The five questions most people ask me when they hear I'm homeschooled

Here where I live home-schooling is not something many people do. Sure, there are some, but it's not as common as it is in America. And big families aren't at all that common either. Seeing as I have a big family, and seeing as we get home schooled, you can imagine that "people" say things to me. Here are the five questions I have answered million times in my life. Five stupid questions, if you don't mind me adding. Give me a penny for every time someone asks me one of these three questions and I could buy you a house. Pfff- I really get tired of these questions.
1. Don't you have any friends?
This is definitely the most commonly asked question. People think that, because I do my schooling in my room, it automatically means that the only friends I have are my siblings. I've had people say things like: 'I wouldn't like to be home schooled - all my friends are at school.' 'How do you make friends then?' 'Are you really close to your siblings?' 'Do you and your siblings often quarrel?' 'Do you have friends over now and then?' 'If you are home schooled you never get to see any friends,' 'How many times a week do you see your friends?' 'Do you have friends?' 'Don't you mind not seeing friends?' 'Don't you have any friends then?' 'Are your siblings your best friends?'
All the same question. People think I don't have any friends just because I'm home schooled. It may be true that I don't get to see people me age every day as much as most teenagers do, but it certainly does not mean that I don't have any friends, for goodness sake! I have all my blog-y friends, I have my Church friends, my other home schooling friends, my many many cousins and other random school girls here and there. I have every bit as many friends as the average person has (only spread out over the world, sob.)
So please people, when you see a home schooler - don't go ask him or her about friends. It's a very aggravating question.
2. Do you have homework?
Aaaaa. This is the DUMBEST question EVER. Do you have homework? Why do so many people ask that? Why does that question even enter their mind when I tell them I'm home schooled? Why? Because OF COURSE I have homework. Just think about it - I get HOME schooled, for goodness sake! Everything I do is HOME work!
And then, when I tell them that, they always say, 'Oh Yeah - but you know what I mean.'
Ahem. Sorry guys.
3. Oh, so can you sleep in every day?
This question is often coupled with the ridiculous, 'Do you work in your pyjamas'-question. People think that, because I do my schooling at home, it means I can sleep till nine o'clock and calmly do my work in my pyjamas, on my bed. No people. I have never, ever worked in my pyjamas. I have never, ever woken up after seven o'clock on a workday. I wake up and I go to school (in my room) just as early as you do. ('You' is addressed to the sort of people who'd ask me these questions, by the way. I know many of my lovely blog friends are home schooled. It's good to have people who understand me. :-)
4. Do you like being home schooled?
This is like asking someone questions like this: 'Do you like your name?' 'Do you like your school?' 'Do you like your room?' 'Do you like your life?' 'Do you like being in a big family?' It's those like questions. Sorry to say, they are rather weird things to ask.
Do I like being home schooled? I don't think about it - it's just how it is. This is how my life is - why should I go and sit down and think about whether I like things or not? Why, pray? Have you ever thought about whether you like your life? I mean, it's how it is. Man, people ask me weird things. If I do think about it (which I do as so many people ask me this question) - Yes, I do like being home schooled. I would not want to go to a public school for anything.
So people, next time you see a home schooler don't go and ask him or her whether she likes being home schooled. You'll look like a weirdo. And yes, she or he does like it. Getting home schooled is dashed fun.
5. Oh, so you don't go to school?
ARGH. Help me. People seem to think that since I'm home schooled I don't have proper schooling. That home schoolers just don't go to school - that they just stay at home and do... what. That we don't go to 'school' - we don't do 'school'... ARGH. Help me.
People - we go to school - just in a different place. What's the big deal? We go to school just like you do! Please don't say that I don't!

I'm sorry if my long rant bored you - and if I sounded irritated and rash. :-) But those of you who are my fellow home schoolers, you understand, don't you? And those of you lovely people who aren't home schoolers, I hope you understand too. :-)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go off and do some work. Heehee. :D



  1. Haha, there's Edith doing schoolwork! ;-)
    I really enjoyed this little 'rant' (sometimes a rant is what's needed!!) and yes, all of these are so true and drive me nuts!! Especially the 'oh, so you don't go to school?' one. WHAT. Pooooor fools, they make me laugh, haha. XD

  2. i understand! mum home-schooled the six of us!

  3. Oh Naomi, you made me laugh! I left my primary school at the same time as my closest friends, me to go to a town school, and them to be home-schooled. Whenever I hear any of those stereotypes about home-schooling, I think of these friends and wonder how people could make these assumptions. The one about friends is funny, because they for sure have a more social life than I do! Mine is just school all day then trying to complete homework and rest a bit between that, but they attend clubs and things with other homeschoolers and with other non-homeschoolers as part of their lessons/education/whatever.

    The pyjamas/sleep in one is also funny, because when people attend a school, they find it such a novelty to not be forced out of bed. If I sleep in, I'm late for school, and I have to go to the office to sign in, which makes me late for my lessons. It also probably gets noted somewhere. I basically can't do that at all.

    I don't think there is a whole lot wrong with the question "Do you like being home-schooled?". It seems a fair question. But maybe I'm just over-opinionated and too eager to inform everybody of my opinions... 'Do you like your name?' (No) 'Do you like your school?' (Sometimes) 'Do you like your room?' (I wish it were pink) 'Do you like your life?' (Well I like that I'm trying to make it better where I don't like it) 'Do you like being in a big family?' (I'm not, but I don't think I would. Not that there is anything wrong with big families, I suppose when one is born into it one doesn't really know anything different). Anyway, I just thought I'd answer those questions for you, to show they're not the worst thing someone could ask you :P

    One other thing about home-schoolers is that people often think they are very un-stylish and unfashionable, but again, drawing on these friends for reference, they are always very well dressed in latest fashions. As with everything else, it varies with home-schoolers as it does with everyone else, so it seems silly this is another stereotype.

