How to get there: THE END

Guys. I finished my second book this year. So happy. I've decided that writing 'the end' is my absolute favourite thing to do. Oh my goodness, that feeling when you write those two words in proud, capital letters after the pages and pages of unique story. It's the best. Your work is finished. Done. You have your book. Squeefulness.
But no. Your work isn't quite done. I still have the hours of drafting and re-doing laying before me and -beh- I personally think that process rather boring. But yes, it has to be done. And you're making your book better.
Today I'm not here to talk about the aforementioned book I just finished. I wrote a little about it here, but I shan't drool on about it right now. :-) Today I'll share with you some tips I thought useful for writing a book in a month's time.
Set a word-limit for your days
This is something which has made my book grow so quickly. I forced myself to write one-thousand words every day, and two-thousand on Saturdays. Well, I say forced. I loved it. I got a little carried away now and then - sometimes managing to punch down three-thousand! I don't want to sound boastful, of course, and seriously, it sounds more than it is. And yes, I must admit some days were really hard. Then I had to go to bed with just 600 words done. Bad day. :-) And yes, some busy schooldays had no words at all. Sad day. :-(
I understand that one-thousand words a day would be a real challenge for some people. You don't have to set your word-limit high. If you know you'll only be able to manage two-hundred, do that. But set a word-limit. It'll really help you, I promise. :-)
Turn off the Internet
This is hard for many people, including myself. When you're typing on your laptop, what can distract you from your story is the Internet. I often thought, 'Oh, let me see if there's a comment on my dashboard. Oh look, this and that has written a post. Let me comment on that.' And so on. Last Saturday I found myself so distracted that I just turned off the internet. That worked! I got three-thousand words done that day. :-)
Write when it's quiet
Being the second of a big family of nine (ten soon!) it's hard for me to find a quiet five minutes in the house! I normally write the most in the evenings - the two hours before I go to sleep or read my evening book. It's the quietest then, and I can concentrate the best. Of course, I don't want to spend every evening on the laptop - and I've become quite used to writing stuff with people peering over my shoulder. But still, the best thoughts come in silence. Or so they do with me.
Also, I've learnt it's a good idea when you write during the same time each day. I don't know why. It just works best to have your set writing-time.
Write when you don't feel like it
Okay. If you really hate your book, stop it. I don't mean it that way.
But if there's a day where you have a lot of time but just don't really feel like writing just force yourself to. I've had it, don't worry. But once I'd dragged myself through two paragraphs, my fingers started typing faster and then I had gotten back into it. It's really works. Be bossy with yourself. Yes, Emma, I know I'm good at that. :-P
What I just mean to say - don't give up. Strive on. You shall finish that book.
(Don't) read really good books
Ahem. I take that back. Because this is a really personal one. For example, I personally don't read Lynn Austin when I'm in the middle of writing a book. Because always, after reading one of her books, my heart is all aflutter and ablaze about how good it is. And then, when I go back to my book, I feel like it's absolutely awful and soppy. And seriously, it's so demotivating. :-) But yes, as I said, this is probably a rather weird writing-book rule. Actually, you should read really good books - they'll improve your writing style.
Okay. I really take that rule back. It looks so silly when typed out. Lynn Austin would be able to write it so nicely. I'm such a baaad wriiiter! *goes crying in cushion*
Write because you love it
You don't like writing? Don't write, for Pete's sake! Find something else you like. Don't just write a book for the sake of it.
Write because you LOVE it. And it'll be a lovely process. You'll love writing your book!
What do you think of these tips?
Do you agree/disagree?
Do you have some other tips to share?


  1. First order of business: I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!!! When I clicked on this post and the green snowflake background popped up and then the header slowly loaded on the screen, I literally gasped with delight. It's SO cute and I love the pictures you chose! I'm going to re-do my blog soon-- probably after Les Mis. :-)
    And on to the actual post: this, my dear, is awesome. Firstly, I haven't told you this yet, so let me say HOW HAPPY and PROUD I am of you for accomplishing this! Seriously, you are amazing. I mean that. :-) And I'm so glad you've shared these tips because they're very useful and very encouraging. You're right, setting a word goal IS important. *coughcoughcough* And so is making yourself sit down and write when there are other things you want to do *coughcoughcough* You've got to just DO it. (Speaking of which, I should probably get off my laptop.)
    Anyway. This is awesome. YOU are awesome. Love you, Alice. :-)


    (I feel like calling you Alice because I've been reading Wonderland Creek for the third time-- sometimes you just need the comfort of a book you've read multiple times, one that feels like an old friend.)

  2. Oh my goodness. Emma. Too many kind words for me to handle!


    Thank you, darling!

  3. Oooh, congratulations on your book! :-) I've written several small stories but no books. I would love to write one someday!
    One of the things I like to do when writing is to do it on paper. I don't like to type things I haven't already written out by hand. Sort of a tip...
    And definitely, write because you love it!! I really love the blogging sort of writing (what exactly DO you call it? :-)) and nonfiction (essays, etc.), but fiction gives me a really really REALLY hard time. Heh.
    Thanks for these tips! And I looove your new header so much!!! I love winter. :-)

  4. Love the festive blog design!! And awesome tips! I know what you mean, about the (not) reading good books while you're writing rule. It's hard cause I can't live without reading but it can lower your writing-esteem:-(
    A writer's life is hard....
    And that's so exciting, you're expecting a new baby sibling!! Yay!

  5. Miss Elliot,
    Thank you! Oh yes, I know lots of people who prefer writing on paper. I do it too, sometimes, but I personally get writing done faster while typing.
    Haha, blogging sort of writing. Meh - I don't know what that's called. Oh no, fiction is my favourite thing to write. :-)
    I'm glad you like the header!

    Thanks! Oh, you agree with me on that tip, do you? Good to know. Yes, exactly. A writer's life is hard, but I love it. :-)
    Thank you! I'm very excited for my new brother or sister! He/She is due in March.

    ~ Naomi

  6. Good advice, Naomi! Haha, I absolutely LOVE Lynn Austin books too, and I have to be careful, after reading her books, not to get too mad at myself for not being as good of a writer as she is...which is a bit of a shame, because I currently have two of her books waiting to be read. I might read them anyway, even though I know it will be a while before I can get back into the full swing of writing again. (I like to write books too.)
    That is so awesome that you have a family of nine (almost ten)!!! There are seven kids in my family, so it's fun to find other big families out there too. ;)
    P.S. I L.O.V.E. your new blog design!!! So pretty!

  7. These are very good points! I'll keep them in mind if I ever decide to actually write again. Not that I think I will. The world is a better place for not having anything I've written available to the public! Well, maybe except for my blog. I don't know...

    Now, do you prefer to write on paper or on the computer? I've tried to type stories on the computer, but find it very difficult, and prefer writing on paper. However, I fear this is not convenient at all. Because after writing one has to try to type out the things from the paper, which is a very uncomfortable situation.


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