Smile Game ~ Answers!

Bonus question: This screencap comes from the musical Mary Poppins
 Thanks for playing, those who did! You all did very well! Here you have the answers...
Period Drama: Pride and Prejudice 2005 (the first time I added this movie in one of my games!)
Character: Elizabeth Bennet (not)
Actor/Actress: Keira Knightley

Period Drama: Anne of Green Gables
Character: Anne Shirley
Actor/Actress: Megan Fellowes

Period Drama: Gone with the Wind
Character: Melanie Wilkes
Actor/Actress: Olivia de Havilland
Period Drama: Wives and Daughters
Character: Molly Gibson
Actor/Actress: Justine Waddell
Period Drama: Sense and Sensibility 2008
Character: Marianne Dashwood
Actor/Actress: Charity Wakefield
Period Drama: Singin' in the Rain
Character: Don Lockwood
Actor/Actress: Gene Kelly
Period Drama: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Character: Millie
Actor/Actress: Jane Powell (has any one of you noticed how much she looks like Kate Winslet?!)
Period Drama: Pride and Prejudice 1995
Character: Mr Darcy
Actor/Actress: Colin Firth
Period Drama: Little House on the Prairie
Character: Caroline Ingalls/ Ma
Actor/Actress: Karen Grassle
Period Drama: Downton Abbey
Character: Daisy Mason
Actor/Actress: Sophie McShera

Players Scores:
Emma: 220
Evie: 180
Sara (Lewis): 110
Sara: 60


  1. Sorry I didn't get around to playing this game! It looked really fun. Several of them I knew when I glanced at them, but I'm surprised I didn't know #1!
    Anyway, another great game!

  2. Oh Naomi! I meant to play! Sorry for missing it! I love your games, you always make them so challenging, and I have to think hard about them!
    Very good! :)


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