Life update

Advent has started and Christmas is officially approaching. AND I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I love Christmas. Seriously, it's THE best day of the year. And the Christmas season in general... gahh, it's so darling and sprinkly and happy. It's such a stinking marvellous time and it's approaching and I'm SO EXCITED.
The Christmassy lights on me and my little sister's bunkbed (that's my sister's blanket you can see)
We haven't put up our Christmas tree yet (because yeah, if one has five brothers and buys a Christmas tree early, all the needles are gone by the time it's 25th of December), but yesterday we put up Christmas lights and a Christmas wreath and we put candles hither, thither and yon. I love decorating my room and I love Christmas, so you can imagine how happy this makes me. :-)
Also... Christmas is approaching, so that means awesome, tinkling, songs-that-make-me-choke music!!! The choir I sing in is rehearsing on it's fullest and man, how I enjoy that. My favourite Christmas carols include 'See Him lying on a Bed of Straw', 'Hark the Herald', 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' and 'While Shepherds watched their flocks by night.' Oh, I love them all. :D
Homey picture of Little Women reading Little Women
Also, I'm watching a miniseries I've been yearning to see for ages. YES. I'M WATCHING LITTLE DORRIT. I've only seen one episode, yesterday with my Dad, and seriously I'm so hooked. I'm not a huge Dickens fan, but Little Dorrit is going to get me, I feel it. I must admit it's not perfectly wonderful but it's wonderful enough to make me excited. :-)
I'm so pleased that I have nine episodes more to go. Ha, my Dad was shocked when I told him how many episodes it had. This morning I went to him and said, 'Hey, erm, did I tell you how many episodes Little Dorrit has?' 'Two, right?' 'Uh- no. Ten.'
Dear Amy!
Also, some other very exciting news... My mother is expecting baby number ten! My little brister (yeah, that's a way of saying brother or sister) will be arriving in March and I can't wait. I can't wait to hold a tiny, fragile little treasure in my arms and kiss it's peachy cheeks. New-born babies are ridiculously heavenly.
In our family, we tend to keep it a surprise, the gender. I am, by nature, an extremely curious person (Seriously, like, too curious) but I have to agree with my parents, keeping baby gender a surprise is so worth the wait. Everyone in my family thinks it'll be a girl - we'll have five of each gender then, you see. But I, on the other hand, feel it'll be a boy. And you'll see, I'll win this one yet. See you in March. :-P
Random picture of  'Call the Midwives'
Of course, my life isn't all squees and ahhs and gahhs. Lately I've been panicking about exams and schoolwork drudge. I'm not the study-ing type, so this is quite a challenge for me. It's so hard to do boring work while you have so many hobby's. I wish I had more time to write and read and scrapbook and...
It's no use complaining, I know. I hate it when people go and complain about their life on their blog, so I'll perish the thought of doing so. No, seriously, I'm fine. Lives have never been perfect, but mine is so awesome anyway. Thank you, God.
How is my writing?
It's going well. The book I mentioned here is now in it's editing process. It's going a little slower than I'd want to actually. I never enjoyed editing and rereading - the actual writing process has always been much nicer for me. I know many writers think it the other way round, but I don't.
Aside from editing Anne of Gables Green (read about my novel here), I'm writing a children's book loaded with nonsense and other such stuff children take delight in. I think it'll make a cute read.
Rrrrrandomly nice picture of someone writing
I have recently (well, that's a month ago now) discovered a great new hobby of mine. Scrapbooking. Last month I made myself a Period Drama Scrapbook, and goodness, I enjoyed making it so much. This is my scrapbook - I'm so proud of it. I made it in one week... I loved making it. Yes, yes, I know you get the point. Hey, I was born to ramble, so let me do it.

Clockwise, starting from top left:
The Front cover: Picture of Edith looking charming
First two pages - A funky, clashy page with 'reasons why Period Dramas are so awesome'
A Pride and Prejudice page
Another P&P page
A close up of my favourite P&P page - I glued a circled picture of Lizzy on a page with 'Mr Darcy's letter' on the back ground. It's unclear on the picture, but you can vaguely see greyish letters; well, that's directly from Jane's P&P
The middle picture: One side is all about Emma, and one is all about GONE WITH THE WIND (one has to write that title in capitals, haha.)
Bottom two pictures: About Downton Abey and other PD's
Back cover: Picture of Melanie Wilkes and 'THE END'
I doubt my scrapbook-pages-guide-notes were understandable, haha.

 Oh, have you guys heard about the upcoming movie of Cinderella? It coming next year, and judging from the trailer, it's going to be something really good. Lily James - Rose from Downton Abbey - is Cinderella herself (squee) and Daisy is one of the ugly stepsisters!!! It's an extremely good cast.

Here are some Cinderella gifs to make you 'ahh.'

(Emma, I know you're rubbing your eyes.)
Isn't her dress gorgeous?!!!
So that was a little update on the going-on's of my life!
Anyway, how are you?
Are you excited about any upcoming events?



  1. Cute post, Naomi! Actually it sounded kind of like an email, haha. I liked it. :-)

    Ohhhhh, I LOVE your scrapbook!!!! How awesome is that! I love to do things like that too, but I'm not quite as good at it as you are, it would seem. ;-P Plus I don't know where I could get all those pretty period drama pictures.

