Period Drama Bedroom Answers and Poll Results

First, the Period Drama Bedroom Game Answers (why am I so into capitalizing each word?):
Gone with the Wind
The Parent Trap
State Fair
(My favourite bedroom ever)
Downton Abbey
The Parent Trap (again)
The Kings Speech
(I know it's not a bedroom, sorry 'bout that)
Downton Abbey (again)
The Sound of Music
The Swiss Family Robinson
A Little Princess
Players' scores:
Ashley: 70
Emma: 50
Miss Elliot: 20
Thanks for playing Ashley, Emma and Miss Elliot!
And thanks to the fourteen people who voted on the 'You like this dress best on...' poll!
Of course, Molly Gibson had to win, because she's everyone's favourite. :-)
Others thought this dress was more natural on a stuck-up person such as Fanny, and four people (including myself) liked it best on Arabella. Poor Mrs Lupin only got one vote.
I really love the dress on Arabella. :-)
Have a lovely day!

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