Emma Week ~ Big Game

 Heidi at 'Along the Brandywine' has asked me to organise a Emma-themed game for her super fun Emma week!

There are many little parts in the big Emma Week Game! You aren't required to play all of them, as players scores will be listed separately after every section. But still, it would be even better if you played all the parts.
Ten points for each right answer, and the person with the most scores in ALL the games, will receive a winner Emma Week- Game badge!

Obviously, everything in this game is related to Emma, either from the book, the
1996 version,
1997 version
or the
2009 version

In several games the Movie Version is required

Let's start!

Hat Game
Can you guess which character from which version is wearing these hats? (Movie Version is required)
There are six hats to guess, in case you can't see, Harriet. :-P

Unscramble game
Can you tell what places/names/quotes these are?

#1 Hiaetrdfl
#2 Er M.
#3 Onldwel
#4 Dxion
#5 Obx Hlil
#6 Hyigrhbu
#7 Sacnoinsnel Rlgi!
#8 Mema Doswoohue

Dress game
Can you guess which character from which version is wearing these dresses? (Movie Version is required.)

There are eight dresses to guess, in case you can't count, Harriet.

Emma (novel) snippits game
Who is Jane Austen describing?
#1…. handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her.

#2... less as a governess than a friend, very fond of both daughters, but particularly of Emma.

#3 … was a man of unexceptionable character, easy fortune, suitable age, and pleasant manners; and there was some satisfaction in considering with what self-denying, generous friendship she (Emma) had always wished and promoted the match.

#4 … a sensible man about seven or eight-and-thirty, was not only a very old and intimate friend of the family… had a cheerful manner…

#5 … he was a much older man in ways than in years; and though everywhere beloved for the friendliness of his heart and his amiable temper, his talents could not have recommended him at any time.
#6 … certainly was not clever, but she had a sweet, docile, grateful disposition; was totally free from conceit; and only desiring to be guided by any one she looked up to.

Eye game
Who do these eyes belong to? (Which character, which version?)
Movie version is required
(There are 9 sets of eyes to guess- I wanted to do ten but somehow ended up finding I had done nine. Sorry about that.)
And now, just for fun...
Which Emma lady are you?
Possible answers: Emma Woodhouse, Miss Taylor, Harriet Smith, Jane Fairfax, Mrs Bates, Mrs Elton
Write your answers in the comment, and by next week I'll tell you your answers. (You are allowed to answer more than one in each question... but one is even better.)
#1 Which of the following would you most likely be doing?
a) Matchmaking!
b) Helping young girls with their lessons, saying wise words
c) Following your friend
d) Studying
e) Chatting with people and being hospitable
f) Being a nuisance
 #2 Are you a...
a) follower
b) leader
 #3 Your ideal husband would be...
a) Kind, wise and a good childhood friend
b) A widower
c) He doesn't have to be rich, he has to love me!
d) Handsome and fun
e) Me! Haha, nobody'd want me!
f) Anyone who'd listen to me
 #4 You're seeing someone you haven't seen for a long time. You...
a) You're not shy and start to converse warmly
b) You make him feel at home
c) You're shy and ask your friend what to do
d) You stick to rules, answer questions, but don't talk much
e) You talk about anything that pops in your head
f) Present ideas and talk about yourself only
 #5 You're bored during lessons and start idly drawing something on a piece of paper. You draw...
a) An attempt on one of your friend. You're quite good at drawing portraits!
b) Nothing - you'd never do that, even if bored.
c) Anything your friends do.
d) You're never bored during lessons - lessons are far too interesting!
e) You'd not draw - instead, raise your hand and change the subject.
f) some music-notes. You can't live without it!

#6 What sort of 'club' would you most likely start up?

a) Oh- anything with both sexes around. I'll get to do some matchmaking!
b) I'd start something gentle- maybe a sewing club.
c) Me? Start something? Oh no, I can't do it alone.
d) I wouldn't want to start a club.
e) Oh! A gossip-club! Let's start!
f) A MUSIC-club!

