Emma/Naomi Game

Hello Ladies. How was your Christmas!?! Mine was absoblumelutely lovely and I will never forget it! Once thing that made this Christmas extra memorable, was that it included opening a gift from Emma...

Who... I met exactly...

One year ago.

See this. My very first comment. My very first words to the lovely girl who is now my best friend and fellow giggler in nonsensical stuff. We're very different, but then also very similar. It's like one half of our brains are the same, and the other half is really different. Fun, that.

I can't believe I've known Emma for a whole year now... honestly, it seems like yesterday. But then, in another way, it also seems like forever, because I feel like I know Emma excessively well. I know her favourite characters in her favourite books, ditto about movies, opinions on things, blah-de-blah, you name it. I know this girl well. It's been a very interesting study. :-)

Of course, we've tons of inside jokes and dozens of nicknames. Not only Anne and Diana, also Violet and Alice, Eponine and Rilla and just 'Ocean Friend.'

We're a nonsensical pair, we are. In a way, it's good that we can't meet yet... we'd embarrass so many people. But then, who cares? I WANT TO MEET HER SO BAD. We mourn about this every. single. day. I mean, every day. Every. Yes. But - sob - seeing as we are divided by huge swarms of oceans, it looks like it'll take some time yet. Please excuse me, I have something in my eyes.

So... to celebrate our First Year Anniversary... here's a game! About Emma and I. To see how well you know us and our differences.

In this game you'll see an A and a B for each question. You have to comment tell me which picture is something Emma likes and which picture is something I like. Just tell me, for example, 'A is Emma' - and I'll know automatically that you think I am B. I'm sorry, bad explanation. Basically, what you have to do is guess, with each question, which picture is 'mine' and which picture is Emma's. Have fun!

Oh, and Emma. You're allowed to play. You deserve an easy game, Betsy.

#1 Favourite Group
Andrew Sisters/ Celtic Woman

#2 Favourite Movie
Pride and Prejudice/ Amazing Grace
#3 Favourite Actor
Ioan Gruffud/ Dan Stevens
#4 Favourite Actress
Julia Sawalha/ Jane Seymour
#5 Favourite Downton Abbey Scene
'You are my stick' scene/ Proposal scene
Yes. Both Matthew and Mary Ones
 #6 Favourite Period Drama Hairstyle
Barbara Spooner in Amazing Grace/ Marge Frake in State Fair

#7 Favourite Historical Couple
Abigail and John Adams/ George VI and Elizabeth

#8 Favourite Musical (or one of)
The Sound of Music/ Les Misérables

#9 Favourite Non-Downton Abbey Period Drama Dress
Molly's red engagement party dress/ Amy Dorrit's purple wedding gown

 #10 Favourite Gone with the Wind dress
Scarlett's green barbeque gown/ Melanie's blue gown

Answers coming next week! Please play - it'll be fun, I promise. :-)

And Emma, thank you for being such a good friend. I don't know what I would do without you! You're awesome. Just ridiculously awesome. THANKS FOR BEING MY BESTIE.


  1. *in Lady Grantham's voice* "I have a cold!"

    Oh, Naomi!!!! This is so SWEET and special and....GAHHHHH. You're such a perfect darling! I have to admit, when I saw this one my dashboard I thought, "what on earth?!" (Your posts often do that to me-- and then I read them and end up being blown away with the utter awesomeness...yes, really.) *sigh* This is really beautiful. And you've said everything I would want to say, which for some reason makes me extremely happy to see the things I feel in print. I love what you said about half of our brains being the same and the other half being completely different-- that is so true! ;-P

    And the game...ha.ha.ha. Very clever, darling. I love how everything is so accurate. (But seriously, what else might one expect from you?) ;-P

    Oh, alright, I can't help playing. I'll do that in another comment. :-)

    Love you, Naomi, and I'm SO glad for this ridiculously unconventional and amazing friendship that we share. *blows kisses* :-)

    Golly, I can't seem to stop smiling. :-)

