Ten things I love about 40's

#1 The hairstyles The hairstyles were more beautiful that my fingers can tell you. Curls, bobs, elegant up dos - why did the fashion change? Why? All the hair styles then were just so pretty - so sleek and gentle... and seriously, everyone had pretty hair-dos, not only the film-stars. And even during the wars, everyone seems to have darling hair. Everyone. I don't know how they did it, but they did, and it's one of the main reasons why Vintage is so awesome.

#2 Lipstick I don't wear make-up, but if I did I would take some red Vintage lipstick. It's adorable! Oh, and not to mention it looks even more adorable under a Vintage hairstyle. :-P

#3 The Music The Music one-hundred years ago was so much better than the what-they-call-"music" nowadays that I can't start comparing. The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby and Vera Lynn are million times better than all those silly boy bands nowadays who yell their heads off in the microphone - UGH.

#4 The shoes were amazing. Luckily, these are getting back into fashion. But still, they always look better in the vintage pictures.

#5 The film-stars Don't you think the actors back then were ever so much more handsome than they are nowadays? Heehee. I do. Sure, there a nice ones now, but back then they were better. Just really. And the same with the actresses- they were all so charming and poised and elegant (and their clothes were WAY much better than the actresses dress now).

#6 The dancing Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly? - much better than those horrific street-dancers now! The dancing then was SO lovely. This gif explains it. The end. 

#7 Vintage Romance Arms around their shoulders during the pictures, dancing close during a slow jazzy waltz, sitting under the apple tree with no-one else but me... such romance is just so darling. And those War-kisses. :-D

#8 Radios Squee! Whenever I think of 'Vintage' I think of a whole family and their neighbours crowding around a precious radio. It makes us realise how spoilt we are with our online newspapers and TV's. Crackly radios are so precious. :-)

#9 Hats Because that was the time when it was still fashionable to go out with hats. I just. Love. Vintage. Hats. If they were in the fashion I'd wear them immediately. :-)

#10 The Fashion YOU WERE WAITING FOR THIS ONE ADMIT IT. I kept this one last for a reason. I know we've already talked of hairstyles, make-up, shoes and hats, but we haven't fully discussed the Vintage fashion. It's stinkin' adorbsness. So classy, so elegant, so real, so cute, so dashed pretty. Vintage fashion is just so adorable I sometimes (read: always) just can't take it in and squeal when I see pictures. So here's to some pictures to tell you how much I love Vintage fashion! Just imagine me swooning and squealing the whole way through, because I did.


So there you have it - the ten things I love most about Vintage Awesomeness.
~The fashion
~The hairstyles
~The lipstick
~The shoes
~The hats
~ The dancing
~ The film-stars
~The radios
~The romance
~ The many other things... Oh, if only we could go back in time. If only.

What is your favourite thing about Vintage?
Is it on my list?


  1. Okay, this entire post was just visual delight. So many gorgeous pictures! Loved it. ;-)

    This era in history is one of the ones I know I would feel most at home living in. (Up there with the colonial period.) I love everything about it, just like you've described here. Just adorable.


    P.S. Yes, I am home now! Watch for an email soon! :-)

  2. Emms!!!! You are home! Four days isn't long, but it was too long for me. :-) I bet you're happy to be home. :-)

    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought you would. Many pictures are in the 'our-letter-story' era. (Thanksforpointingthatoutmydear)

    Yes. I'm waiting for your email with terrible impatience. Ahem. Take your time. Because you know how patient I am. It's one of my fortes.


    ~ Naomi

    Vintage is the loveliest and the best. :)

  4. Absolutely correct!!

    I'd also add to the list; faith, honesty, and the hard-working ethic of people in earlier eras. It just seems so much more vivid than our present days.


  5. Gosh, I love this post so much! I agree 100% with everything you said. :D

    Everything was much classier and glamorous back then. Now we just have a lot of grunge, and just plain scary stuff. Women used to act and dress like ladies and men as proper gentlemen. Wish it was like that today!

    WWII romance photos always get me. There's something so beautiful about that era, even though it was such a rough time in history.