#7 Are you...
a) Chatty/ open/ fun
b) Shy/ more closed/ kind

I hope you enjoyed these and please comment along with all your answers... the (real) answers and your personality-quiz-results will be coming by the end of the Emma Week!


  1. Hat Game-
    1-Emma Woodhouse 2009
    2-Mrs.Weston 1996
    3-Emma W. 1997
    4-Ms.Bates 1996
    5-Harriet Smith 1996
    6 Mrs. Elton 2009

    Unscramble Game
    1- Heartfield
    5-Box Hill
    7- ( ) girl!
    8-Emma Woodhouse

    Dress game
    1-Harriet Smith- 1996
    2-Emma Woodhouse- 1997
    3-Emma Woodhouse- 2009
    4-Harriet Smith- 1997
    5-Emma Woodhouse- 1996
    6-Mrs.Weston- 2009
    7-Mrs. Elton - 1996

    Emma novel snippets game

    1 Emma Woodhouse
    2 Anne Taylor Weston
    3 Mr.Weston
    4 The Doctor
    5 Mr. Knightley
    6 Harriet Smith

    Eye Game
    2-Frank Churchill-1996
    3-Isabella Knightley-1997
    4-Mr. Knightley- 1997
    5-Emma Woodhouse- 1996
    6-Jane Fairfax - 2009
    7- Harriet Smith- 2009
    8- Mr. Knightley- 2009
    9-Mr Knightley - 1996

    So fun! love Emma also!


  2. I've only seen one movie adaptation so far, so I'm kind of skipping those games :-o

    For the Unscramble Game:

    #1 Hartfield
    #2 Mr. E
    #3 Donwell
    #4 Dixon
    #5 Box Hill
    #6 Highbury
    #7 Nonsensical girl!
    #8 Emma Woodhouse

    For the Novel Snippets Game:

    #1 Emma Woodhouse
    #2 Poor Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston
    #3 Mr. Weston
    #4 Mr. Knightley
    #5 Mr. Woodhouse?
    #6 Harriet Smith

    For Which Emma Lady Are You?:

    #1 d
    #2 b
    #3 c
    #4 d
    #5 d
    #6 b
    #7 b

    What fun! Thanks for setting these up :-) They're great!

  3. Hat game:
    1-Emma, 2009 version
    2-Harriet, 2009 version
    3-Emma, 1997 version
    4-Miss Bates, 1996 version
    5-Harriet, 1996 version
    6-Harriet, 2009 version

    Unscramble game:
    1 Hartfield
    2 Mr E
    3 Donwell
    4 Dixon
    5 Box Hill
    6 Highbury
    7 Nonsensical girl!
    8 Emma Woodhouse

    Dress Game:
    7-Mrs. Elton-2009
    8-Mrs. Weston-1996

    Snippets game:
    2-Mrs. Weston
    3- Mr. Weston
    4- Mr. Knightley
    5- Mr. Woodhouse?
    6- Harriet

    Eye game:
    1-Mr. Elton-2009
    2-Frank Churchill-1996
    3-Mrs. Elton-1997
    4-Mr. Knightley-1997
    6-Mrs. Weston-2009
    8-Mr Knightley-2009
    9-Mr Knightley-1996

    Which Emma lady are you?

    Wonderful games, Naomi! I usually don't participate in games, but yours were really fun! :) I can't wait to see what Emma lady I am!

  4. Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun! My hat is off to you, Naomi. :-) Here goes:

    Hat game:
    #1 Romola Garai as Emma in the 2009
    #2 Maybe Harriet Smith in the 97 version
    #3 Kate Beckinsale as Emma in the 96
    #6 Christina Cole as Mrs. Elton in the 2009

    Unscramble game:
    #1 Hartfield
    #2 Mr. E
    #3 Donwell
    #4 Dixon
    #5 Box Hill
    #6 Highbury
    #7 Nonsensical girl!
    #8 Emma Woodhouse

    Dress game
    #3 Romola Garai as Emma in the 2009
    #5 Johdi May as Mrs. Weston in the 2009
    #6 Christina Cole as Mrs. Elton in the 2009
    #7 Harriet Smith in the 97

