Things our family says during these scenes

When you re-watch movies lots of times you find yourself talking more and more as the film goes on. In our family, we often say the same things every time - sighing along. I wonder if you think or say the same things as we do in these scenes...
{The scene where Maria and Liesl sing 'I/You are Sixteen'}
"How does Maria know that song?"
Haha. We always say that when she starts singing 'You are Sixteen'. Always. Because, after all it is true. Maria wasn't there when Liesl and Rolf sang the song together, and she didn't even know they sang a song. But that's the nice thing about musicals, isn't it? People just start singing - smashing lyrics and everything.

{The scene where the Captain breaks off the engagement between himself and the Baroness}

Because she does look like a Barbie in that screenshot. Admit it.

{The scene where we see Darcy and Bingley on their horses}
"Mr Darcy is winning!"
We like to pretend they are doing a race. And, as the natural observer, Darcy seems to be ahead, so he's winning. Mr Darcy is winning! (Often followed by a , 'Come on, Mr Bingley!') I wonder if anyone else says that, and I wouldn't be surprised!

{The scene where Mr Darcy and Lizzy get into their carriage}
"AMAZING! He's smiling!"
Haha. Doesn't everyone say that when they finally see Mr Darcy smile broadly! It is amazing, even after seeing it many, many times. Look! He's actually SMILING! We always sound very excited. Because Mr Darcy - and broad smile? That's rare!

{The scene where Jane tells Lizzy how happy she is}
"Come back, come back again."
All right, I'll admit it. This scene is my least favourite P&P scene. As much as I adore this movie, I cannot help but think they could have done this one better. Don't you think it's a leetle weird how Jane keeps on going to and fro from the door to Lizzy, never being able to make up her mind where to go - to tell her mother or to go back to her sister? We always say, 'Come back, come back again,' during that scene. It's rather fun.
{The scene where Edward proposes to Elinor}
"Is she happy or sad?"
Don't kill me, readers, I DO love this scene. But we do say 'is she happy or sad' every time. Or at least, my siblings do, in the background, whilst I try to concentrate and enjoy the sweetness of the scene. But I have said, 'Is she happy or sad?' once. At least. Just. Because.
{The scene where we see Colonel Brandon holding Marianne}
"Can't she walk?" or "She's so clumsy"
Sorry, sorry, sorry. But yes, we DO say that. Because it's the second time we see her being carried, you see, and - after all - it is rather clumsy of her. I know it's romantic, but admit it - you wouldn't be in this situation if you walked in the rain for some hours, would you?

{The scene where Mr Darcy proposes to Keira Knightley in the rain(not Lizzy)}

"They thought it was romantic"
'They' is the film-makers. Just in case you wondered. And this one is so true. I am not at all a fan of over-romanticizing scenes and our sarcastic remarks came up by the dozen when that scene came on. Beurgh. Shudder.

{The scene where Mrs Banks writes down what Mr Banks sings}

"She can write very fast."
Mr Banks: 'Got that, Winifred?'/ Mrs Banks: 'Oh yes, dear. Every word!' Piffle. Mrs Banks could never write that fast. I make sure to tell her I know it every time we watch it. By the way, don't you just love her dress in that scene? I certainly do! Yellow suits her so well.

{The scene where Hodel and her-guy-whose-name-escaped-my-mind-all-of-a-sudden dance}
(I do not say this one. But some of my brothers do.)
"I wish they would both fall in."
Ha. Ha. My brothers have said that both times we watched this film (Fiddler on the Roof) and I could not help but giggle. The things children say is hilarity. Because, let us admit, it would have been rather fun to see the two of them land in the water. Wouldn't it?
I could think of more, but some of them have escaped my mind. Others, of course, I would rather not tell you all. You probably wouldn't understand it. Family jokes, you know, and all that jazz. I'm sure you understand. :-) I hope you enjoyed these!
What about you?
What things do you say during old-many-watched scenes?


  1. How long has is been since I have visited your blog? I love the new colors and design! Our blog is in need of a facelift it's self! :/
    I adore the photos and captions on the side bar! Ha ha! Jordan Tayler!
    These were 101% 'ligit' as they say!
    SO funny!


  2. This was wonderful!! By the time my family watched the same movie for the third time in a week, we were definitely commentating :D

    You just made me realize that Maria shouldn't know that song!! But she is an awesome governess, so maybe she saw Liesl and Rolf together but said nothing. Hmmm. Also, I really like the reprise of that song. I think its one of the most underrated songs in the movie.

    Oh Mrs. Banks! Did you know she never talks to Mary Poppins directly?

    Thanks for this delightful post :D

  3. Hahahaha!! My family says most of these things--though usually they are shushed by Other Family Members who want to HEAR what the characters are SAYING!! :D
    (We do tons of Snark during the P&P05 Romantic Scenes as well. Heeheehee. "So, is that a yes or a no?")

  4. Hahhahahaha this post had me chuckling outloud as some of the things we say too! I always think of it as a race between Darcy and Bingley too, Did you know it was actually the actors who rode their horses, the actor that Bingley said they had to give him lessons but Colin Firth was a natural! :D
    Wonderful post as always Naomi!

  5. Oh yeah, I can totally relate to this post! Those scenes SO could've been done better!

  6. *Some of the scenes, I meant to write, sorry!

  7. we always say that mr darcy is winning and is elinor happy or sad?

  8. Cassie,
    Lovely to have you commenting again! Yes.. Jordan Taylors quotes are guaranteed funny. :)
    Thanks, I like my new design too. :-)

    No, there's no way Maria could have heard Liesl and Rolf singing because she was in her room - remember, talking with the housekeeper? But anyway, I love the retake of the song... such a darling mother-daughter moment!

    Heehee, same here. Always people talking others to be quiet. I'm normally one of the ones who wants to hear everything- so I'm the one who says, 'shhhh!'

    Yep, I knew that. I know about anything there is to know about the behind the scenes P&P95 details. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Glad you can relate. :-)

    Funny! So we aren't the only ones!

    ~ Naomi

  9. Oh my word!!! I love this!!! To know that Other People have families who do this sort of thing is veddy veddy exciting. We do this so much!!! During the opening scenes of Chariots of Fire, SOMEone always says, "You're running the wrong way!" because my little sister said that once and it has gone down in family history.
    And we too do lots of snark with P&P05. Even though we love it to itty bitty bits. :-)

  10. Hi Naomi! I've fallen a lot behind on blogs!!!
    Love this post -as always- and I definitely said the first one last time I watched 'The Sound of Music'. Making sarcastic remarks on favourite films is fun, especially musicals ("Wait, he's wearing tap shoes too? Do they all put them every morning, *just in case they have to do a musical number*? That would get annoying, they make a racket!). Anyway, I enjoyed reading about the things your family says while watching films. :)

  11. Haha, I love this!
    I know, she really does look like a Barbie in that scene! During the scene where Captain Von Trapp comes to talk with Maria by the gazebo he asks, "May I?" (sit down) And my dad once said (as Maria) "It's your bench." It was so funny! Sorry if that didn't make sense, I tried to write it clearly. :S
    Oh yeah! When Darcy smiles at the end my Dad once cried out, "His face didn't break!" :D Haha. My dad inserts a lot of funny comments when we watch a movie. :)

  12. This...this is such a wonderful post. I'm racking my brain for things my brothers say during movies, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head. They're wise-cracking teenagers, so pretty much any scene in any movie is game. I usually kick them out when P&P '05 is on. :-D

    I have thought the exact same thing about that scene with the Baroness. She looks EXACTLY like a Barbie.

    Oh, and his name is Perchik. But I'm sure you remembered that already. ;-)


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