Randomly nice pictures, nonsensical idiocy, what I've been doing, and all that jazz. In other words, a nice, interesting post with a rather long title.

Hello, dear Readers - both silent and loud public. Oh yes, I love my silent readers with fondest cordiality, for I know how it is to be a silent reader. I was a silent reader for years till I found Emma's blog and somehow had to comment.
As you have predicted by reading the title of this post (is it not the most humorous little thing, that title? I hope you laughed. If you didn't, don't tell me, because I'll sure be upset.) this post is a ramble about my goings-on and whatnot. I've seen many other bloggers do what I'll do in several minutes, and, as I am a blogger, I thought it fitting to do it myself. Let's start.
Oh yes, one more thing which you probably knew anyway, this post will be interrupted now and then by a nice picture. You knew that, didn't you? :D
So! Now I am...

Reading 'Further Chronicles of Avonlea' by my favourite authoress (one of my three favourites, that is.) and, although I normally do not like short stories (because the longer the novel, the better - it's one of my mottos) I find myself rather amused at these. I especially liked 'Chronicles of Avonlea'. 'Further Chronicles of Avonlea' is not quite as good, but still nice. You know. *Shrugs*
Watching 'Berkerly Square' and loving it. Of course, the some minor unsuitable scenes are quickly and neatly skipped, so everything's fine. We have four more episodes to go and I wantttt tooo knowww whatttt happensss. Seriously, it's almost as bad as Downton Abbey. Not quite, but almost
Looking forward to finally being able to get hold of Downton Abbey Series Five (I can't believe we're at series FIVE already, people! It seems like yesterday when series one was released) and to Emma's letter she's going to send me soon and all it's delicious contents (no, she does not send me chocolate. But she would if she could. She's nice. You knew? Oh). And, of course, to the delightful comments, you will write on this post.

Not looking forward to Maths tomorrow. And Biology. And Geography. And all that rot.
Listening to the Andrews Sister's hits. Especially to their song 'Daddy'. Don't ask me why, but I crave that particular song over and over again - love it. Sing it a lot. And yes, of course I know all the lyrics off by heart. Oh my goodness, I love those three girls. I'm listening to 'Daddy' right now as I write and I'm tapping my keyboard in the swell Vintage rhythm. So lovely.
Singing that song I just talked about. Actually, today I sang a solo in Church. It's called 'Thou visitest the Earth' and it's absolutely soulfully beautiful. You can listen to the song here, if you want. For some reason the solo is sang by a man with a rather ... well, funny... voice. I don't sing with all those trills. It sounded pretty different with a soprano, girlish voice singing it, heehee. I sang pretty well, but I was pretty nervous. I'm always nervous. (When singing solo's. I'm not always nervous. Of course not. :P)

Loving my dear and loving God who blesses me with so many other things I love as well. Those include my amazing family, dear friends (especially this friend), my laptop, my books and my bed. And my blog. Love you girls! :-)
Wishing for a new copy of Pride and Prejudice, a brain that actually likes Maths, a library with all Lynn Austin's books nearby, a special machine that allows me to visit Emma whenever I want and she to me. (Yes, I do wish a lot. :-)) 
Dreaming of meeting people I have never seen (you know who I'm mainly referring to ;-) and publishing a book. 

 Writing lots of cute, little short stories (does it sound wicked to describe your own stories as 'cute'? Does it?!? *wrings hands desperately*). One I've just finished is called 'how frizzy hair changed Ellen Thorby's life' and I might say I'm rather pleased of it. (Would you be interested in reading parts (or all) of it on my blog? Let me know in the comments. :)

 Appearing in this post where I know I've mentioned her a lot already interviewed me.

Thinking about "selling" my headers. Well, not exactly selling - just putting some headers I've made in the past on a page and let people take them whenever they like. I've made some nice ones, including a Jane Austen themed one and a Les Mis-themed one. Can you believe it! I made a Les Mis themed header!!! No, I will not pretend I like Les Mis. Don't kill me, Elizabethany, Emily and Ainsley, please. :-P It's just too sad and gruesome and miserable. Sorry. Pretty sorry? Anyway, do let me know if you like this idea. :-)

Plotting ideas for new books, stories. Endless plots. Endless ideas. Me in a nutshell. :-)
Wearing... I won't tell you what I'm wearing now because it's rather embarrassing. All-right, all-right. Just because it's you. *Takes deep breath* *Tries typing* *Fails* *Takes deep breath again* *Attacks keyboard* I'mwearingmynightgownandsomeblacklegginsunderneath. *gasps* Next question. Quick.
Quoting Mrs Bennet a lot. More than I should. I know, it's very humiliating indeed. It's just that whenever my father or my brothers tease me it's un-re-sis-ta-ble to say, 'You take delight in vexing me!!!'
Going to get off the computer after publishing this post. Thanks for reading. I love you lots and I hope you are having a very good day. God bless you!


  1. I love long titles!!! "All that jazz" :D

    I need to read these Chronicles of Avonlea!!

    I despise Biology!!! I tolerate math. But I LOVE GEOGRAPHY!!! It's so cool to look at a map and know that there's so many people doing so many different things!!

    That story about frizzy hair sounds hilarious!! You should definitely post it!!

    That header idea!!! Yes!!! Or you could even make blank headers without pictures and let people put their own in!! Awesome idea!!

    Great post!!!

  2. Ashley,
    Haha, thanks for your enthusiastic comment - I enjoyed it a lot. :)
    Sorry, but I do not like Geography. The Map-bit perhaps, are not that bad, but those bits about population and tectonics and all that rot... brrr. Let's not talk about it. ;-P
    I'm glad you like my ideas... thanks for the comment!!
    ~ Naomi

  3. Ooh, I'd be interested in reading your short stories....
    My poor lil les mis...siblings unite! lol!
    And your title was hilarious, dear!

  4. Sorry about les mis, Beth. Maybe if I'd have watched it till the end and seen Marius and Enroljas I would have liked it better, heehe.

  5. I read both of the Chronicles of Avonlea a couple years ago; my impression is that I thought a lot of them sad . . . or it could be that a couple of them colored my whole view.

  6. Oooh, the end is the epic-est part! (Almost. 'cos One Day More and Do You Hear the People Sing? and Building the Barricade (eep! I love Building the Barricade!) are all super-epic too.)

    But I understand. It's not everyone's cup of tea. The first time I watched it, I was kind of like: "Um, okay, happy movie? Not really." But it grows on you. The sadness and sweetness and epic-ness of it is just thrilling. And they sing. I love singing.

    But, anyway, rather than turning this comment into a long post about why I love Les Mis so much, I will conclude: I won't kill you, don't worry!
    P.S. Cool title. I need to think of some more original and interesting titles. Oh, and your header's very cool. =D

  7. Livia,
    Yes, I could see why you don't like the Avonlea book - I personally thought them very sweet. :-)

    Haha - hearing you makes me want to try Les Mis again! Thanks for not killing me, haha. Just kidding, I knew you wouldn't. :-P

  8. *Emerging out of the silence...* ;) Ha! But honestly, I think I haven't commented here for quite a scandalous number of posts. Oh, dear. But seriously I quite enjoyed the post, Naomi dear!! You make it look so fun I think I may have to try it myself one of these days! Maybe come November???

  9. NAOMI! We sang Thou Visitest this week gone at Church! Oh it would have sounded lovely with a soprano voice! We had one of our Tenors sing it and he did it very well! The part I had to sing was the Alto 2 part (Which is the second line of the music in the link you sent) Also sorry for commenting on this so long ago post but I felt I had to when I stumbled across it again


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