Autumn blog look... let's have a vote!

Once again, I'm delightfully anticipating to redecorate my blog for the new season... autumn! (All-right, all-right, FALL. ;-P) As I did last season, with my summer look, I made two headers and let my readers vote! Last summer, my vintage theme won.

This season all my headers have the same theme, which is, of course, autumn.

 ~ Look #1 ~
Look #1 Header:

Look #1 Background:
 Very elegant, girlish and old-fashioned look! I love the checked background, and I must say I'm very proud of that header - I'm glad I came up with the idea of those little hearts. :-)

 ~ Look #2 ~
Look #2 header: 

 Look #2 background:
I'm proud of this one too! The header has a somewhat modern feel perhaps- but it would be unique and nice for a change. And the flowery background is darling!
I can't decide which one I should prefer... so I'd love your opinions and votes! Please vote! Thank you ever so much!
 The poll is HERE!


  1. Wow, I love them both! The pictures you chose are perfect. However, I think I'm voting for the first one.


  2. As always your headers are beautiful! I voted for the second one, as even though I do like the first, orange is the one colour I dislike!
    Could you please tell me what you use to make you headers? :)

  3. Em, thank you dahling.

    Danielle, Thanks for voting! I make my headers simply on a word file! I don't think you need more... word files have all the tools one needs, I think!

  4. Naomi, these are beautiful! I really can't choose between them...
    I voted for the first one. Even though I would love to see you use both, haha! :) I think I liked the layout and background of the first better than the 2nd, although both are just plain gorgeous. Especially all the period drama photos! I love how most are autumn-ish photos. :)
    Seriously though, I just changed my header to a simpler design and now you're making me want to do one like yours! :)
    Who is the girl reading the book in the first header? She looks slightly familiar, but I'm not sure.
    I'm so glad to be commenting again! :)


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