    Snippet game
    #1 Emma!
    #2 Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston
    #3 Mr. Elton?
    #4 Mr. Knightley
    #5 Mr. Woodhouse
    #6 Harriet Smith

    Eye game
    #1 Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton in the 2009
    #2 Ewan McGregor as Frank Churchill in the 97
    #3 Harrit Smith in the 96
    #4 Mark Strong as Mr. Knightley in the 96
    #5 Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma in the 97
    #6 Laura Pyper as Jane Fairfax in the 2009
    7 Harriet Smith in the 97?
    #8 Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley in the 2009
    #9 Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightley in the 97

    I'll be back for the next part. This was fun! :-)


  5. Hat game
    1. Emma 09
    2. Jane Fairfax 96-Paltrow
    3. Emma 96-Beckinsdale
    4. Miss Bates 96-Paltrow
    5. Harriet 96-Paltrow
    6. Augusta Elton 09

    1. Hartfield
    2. Mr. E
    3. Donwell
    4. Dixon
    5. Box Hill
    6. Highbury
    7. Nonsensical girl!
    8. Emma Woodhouse

    1. Harriet 96-Paltrow
    2. Emma 96-Beckinsdale
    3. Emma 09
    4. Jane Fairfax 96-Paltrow
    5. Emma 96-Paltrow
    6. Mrs. Weston 09
    7. August Elton 96-Paltrow
    8. Mrs. Weston 96-Paltrow

    1. Emma Woodhouse Knightley
    2. Anne Taylor Weston
    3. Mr. Weston
    4. George Knightley
    5. Robert Martin
    6. Harriet Smith Martin

    1. Mr. Elton 09
    2. Frank Churchill 96-Paltrow
    3. Jane Fairfax 96-Paltrow
    4. George Knightley 96-Beckinsdale
    5. Emma 96-Paltrow
    6. Jane Fairfax 09
    7. Harriet Smith 96-Beckinsdale
    8. George Knightley 09
    9. George Knightley 96-Paltrow

    Emma character quiz
    1. E)
    2. A)
    3. E)
    4. B)
    5. D)
    6. A)

    Is that what you wanted? ;-)

  6. So fun! Here are my results for the personality quiz:
    Here are my results for the unscramble game:
    2)Mr. E
    5)Box Hill
    7)Nonsensicle Girl!
    8)Emma Woodhouse
    I can't wait to see the results. (-:

  7. 1. Emma Woodhouse, 2009
    2. Harriet Smith, A&E version
    3. Emma Woodhouse, A&E
    4. Miss Bates,1996
    5. I thiiink Harriet Smith, 1996
    6. Mrs Elton, 2009

    1. Hartfield
    2. Mr E.
    3. Donwell
    4. Dixon
    5. Box Hill
    6. Highbury
    7. Nonsensical Girl! :)
    8. Emma Woodhouse

    1. Harriet, 1996
    2. Emma, A&E
    3. Emma, 2009
    4. Harriet, A&E
    5. Emma 1996?
    6. Mrs. Weston 2009?
    7. The overtrimmed Mrs Elton, 2009 :)
    8. Mrs. Weston, 1996

    1. Emma
    2. Miss Taylor/Mrs Weston
    3. Mr. Weston
    4. Mr Knightley!
    5. Mr. Woodhouse
    6. Harriet

    1. Mr Elton, 2009
    2. Frank Churchill, 1996
    3. Mrs Elton, A&E
    4. Mr Knightley, A&E
    5. Emma, 1996
    6. Jane Fairfax, 2009
    7. The eyes look weird but I'll go with Harriet from the A&E version
    8. Mr Knightley 2009
    9. Mr Knightley 1996

  8. Hey Naomi,
    Bit pressed for time so will only have to do the which Emma Character are you one :).

    Question 1)

    2) a

    3) a

    4) b

    5) f

    6) f

    7) b


  9. Okay...here I am!! :) And this might be in two installments...I hope that's right??

    Hat Game:
    1 – Emma ('09)
    2 – Harriet ('96/'97 A&E)
    3 – Emma (Kate Beckinsale)
    4 – Miss Bates ('96)?
    5 – Harriet ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)
    6 – Mrs. Elton ('09)

