Period Drama Bedrooms // Game

I love bedrooms, don't you? Some movies have some really nice ones! So yes - makes a wonderful game, I thought. I had to cover the people with black - it may have a creepy effect, but yes - stay tough, girls. :-)
The rules: Just comment with your Period Drama guess. 10 points for the right answer.
Happy Playing!


  1. 1. I want to say Gone with the Wind?
    2. The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills
    3. State Fair, the one from the 40s
    5. The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills
    6. The Kings Speech (The wall gives it away, if I'm right...)
    8. The Sound of Music
    9. Swiss Family Robinson!!

    Fun game!!

  2. Stay tough, girls. HAHAHAHAA.

    Fun game! Here's my guesses:

    #1 is totally from GWTW
    #3 State Fair
    #4 Downton Abbey
    #5 The Parent Trap
    #7 another Downton Abbey? Cause isn't that Edith?

    Annnnd I don't know the rest. ;-P


  3. Squeee!! I finally have time to do this! I love your games. Such a lovely idea, this. I love cute bedrooms.
    1. Ummmm... The Young Victoria?
    2. I don't know...
    3. No idea.
    4. Sorry, I just son't know!! :-/
    5. Oh for Pete's sake. West Side Story?
    6. The King's Speech. (Finally, one I know! :-p)
    7. Soary..
    8. The Sound of Music
    9. No idea.
    10. !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I need to get watchin', I guess!
    Speaking of which, if you're interested you can watch TSP 1982 on YouTube here:
    :-) And I love your confessions blog very much!!


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