Boredom & Glamour Clashes

The Story
There you go, people, this is my novella: Boredom and Glamour Clashes. If you're wondering, yes, I did draw that picture on the cover, and I did design the cover myself. There's nothing I like better than designing covers. Why do you think I write books? :-)
Before I start explaining the why's and when's of this book, I'll show you the book blurb at the back, which gives you an idea of the whole story.
Shirley Trimm has spent ten horrific years with her monstrous Uncle Marmeduke. Ten years of following his rotten rules, ten years of no fun at all.
Then one day- one glorious, blessed day, Shirley- accompanied by Cooper, Marmeduke’s kind-hearted valet, a rare, feudal spirit- escapes.
Shirley is soon in the bustling city, working in a fashion shop, wearing pretty dresses, going out to dances with her friends and even meeting a handsome boy now and then.
But Shirley’s journey has an ending which she would never have imagined to be.
I'm pretty bad a book blurbs.
Why the title?
Basically Shirley has had a boring past and when she gets introduced to the life of glamour and modern stuff she doesn't want anything else. Cooper, she thinks, is boring. But she soon realises her new glamorous life isn't all positive and learns that Cooper isn't so boring after all.
And I also chose the title because it sounds kind of nice. I have the tendency to do that. Take the name of my blog for instance.
The time-period
My book is set in 1920, which is just a little later than Downton Abbey, when those Roaring Twenties began. I chose this time because it's still all very old-fashioned (for us) but yet all those modern things such as make-up, jazz and cars get introduced on a daily basis.
I did a great deal of research, making sure everything was accurate. I'm glad I did, for I had to take out the word 'OK' (didn't exist then!) and 'high-five' (came later!) and put in all the typical slang words which were popular then. I learnt a lot- it was great fun.
The Plot
I don't want to give away too much.
The Characters
Ah. I love my characters- well, pretty much all of them, there are two exceptions. I fact, I simply loathe two of my characters. Anyway, let me introduce them to you. Remember, I am not going to tell you what's going to happen to who and why and so on, because if you want to know you'll have to buy it. More about buying later. I am merely telling you about their character.
Shirley Violet Trimm

"I love loving things. It turns the lips upwards."

Shirley Trimm is one of the two main characters- a nineteen-year-old young lady, who is always ready for change and adventure. Always cheerful, bubbly and smiling, she can cheer up a whole room and charm every person in it.

She was chubby and roly-poly, in a nice, cuddly and bubbly sort of way, and had sweet child-like full lips, a cute freckled nose and a sugary complexion. When she smiled one could see at least four dimples, and she smiled a lot for a girl of her position- an orphan bought up by a monstrous uncle- so the dimples were fairly always there.
She's great fun- she could be a good friend of mine!

Word to describe Shirley: Bubbly

 Moses Reginald Cooper
 ‘I don’t talk much, Miss. But when I do, every letter I utter is of great significance.’
Cooper (don't call him Moses, he thinks it very unsuitable) is gentle, kind and extremely good-mannered. He's a quiet man and doesn't talk very much unless he's been spoken to. He isn't shy, however, and has a brain like no-one else does.
He was a tall man- just a little too tall to look handsomely tall- with a rather large nose, dull, expressionless eyes and a firmly set jaw which made him altogether a rather handsome man. Although his hair had no traces of grey and his face was very neat and clean-shaven, Shirley guessed he was thirty-five in the least.
Cooper is my favourite character, and I hope you'll love him as much as I do.
Word to describe Cooper: Ceremonial
Uncle Marmeduke Trimm

Uncle Marmeduke is horrific and perfectly monstrous. Yes, you've guessed it, he's one of the two characters I detest quite strongly. But, I must say, I had a blast writing him- I understand now why so many writers have annoying uncles and aunts in their books.

That was Uncle Marmeduke all-right. Those long, bulging cheeks, hairy lips hanging downwards, eyebrows as scary as one’s eyebrows can possibly be.

To make a long story short, he's the worst uncle imaginable.

Word to describe Marmeduke: Monstrous

 Nicholas O'Hara
 "I’m a heart-throb, Nicolas O’Hara by name"

Nicholas is dashing, handsome, charming- and he knows it. But Nicholas is only good-looking on the outside. Inside, he's spiteful and thinks only of money and fun. He smokes regularly and goes to drink in pubs every evening. (Don't worry, I have not described his escapades in detail. I hate this character, and I try to avoid him as much as I can.)