    So there is my opinion on that, even though I'm not home-schooled... Haha, oh well. :)

  4. The anonymous person was me, by the way. I accidently pressed the Enter key before I was done typing my blog address. :-/
    Thanks again for commenting on my blog, Naomi!! It really made my day! :-)

  5. Miss Elliot, unfortunately the comment you posted in anonymous didn't come in my dashboard... I just thought you'd like to know. :-) Never mind, those things happen!

  6. Ahahahaha, I'm home schooled too, and I have gotten ALL of those questions. Last year a little girl asked me what grade I was in, and when I answered that I was in tenth another little girl piped up and said, "Well, she WOULD be in tenth IF she was in school." And I was thinking, "Uh, no, I'm in tenth grade whether I go to public school or whether I am home schooled." Of course, some home schoolers don't go by grades, which is fine, but my family does. What do you do?
    Oh, and by the way, I love reading your blog. I love it when I can't tell if a person is home schooled or not by the way they spell. Because some people spell so atrociously even while they're proclaiming [on Facebook or on their blogs] that they're home schooled that all I can do is wince. (Then there are those public schoolers who also spell atrociously, but for some reason it especially seems to give home schooled kids a bad name if they don't spell right. Oh well.)
    Your writing style is good and fun to read, and it makes me want to come back and read more. Which is AWESOME!
    (This is getting to be a loooooooooong comment...) My name is Katie, and I have a feeling I'll be sticking around your blog for a while, so I figured I might as well tell you who I am so that when I comment on future posts, you'll know right who I am. ;) Thanks for writing!

  7. Anonymous, I'm glad you understand. Heehee, the 'oh, so you don't go to school' question is very common indeed. And yup - those people make me laugh. :-D

    Ainsley, Oh cool! Nice to find out someone else is homeschooled!

    Danielle, Phew! Thanks for your long comment and interesting thoughts! Wow, you have some good points. :) Yes, I know - maybe some home schoolers do wake up later than schoolers do, but we don't. at all. I actually wake up EARLIER. It's good to wake up early. :-)
    Yeah, I see what you mean - but I personally think the question a little annoying... and well, EVERYONE asks it. But I see what you mean - it's not a that weird question. Oh, you don't like your name? It's beautiful, dear - so graceful and ladylike. :-)
    Yes, people ALWAYS think that home schoolers have no money whatsoever to have fashionable clothing. So true. :-) Thanks for your long comment - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!

    Miss Elliot, you're welcome! I answered your comment above. :-)

    Kaitlyn, thanks for your very sweet comment! Heehee, that story about 'oh she WOULD be is she were in school' definitely rings a bell. I've had that too... you're not alone. :) Thanks - I'm glad you like me writing style and my blog. I love hearing that! Welcome here, Katie - I look forward to hearing of you more often! I had a lot at your blog and I think your writing style is absolutely adorable. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  8. I don't mind writing long comments for you Naomi, but sometimes I feel like I'm going on a bit...
    Hah, no, I don't like my name. Partly because it is constantly horribly mispronounced as 'Dan-yell', which hurts my ears!
    But in defense again of the 'Do you like it?' question, I suppose people are just asking your opinion. Not so bad really, but then, I'm not a homeschooler.
    Also with the "So you don't go to school?", you don't physically travel over a distance to attend school, so I see why people would say that. Although, surely if one said that one was home-schooled, why would someone ask that question? I think you could just assume. That is the point of HOME-schooling, being at HOME (It's actually in the name. :P )
    Not such a long comment, but there is another for you, please correct me if I am wrong. :)

  9. Oh dear - again, I think your name is perfectly lovely. Seriously, I mean this. :-) Actually, when I was a little girl I always wanted my name to be Danielle!
    Yes I know, but the 'So you don't go to school?' question is just annoying and silly and pointless, especially after I've just said that I get home schooled. And for me, I go to school - at home. It's schooling, right? :-)
    Thanks for another long comment, dear!

  10. Hahaha, totally understand all this! Now, when I was in school, I kind of did sleep in a lot. At least, compared to when other people got up. But hey, that's the privilege of homeschooling-- if your family does the Early thing, great. If not, also great. ;)

    And it's irritating when people would say things like "real school" as opposed to what I did. Haha. But then, the nice thing is that we have all the statistics of Better Scholarship on our side. ;)

    I actually didn't get #1 a lot, personally... if I was somewhere talking to people who weren't also homeschoolers, they were generally my friends or I was with other friends, so it was kind of obvious. :)

  11. Melody,
    Yup, I knew there were 'late' home schoolers - but it's just such a frequently asked question (!). "If not, also great :)" Heehee.
    Oh, everyone talks about "real school"! Argh!
    As I said, where I live homeschooling is no way as common as it is in America, so I think that's why more people ask the 'friend' question. :-P
    Thanks for commenting!

  12. True... and it's nice to hear about homeschoolers in other countries, really. I know it's a lot more challenging as well as less common. But I think homeschooling in general is becoming more popular. As time goes on and the public school system gets worse, more parents are realizing it... and not everybody has money to send their children to private school.


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