The desk of a writer

I don't know about you, but I always love seeing how the writing corners of my fellow writers look like. I thought I'd show my desk - the place where I write my stories and some of my blog posts (although I tend to write a lot on my bed too.) :-D
My desk was a messy, hectic, packed place several weeks ago. It has Period Drama pictures hanging all over the wall and bits and bobs all over the place. While I did like that, of course, it was time for something less filled and, well, eye-straining - I still have all my pictures, so I can hang them up again if I feel like it. I felt I needed a place where I could write... I wanted a desk of a writer.
So I created one.

For me, I think there are four main things a writers desk should have. #1, a place to put all your old, maybe-future stories and story ideas, plots and notes. #2, a proper selection of pens, stationary etc. #3, a space on the wall for current story notes, sudden ideas and words of encouragement to yourself. And finally, #4, a paper and a pen next to you so that you can jot down things immediately. I personally like to have my ideas on paper rather than on my laptop, but, as I said, this is what I think. Other writers may think differently.

So, the place where I have all my crazy, old stories, story ideas and notes is a big black folder with a bold label, 'CRAZY WRITINGS' as a warning to lurking siblings. :-P The inside looks like this:

It's fun when you keep all your ideas - someday you'll look at them and find inspiration. I have, and I refresh some of my old plots into a different story! Great fun. ;-)

Why do we need so many stationary if we have the laptop, you may ask? For the jottings and first drafts. And not only for my stories, I need my stationary during my work, during the schooldays, and, for example, when I write a long letter to someone. ;-P

This, I admit, is my favourite part of the room currently. I love glancing over my to-do list for tomorrow, my story ideas, my blog post ideas, my wish list, and my personal words of encouragement to myself!
What do you think of my little writing corner?
Do you have a desk similar to mine?


  1. I love seeing other people's writing spaces! I am now inspired to re-arrange mine. (-: Hopefully my sister won't object to a makeover of half of our desk. (We share a very large desk for schoolwork, it's about the size of a small-medium-ish dinning room table. ) I should really organize all my scribbleings into a folder so they aren't all floating around! Good ideas(-:

  2. THERE'S MY PICTURE!!!!! AND MY MAGNET!!!! ON YOUR DESK!!!! Happiness. :-)

    I loved this-- it's so cool to see where other writers write. What an awesome little nook you've got! Maybe I should show my readers my little writing corner, hmm?

    Very nice! :-)


  3. Oh, and I love your little schedule on the wall, especially where it says on Saturday, "whatever I'm bad at." Now that made me laugh. ;-P

  4. Ooh, how lovely!! I don't really have a 'corner' - I do most of my writing on my bed. My sister and I blog on the laptop we share upstairs at the kitchen table. Hmmm, maybe I should do a post like this! *inspiration face, aka lightbulb* Heehee. :-)

  5. Elizabeth Anne,
    I'm glad this post inspired you! Yes, it's very handy to have all your story-papers together in one place. I'm still finding them all over the place - I never realised I had so many! :D

    Heehee, I love your capital letters. Yes! Do show your writing corner to the blogging world (with you sitting ON it). Only, don't forget to take my picture off before taking the pictures. People will probably be shocked when they see the tattoo on my nose.
    Haha, I wondered if someone would notice that. Yup- Saturday is MathS with my dad. :-(

    Miss Elliot,
    I do a lot of writing on my bed, too, but I think, that with my newly arranged desk, I will write more at my desk from now on. Yes! Do a post like this. I love it when people take my ideas. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    PS People, I don't have a tattoo on my nose. Really. I was joking.

  6. I love seeing your desk Naomi!
    Maybe I will do a post like this. :) You don't mind do you?
    I love how you've organized all your notes. I always have SO many and such a time trying to keep them under control! I have a little organizer that helps tremendously but I need to go through it and weed out stuff.

  7. Oh wow!! I LOVE your working space! :D Maybe I should do a post like this?
    Oh I really also LOVE your handwriting, maybe we should write a letter sometime soonish?? It would be so cool to receive a letter from you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nathalie, of course I don't mind! I'd love to read your post!

    Evie, Thanks! My handwriting isn't that much to brag of, actually. :) Heehee yep, that would be cool - although very expensive. :-(

    ~ Naomi

  9. Didn't think of that! ermmmmm I'd pay for postage for both ends!? :D

  10. No, don't worry Evie, I wouldn't want you to do that (very sweet of you to suggest it, though!) - I think emails is fine for now. :-)

  11. Yeaaaaaaaah! Just checked out the postage.... let's stick to emails :-) It is lovely that we can email though! :D

  12. Alice dear, when did you get the tattoo on your nose? You never told me about that. ;-P

    Yeah, I thought about that-- don't worry, I'd cover it up. We wouldn't want to shock your readers.

  13. This is so cute!!! I love the inspiration notes idea! I have a goal I set myself to write something of both the books I'm working on every day. I also have a writing journal. Haha and like you I often write on (or in) bed!!

  14. Okay, thanks, Naomi! My room (and desk) is still very incomplete because of our move, but as soon as it is back to order I will think about doing a desk post! :) Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Nice! Do you follow the blog 'Inspired by life and fiction'? This is a blog of 8 Christian fiction authors and each week they showcase the writing desk/space of one of them or some other Christian author.

  16. Birdie, no, I don't! Could you send me the link please?

  17. Sure Naomi, here it is: http://www.inspiredbylifeandfiction.com


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