  2. I am so going to win this game. ;-P Here's my answers (notice I didn't say 'guesses'....;-P)

    #1 A is you, B is me
    #2 A is you, B is me
    #3 A is me, B is you. Ooooh, nice picture...both of them....*Emma faints*
    #4 A is you, B is me
    #5 A is me, B is you
    #6 A is me, B is you
    #7 A is me, B is you
    #8 A is you, B is me
    #9 Haha, 'NON-Downton Abbey'. A is you, B is me
    #10 A is me, B is you


  3. Ah, super clever idea and jolly good fun too!
    So here are my guesses -

    1- B Emma
    2- B Emma
    3- A Emma
    4- B Emma ( Having only seen her in P&P, it is really rather interesting that Julia Sawalha is *somebodys* favorite actress, but now that you point it out she is rather fun to watch! And I think I would have to see her in "Lark Rise to Candleford" :)
    5- I really cannot say...
    6- A Emma
    7- A Emma
    8 - B Emma
    9 - B Emma?
    10 - A Emma
    There. I did it! Now to wait to see how much I know... Merry 3rd Day of Christmas!


  4. This is so sweet!!!

    1. A is Naomi
    2. A is Naomi
    3. A is Emma
    4. A is Naomi
    5. A is Naomi?
    6. A is Emma
    7. A is Emma
    8. A is Naomi
    9. A is Naomi
    10. A is Emma (I looked this one up :)

    Thanks for the fun game!

  5. How is it that I follow both your blogs, but this is really quite difficult? Hee. Here goes:

    1. A = Emma B = Naomi
    2. A = Naomi B = Emma
    3. A = Emma B = Naomi
    4. A = Naomi B = Emma
    5. Pffft, no clue
    6. A = Emma B = Naomi
    7. A = Emma B = Naomi
    8. A = Naomi B = Emma
    9. A = Emma B = Naomi
    10. A = Naomi B = Emma

    You two are too cute. You know that, right? :-D Happy friendiversary!

  6. Ummmhmmmhmmm! (in singsong voice) And what fun this is! I'm trying to decide whether to go with "Emma's" or "Naomi's". I guess I'll just mix them a bit. ;) Here we go:

    1 - A: Naomi
    2 - A: Naomi
    3 - A: Emma
    4 - A: Naomi
    5 - (I'm guessing...) B: Naomi
    6 - A: Emma
    7 - A: Emma
    8 - A: Naomi
    9 - B: Emma
    10 - B: Naomi

    Yes, quite an absolutely fantastic and delightful idea! (If you don't mind sharing), I think I'm going to have to do one for me and my sister sometime! ;)

  7. Okay, these are just guesses, since I don't know either of you that well.

    #1 Emma - Celtic Women; Naomi - Andrews Sisters

    #2 Emma - Amazing Grace; Naomi - P&P

    #3 Emma - Ioan Gruffud; Naomi - Dan Stevens

    #4 Emma - Julia Swalha; Naomi - Jane Seymour

    #5 Emma - Proposal scene; Naomi - 'You are my stick' scene

    #6 Emma - Marge Frake; Naomi - Barbara Spooner

    #7 Emma - John and Abigail Adams; Naomi - George VI and Elizabeth

    #8 Emma - Les Miserables; Naomi - The Sound of Music

    #9 Emma - Amy Dorrit's purple wedding gown; Naomi - Molly's engagement party dress

    #10 Emma - Scarlett's green gown; Naomi - Melanie's blue gown

    Well, that was fun, even if I didn't get any of the answer right! *smile* You gals are so much fun!

  8. Haha! What fun! Proof of the lovely friends you can meet from so far away. I have made one very good friend in the blogging world and many, many soon-to-be good friends (including you). :) One of my best friends is a pen pal whom I have never met.

    Alrighty my guesses to the game. :)

    1. A. you B. Emma
    2. A. you B. Emma
    3. A. Emma B. you
    4. A. you B. Emma
    5. A. Emma B. you
    6. A. you B. Emma
    7. A. Emma B. you
    8. A. you B. Emma
    9. A. you B. Emma
    10. A. you B. Emma

    Haha, I feel pretty confident in these answers. :) I already knew about the Dan Stevens one as we had a comment conversation over it once. :P

  9. What a fun game!

  10. Oh, and I forgot to say "Happy Friendship Anniversary!" :)

  11. Haha Naomi my dear, I know your favourite musical isn't Les Mis.....:-)


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