She met a dashing young man, who looked just like some sort of iconic film star- like Rudolph Valentino or someone like that.

Word to describe Nicholas: Wicked

Minor characters

The Claire sisters

They were modern girls, who knew all the up-to-date slang words and went to movie shows every evening, and they made sure Shirley knew as much about all those new-fangled words and private lives of actors and actresses as they did.

 The Claire sisters, June Belle (darker hair, taller, older) and Ella Rose (blond, thinner, blue eyes) work at the same shop as Shirley. Each on it's own, the two girls are charming and warm-hearted, but together... no. The two girls bicker endlessly about the most ridiculous things. Fun to write, that.

Word to describe the Claire Sisters: noisy

Madame Marguerite

She was tall, with a bronze, exotic complexion, big eyes lined with purple pencil-liners and grey hair with ivory streaks shimmering through. She had an air of a strict woman, but Shirley could see she was kind and could be very adorable.
Madame Marguerite is the owner of the exotic fashion shop where Shirley and the Claire Sisters work in. She can be strict, but yet she quickly becomes very enthusiastic and welcoming.  A very nice person to have as a boss. She is of French origin but speaks English flawlessly.
Word to describe Madame: Exotic
Ferdinand Cooper - Derdi
Derdi, Cooper's younger flighty and brain-less cousin thinks he has a knack to solve all problems. But, er, he has not. He and Cooper are as opposite as cousins can be.

Word which describes Derdi: Silly

Here's a story snippit of a conversation between Cooper and Derdi:

‘Are you sure, Derdi?’ He (Cooper) still put italics on his cousin’s name. It jolly well deserved the italics.

‘Well, it all depends where you are going, of course. If it’s to some sort of boring meeting where they discuss politics and such rot, I’d rather not go. But if it’s a pub with some good champagne, I’d willingly jump up.’

‘There is a very good pub with some exceptionally fine champagne right next to this very flat, now you say it. The atmosphere is very pleasant indeed.’

‘Oh?’ Derdi was sitting now, very interested. Derdi loved champagne.

‘Indeed, very pleasant. The jovial music on the background intertwined with the sharp aroma of drinks and merry laughter makes a rather pleasing outing.’

‘Oh! Well, you’ve got me, Moses!’

‘I’m not going, Derdi.’ How he wished he could replace that name by ‘sir’!

‘Not! Going!’ Derdi sank down on the settee.

‘Indeed. I’m going on a peaceful stroll in the cities with the intention-’

‘Oh, but I’m going to that pub.’ Derdi put on a determined face and stood up.

‘Very well, Derdi.’
Cooper made a small smile. It had been so easy. Why did people worry in such occasions?


  1. Wow Naomi! A book!
    It sounds lovely! I love your cover illustration!
    All your characters sound as though I would love to read about them (Well, not Nicholas O'Hara, and of course), and I LOVE anything set in the 1920s! :)
    Madame Marguerite sounds like one of those characters I would just love!
    And well done for researching! It will make your story more believable. :)

  2. Naomi! Had such fun reading up about your book! It sounds highly entertaining. :-) Congratulations!! Wanted to let you know I'm very much hoping to get back to your email soon...

    Also, I've tagged you for the Sunshine Award! Here's the link: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2014/08/sunshine-award-2.html

  3. Not sure if my other comment went through so I though I'd leave it again...

    But wanted to say I had such fun reading up about your book! It sounds highly entertaining. :-) Congratulations!! And wanted to let you know I'm very much hoping to get back to your email soon...

    Also, I've tagged you for the Sunshine Award! Here's the link: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2014/08/sunshine-award-2.html

  4. Oooooh well done you!!!!
    That is indeed somthing to be proud of! I am thrilled for you :D. I really want to read it now, but I don't have any money.. I spent it all on musical tickets ooops. XD

  5. I'm so happy for you!!! Your book sounds so interesting! I can't believe you're published!!!

  6. Danielle,
    Thank you dear! Heehee, yes, I like Madame Marguerite too. I warn you though, she's a rather minor character and only takes a rather lead role in one chapter.

    Thanks! I'm glad it sounds highly entertaining. And as for the award, I've answered the questions on your blog. :-)

    Thanks! Oh no, I understand- you don't have to buy it! Heehee, oops. I've heard musical tickets were expensive. :)

    Again, for the fourth time in this comment, Thank you for your flatterings! I self published it- anyone can do it. It's not 'real' publishing. Sad, that.

    ~ Naomi


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