild youth. Never watch it.

    My favorite male historical character is probably....John Adams. He's wonderful. I feel like I know him personally, even though he died two hundred years before I was born. Favorite female historical figure, probably Beatrix Potter.

    I really love and admire Esther-- her story is so epic an powerful.

    I love seeing what other people's desktops are! Mine is currently a fan-made picture collage of Dr. Mike and Sully. :-)

    Most people are surprised that I'm so in to westerns. I also listen to a lot of music that you might not expect me to like.
    I love rain too! Except when there's too much of it. We've been having a lot of rain this summer, and I'm just tired of it now.

    Yes ma'am, my room is neat and tidy. I think you knew that. :-)

    I think meeting a good friend through comments/blogging is pretty unusual! At least, for me it was/is. Especially when you live in the US and said friend lives in Belgium. We were just destined to know each other.

    I never win anything. *sniffle*

    The movie that got me to love period dramas was definitely Anne. There were others, like The Little Princess and Little Woman, but I think Anne was the first.

    MARY AND MATTHEW. Goodness, it's been way too long since I watched Downton.

    I don't even know what a Packard Bell is, so don't feel bad. Cal is an HP, and he's dark blue. Do you have a laptop case? I have a Vera Bradley one with a colorful pattern and handles-- it's really quite nice.

    Ah, it's been too long since I wrote such a long comment, yes? This was fun, darling, and I'm so happy you're back!


    P.S. I love your Bella Wilfer signature!

  7. Emma DARLING!

    It's been ages since I've heard of you!!!!!!!!!!!! (don't exaggerate, Naomi.)
    It's SO good to get a comment from you again! Thank you, I really enjoyed it.

    Haha, I didn't expect you to ask anything, dear, so don't apologise. You know all, Jeeves. (Sorry I'm quoting.)
    Yes, I know you prefer Hugh Grants portrayal, and I don't mind at all. :-)

    YES it would be intruiging to HAVE to wear hats whenever we go out. It would be perfectly swoony. But then only if we wear clothes underneath to match. Hats don't really fit with jeans, heehee. Bwha, the fashion-people have left all their sense in the old days, haven't they?

    Yes, Mill on the Floss is by Thomas Hardy. It simply THE most NAUSEATING film EVEHAH. I loathe it and implore you never to watch it. There is no story-line, ends nothing but bad, the two main characters die (not including the lovers, because that would be romantic, ay Anne?) whilst drowning and the main character doesn't stay loyal towards her first lover and goes to someone who, I believe, is married already. Brrr. Horrid.

    Who is John Adams actually?
    (I can imagine the look on your face, but sorry Violet, I really don't know who he is.)

    Yes, we were destined to meet each-other, Anne, we were. I knew before I knew you that I would have a bosom friend one day, after I watched Anne of Green Gables for the first time. I'm so lucky now. :-)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who NEVER wins.

    Yes, I definitely knew your room was totally in order. If... WHEN you visit me you can be my tidy-upper. I think also Tabby would appreciate that. :) Just joking, we'd be too busy talking and laughing for tidying rooms.

    Lots of love,

  8. Loved this post, Naomi!

    I can't say that I miss petticoats because they look like they would be really hot and stuffy, but I DO miss the days when you couldn't even go to the grocery store without pearls. :-)

    Yes, P&P 1995 was fantastic. Don't you love how you can see in Darcy's face how he slowly falls in love with Elizabeth? That's some great acting there!

    You haven't seen any old movies? Oh honey, you need to fix that as soon as possible!

    Yeah, buying things is way more fun than shopping. :-)

    I've been meaning to read The Blue Castle. I just finished a book so maybe I'll add that to my To-Read list.

    Four younger brothers. Wow. I have just one little brother and I think it's tough. I salute you.

  9. Sara Lewis,

    Yes I know petticoats would be rather stuffy, but they'd be okay in the winter. :) PEARLS. I agree.
    Pride and Prejudice 1995 has the best acting in the world- I'm glad you like it too!
    I'll try to remedy the fact about the old movies FAST! Actually I have seen an old version of Great Expectations with John Mills, I now remember. I might have seen some others but I forgot.
    Ha, thanks for saluting me. Four brothers isn't that bad though- they often manage to make me cry with laughter!

  10. Haha, I kind of wondered if you'd know who John Adams was. If you were an American I would be positively SHOCKED, but since you live in Belgium I don't expect you to know all our historical figures, so I'll give you a break. ;-P John Adams was one of the 'founding fathers' of America, one of the most influential men involved in the constitution and the writing of the Declaration, the first vie-president, and the second president. He was completely awesome.

    Wow, The Mill on the Floss sounds a lot like Tess. I've come to realize that it's best to stay away from Thomas Hardy altogether, don't you agree?

    I would LURVE to clean your room. :-)


  11. Thank you for answering my questions!!!!

    I enjoyed this post; it was very fun:)


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