My ten {current} favourite Pinterest pictures/gifs


I cannot get over how cute this picture of young Melissa Gilbert is. Just so stinking adorable, right? I love, love, love her cheeky little face - so alive and filled with spunk and glee. I've put this little girl in one of my books. She's just such a character, just by looking at her face you know it.


When I saw this picture first, I squealed. I never knew they made this picture of the von Trapp Family celebrating Christmas! It's just so sweet! 'They' (who is 'they', actually?) probably took this picture around the filming of the 'So Long Farewell/ Ball' scenes - as they are wearing those clothes. Yes, I notice those sort of things. Christopher Plummer's head seems rather red next to all the others. Just an observation. :-)


This. gif. is. the. cutest. ever. Ohmygosh. Tom Branson in his grandest adorable-ness-moment. Baby Sybbie in her grandest adorable-ness-moment. Suuuch a cute daddy-daughter gif! Sorry if I made you melt!


This picture is not from a Period Drama, I've learnt. It's a Vogue Magazine picture. I think Felicity Jones looks absolutely beautiful in that crimson Victorian dress - on that charming, whispy sand dune. I have a great love for whispy sand dunes. They are so messy, but so romantic and beautiful.
I believe I have shown off this picture before. Well, nah, who cares - here it is again. It's the kind of picture that makes you gasp and feel watery inside. I'm hungry now. I really am.

I pinned this pin from this lovely blog because - well - I simply had to. Just as the blog post called this swoony photo-shoot - It's October in it's Golden Hour. I love this picture so much! It reminds me a bit of Anne of Green Gables, somehow ... Oh! The sunlight and those tickly weeds.
I pinned this delightful Vintage picture yesterday. When I saw it first, I literally gasped in delight, and stared at it for several minutes. It's just such a gorgeous picture with so much potential and so much scope for the imagination!
Any WWII or Vintage Romance picture. Well, no any - but practically. I love old-fashioned, proper, beautiful and emotional romance pictures. Especially WWII goodbyes (sniff) and dances. I've been pinning them a lot these last months.
Although I don't really care to watch the movie, I'm literally IN AWE by all the screen-caps and pictures I've seen of the movie 'Marie Antoinette.' So many delicious cakes, shoes, dresses and whatnot. SO REDICULOUSLY PRETTY. It's all so gorgeous it's ridiculous. Honestly.
And, just because this list wouldn't be complete without a funny one - This was my favourite funny pin so far. It made me laugh out loud. No, it didn't make me LOL. It made me laugh out loud. That's different. Okay? *glares*
What was your favourite picture in this post?
What's a pin you'd like to share with me?
Please leave a link of your favourite pin in the comments!


  1. Ahhhh, Pinterest. The wormhole. I have to be very careful to only go there when I really do have twenty minutes to spend, because it sucks me in.

    This is one of my favorite pins ever.

  2. Pinterest- yep. It has to be treated with caution! :-)

    Oh! I love that pin you linked! Great quote... :-)


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