    Dress Game:
    1 – Harriet ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)
    2 – Emma (Kate Beckinsale)?
    3 – Emma ('09)
    4 – Harriet ('96/'97 A&E)?
    5 – Emma ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)
    6 – Mrs. Weston ('09)
    7 – Mrs. Elton ('09)
    8 – Mrs. Weston ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)

    Emma Snippets Game:
    1 – Emma
    2 – Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston
    3 – Mr. Weston
    4 – Mr. Knightley
    5 – Mr. Woodhouse
    6 – Harriet

    Eye Game:
    1 – Mr. Elton ('09)
    2 – Frank Churchill ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)
    3 – Mrs. Elton ('96/'97 A&E)
    4 – Mr. Knightley ('96/'97 A&E)?
    5 – Emma ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)
    6 – Jane Fairfax ('09)
    7 – Harriet ('96/'97 A&E)
    8 – Mr. Knightley ('09)
    9 – Mr. Knightley ('96 Gwyneth Paltrow)

    Hoping to get back with the word scramble and character quiz later this afternoon or tomorrow morning... Great fun, Naomi!! :)

  10. And...the rest of my answers :)

    Word scramble:
    #1 Hartfield
    #2 Mr. E.
    #3 Donwell
    #4 Dixon
    #5 Box Hill
    #6 Highbury
    #7 Nonsensical girl!
    #8 Emma Woodhouse

    Which Emma lady:
    #1: 'd' (if that includes reading and writing?? :)) & 'e' (chatting with people, etc. in social situations), but I do happen to end up doing a lot of 'b' :)
    #2: b (leader)
    #3: Mmmmm a, c, & d?? :) That makes it a bit complicated, doesn't it... Mmmm. I like 'c' a great deal, but I guess if I had to choose one I'd say 'a'. Or.....hmmm. I guess I'll proceed to the next question before I think about it too hard. ;)
    #4: well, I try to stick by rules....but probably 'a'--if it's a friend I've known for a long time
    #5: d (most likely) or b...or e :) Probably actually 'e'. I'm afraid I do like to take charge of such situations.
    #6: d
    #7: well, I'm not shy.... :) so 'a'

    Thanks, Naomi! I hope I got them all in with enough time. :P

  11. Hat game:
    1. Emma from the 2009 version
    2. Harriet from the 1997 version
    3. Emma from the 1997 version
    4. Miss Bates from the 1996 version
    5. Mrs Weston from the 1996 version
    6. Mrs Elton from the 2009 version

    1. Hartfield
    2. Mr E
    3. Donwell
    4. Dixon
    5. Box Hill
    6. Highbury
    7. Nonsensical girl
    8. Emma Woodhouse

    Dress game:
    1. Emma from the 1996 version
    2. Emma from the 1997 version
    3. Emma from the 2009 version
    4. Harriet from the 1997 version
    5. Jane Fairfax from the 2009 version
    6. Mrs Weston from the 2009 version
    7. Mrs Elton from the 1996 version
    8. Mrs Weston from the 1996 version

    Snippits game:
    1 Emma Woodhouse
    2 Mrs Weston
    3 Mr Weston
    4 Mr Knightley
    5 Mr Woodhouse
    6 Harriet Smith

    Eye game:
    1 Mr Elton (2009)
    2 Frank Churchill (1996)
    3 Mrs Weston (1997)
    4 Mr Knightley (1997)
    5 Emma (1996)
    6 Jane Fairfax (2009)
    7 Harriet Smith (1997)
    8 Mr Knightley (2009)
    9 Mr Knightley (1996)

    1. c
    2. a
    3. a
    4. a
    5. a
    6. f
    7. b

    Wow, that was quite a game..It was really fun to do

  12. Naomi!
    I've been thinking about it....and would actually change my answer for #4 in the "Which Lady" section. It's probably actually 'b'. I do tend to actually not talk too much when first seeing someone (old friend or new acquaintance), but I realized I do tend to try to make sure they're introduced/part of the group/ask if they need anything, about their recent history, etc. ;) ...if that makes sense. :)


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