Just a few random things...

First and all, please go and join the 'Legends of Western Cinema Week' at 'A Lantern in Her Hand'! I myself will/can not enter because I have no knowledge whatsoever in Westerns, but I'm looking forward to all Emma's as-usual-delightful posts! If you like westerns, go and tell her you'll join the fun!
(No, Emma did not ask me to write this. She is not that sort of person. ;-P)
Secondly, Elizabethany of 'Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam' has very kindly interviewed me on my book, 'Boredom and Glamour Clashes' HERE! Please do read the interview and drop a comment or two! You just might be tempted to buy my novella. :-P
And I can't tell you how thrilling it is to be treated like a REAL author. Getting interviewed is great fun indeed. Thanks, Beth!
Thirdly, I have started to watch Miss Potter, which was on my to-see list for a VERY long time! And guess what, I LOVE IT. So much. This movie is seriously on my top-ten list. Charming, charming, charming. Love, love, love.
Fourthly, Isn't this a funny picture? What computers can do nowadays is amazing. Just in case you still don't know who these people are, it's Princess Kate and Prince William made older. Very funny.
Fifthly, I'm very busy with school starting... (Yes, we get home-schooled. Yes, home-schoolers do schoolwork. No, we don't work in our pyjamas. No, we don't wake up at ten o'clock. Yes, we have homework- nothing BUT.) ... so this post will come to an abrupt ending. Besides, abrupt endings are nice. Especially when the post is a rather bad one.


  1. First of all, thanks for the advertising. I must admit it made me giggle when you said you would not be participating because you have "no knowledge whatsoever of westerns". ;-P It's so nice of you to indulge me even when you don't share my burning passion. :-)

    Secondly, I read your interview and was most impressed! Wow! For the hundredth time, I HAVE TO READ YOUR BOOK. Hopefully I can buy it very soon. The more I learn of it, the more excited I am to read it!

    Thirdly, YOU'RE WATCHING MISS POTTER!!! Yay!!! I'm so glad you love it as much as I do! Isn't it the sweetest thing you ever saw? When you finish it we may just have to have a nice long conversation. :-)

    Fourthly, yes, that picture is very funny.

    Fifthly, I understand. :-) Haha, loved what you wrote about us homeschoolers....No, we don't work in our pajamas. Why do people automatically think that?

    And sixthly, I love your signature! So cute!


  2. Emma's party sounds like fun, but, alas, like you I have no knowledge of Westerns. It's just not my thing. But I will be awaiting all her lovely posts!!

    I read the preview of your book!!! It really reminds me of Blue Castle :D And her standing in the corner when she was 19!!! Piffle!

    That picture of William and Kate.... Wow, just wow...

    Sweet post!! Have fun at school! (Or at least try :P )

  3. Wonderful post! I am so busy with exams now, so cramming away. I just LOVE Miss Potter, so I am glad you are enjoying it! Hahah I love that picture of Will and KAte
    Talk soon! :D

  4. You know, reading about how much Emma Jane loves Westerns makes me wish that I did, because she makes them sound quite interesting, but I've never really seen any.

    I loved Elizabethany's interview with you! I really wanted to buy your book, but I can't at the moment...

    Oh and you've watched 'Miss Potter' now?!?!? That is great because it is such a charming film. Mum and I love to watch it. Aren't the costumes lovely? I wish I could paint like her...

    I don't know how I feel about that picture... I love the Duke and Duchess, but Prince William does not look very good in that picture. Kate looks elegant though, as she always does.

    Haha, I have some home-schooled friends, and they roll their eyes at those assumptions. Also whenever people say that homeschoolers are anti social, unfashionable, or don't have friends I laugh, because they are really more of those things than anybody else I know!!!

  5. You're welcome!!:) It was fun.
    Oh, and I'll comment on the wedding dresses here too.....Kate Middleton's. Oh my word, it's just gorgeous, isn't it? At the moment my dream wedding dress is like Elsa's from Frozen, only white or perhaps a very pale icy blue:)


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