  6. Ooooh!! Vintage!!!

    I really like vintage hairstyles because the girls wear their hair in a ponytail and look fabulous!! I wear my hair in a ponytail constantly and don't look near as swell!

    The music!! Yes!! I love that picture of White Christmas!! One of my favorite movies!!

    I think most of my favorite actors/actresses come from the 1950s and 60s. Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly, Fred MacMurray, Lesley Ann Warren, Shirley Temple, Vera Ellen, DICK VAN DYKE!!

    The dancing is stupendous!! It makes me so jealous sometimes!!

    Radio shows are lovely!! I listen to a lot of podcasts, which I guess are kind of the same thing. I adore vintage radio shows!!

    I really like all the pleated skirts that swing around :D

    I think my favorite thing about vintage would be the types of entertainment: movies, radio shows, music, dancing, books... Most of my favorite movies and music are from this era!

    Lovely post :D

  7. Vintaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage! Three words
    I LOVE it!

    XD basically you have captured why I love vintage so much so well done Naomi dear! :)


  8. I just read this again and realized I didn't comment!! I love vintage soooo much!! :-) YES YES the lipstick!!! And I envy the hairstyles - I just wish they'd come back in style!

  9. Nathalie,
    Heehee, indeed, Vintage is the loveliest and the best. :-)

    True - I actually thought of 'Faith' after I had published the post. And yes, people in the old days always seem so good at forming a good work-team!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :-) Heehee, I knew you liked WW11 romance pictures - you've probably noticed me pinning some of your pins on Pinterest. :-)

    I thought you'd enjoy this post, seeing as you love Vintage stuff so much. :-) Aww, yes - the dancing and the music were amazing. :-)

    I love it too! Thanks, I'm glad you liked this post. :D

    Miss Elliot,
    Yes, life was sooo much prettier back then. *sniff* Thank you for commenting!

    ~ Naomi

  10. YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! I especially agree with #5. Guys like Tom Hiddleston are tolerable, I suppose, but they'll never hold a candle to the likes of Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. :-)

    And gee, the clothes! All progress in fashion design should have stopped in 1959.

    If I may add, the movies and the movie directors were infinitely better back then, too. The stories were more interesting, the dialog was more creative, and the actors and directors were just better at their jobs. I wish I had been born about eighty years earlier. :-)

  11. What a darling post! Yes, vintage things are totally gorgeous! I love collecting vintage gloves and aprons, they are so cute! I am glad that some styles are in fashion now, like forties or fifties style dresses. Vintage hairstyles are also super cute, but my hair is too long for most!
    Such a pretty post! :)

  12. High five Naomi, this is where we have the most in common! :D I'm in the process of trying to go all out vintage, I even redid my room recently to look like a little 30s/40s room. I just loooove that era so much! The hair is probably my favorite thing, it took me about a year to master pin curls and the different hair settings. And the SHOES!!! Spectator pumps, oxford heels, and saddle shoes, oh my! The music...Mildred Bailey, Benny Goodman, the Dinning sisters, Helen Forrest, Jo Stafford, and Mel Torme just to name a few. I mean, so much talent! And the fashions were just--GAHH!!! SO gorgeous! I am just loving your blog. :) Thanks for writing!

  13. Yes! Don't even get me started on the dancing of the 40's and before. The fashion, too. After the early 50's, fashion just got weird and so much less glamorous. I wish I could go back in time, too. *sigh*

  14. Oh you forgot those strange 40s accents! They are very subtle, and yet when one watches those sorts of movies, one can't help but notice how much better they sound than the way people speak today. We just watched a movie the other night with Bing Crosby singing and Fred Astaire dancing, and it was adorable. And you don't have to wish for hats to be in fashion! Just wear one, then they will be in fashion.

  15. Yes! Along with all of your reasons (especially the shoes and the fashion) it was just a more wholesome time. Children were taught manners, family's spent time together (like when listening to the radio), you valued the things you were blessed to have and cared so much more for the things they didn't have that we today take all too much for granted.

    Also, don't forget about Jimmy Stewart!!! :O :D He is one of my absolute favorites.



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