    Oh my goodness, there's a Cinderella movie coming out soon?!? I HAD NO IDEA. I guess I must live under a rock. That looks so good! Rose as Cinderella-- that's just perfect. Okay, now I'm off to watch the trailer. :-)


  2. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention one thing.....



  3. Emma Jane,
    (How long has it been since I've called you 'Emma JANE', dear? It's been ages.)
    Heehee, now you mention it, it does sound a bit like an email. The news on here is all old news for you, of course. :-) Twoud be weird if it wasn't, haha.
    Oh my, thank you, darling! I must say I am pleased with my scrapbook myself. Fiddle-dee-dee, you could do it. I printed out loads and loads of period drama pictures last year, so I used two thirds of my collection - I still have a few left, to hang up in my room. I should send you better pictures of my scrapbook, so that you can see what I wrote. :-)
    Yes! I'm so excited about Cinderella- Rose as Cinderella, I KNOW RIGHT? I'm also freaking out because Daisy is in it too - and their roles are like, reversed. Rose serves Daisy -- how cool is that?!? The trailer is so gorgeous- tell me what you think of it!
    My gosh, yes, her dressssssssssssssssss. Let's stop embarrassing our readers.
    She also wears a very sweet pink one in the trailer - says it was her mother's old one. But then Cate Blancett tears it. That is, then the stepmother tears it, poor thing.
    Phew! This comment is longer than anticipated! Lucky you. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  4. YAYYYY CHRISTMAS!! I love it. Lights, trees, celebrating Jesus' birth... yeah, much love.
    Ooh, you're watching LD!! I liked it - I don't like Dickens as a rule but LD was sooo cute.
    Squueeeeeeeee, a new baby!! Oh my, I wish we all lived in some big city together so we could visit. I love babies.
    Oh, have you seen "Call the Midwives"? I've seen the trailer, and it looks cute! :-) Very cute and British.
    Oh, your book looks sweet. Really, really sweet. And gah, your scrapbook - so gorgeous and period drama-ish.
    CINDERELLA. OH MY WORD. LOOK AT HELENA BONHAM-CARTER'S DRESS. And everything is so wonderful. Look at that. The trailer looks so awesome...
    Okay, I need to go do schoolwork. Merry Christmas! ;-)

  5. Miss Elliot,
    There, I feel better now. :-)
    Yes, I'm very excited for my new sibling! I love babies too. Aw, if you lived in Belgium, you'd be invited. The world is just too big - I think it every day.
    No, I haven't seen Call the Midwives. My mum has seen everything - she said it was very good, but, you know - a little gruesome. The Christmas special is suitable for all, though, and we're going to watch that soon.
    Thanks... :-) "Period-drama-ish" sounds like something I would say, heehee.
    The costumes in Cinderella look soooo beautiful, I know!
    Merry Christmas to you too!

    ~ Naomi

  6. Ooh, I'm so glad you're watching Little Dorrit! It's one of my absolute favorite period dramas ever. I love it so much. :)
    Congratulations on your new brother or sister!!!! That must be so exciting!
    Your scrapbook looks delightful! I wish I could flip through it and examine every picture! I love stuff like that. :)

  7. Oh I am soooo excited about the new Cinderella movie! GIRLY PRINCESS MOVIE ALERT!!! :P

  8. You get a live tree! That's so cool!! (Yeah, I don't think I've ever had one :)

    Ding Dong Merrily on High sounds great in a choir!!

    A new baby brister!! I'm so excited for you!! (I love that word, brister!)

    I can't wait to read snippets from Anne of Gables Green!! It will be so much fun picturing Jordan Taylor as Gilbert!!

    Your scrapbook looks really cool!!

    Okay, so I don't like the story of Cinderella, but this movie is starting to change my mind!

    I'm excited about Christmas!! Merry Early Christmas!!

  9. I love Advent and Christmas too! And I like that you call it Advent; it seems like nobody I talk to understands what it means! One of my many, many favorite Christmas carols is Ding, Dong Merrily on High, especially when Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth sing it in the Little Women movie. :)

  10. Nathalie,
    I know! I'm so excited about Little Dorrit. I remember you recommending it to me when I started blogging. :-) Thanks!
    Oh, I'm glad you think my scrapbook looks delightful - that really sweet of you! :-)

    I love girly movies too! Yayy for the Cinderella movie!

    Oh yes, we always have a live tree - it's so worth the work, I think. Ding Dong Meriily is BEAUTIFUL in the choir. We had rehearsals yesterday and boy, it sounded good.
    I'm glad you think AOGG sounds good! Jordan Taylor as Gilbert... it's so fun to write it with his voice in my head. :-P
    Same here- the story of Cinderella was always wearing off me... until I saw the trailer of this new movie, haha.
    Thanks, you too dear!

    Yes, I definitely know about Advent. :-) Oooh, the Ding Dong Merrily on High in Little Women is so pretty...

    Thanks for all your comments!

    ~ Naomi

  11. Fun post, Naomi!! And congratulations on your new to-arrive sibling!!! Babies are soooo wonderful...... :)

    And I agree....the editing process can take A. Long. Time. And it's very different from the writing. I've felt like I can more tangibly see the progress (it's easier to measure--i.e. "I have or am going to copy-edit this many pages" and so forth), but it definitely doesn't have the same imaginative creative flow.

    Oh! And a P.S: Thanks so much for putting up a Persuasion button!! ;)

  12. Heidi,
    Thank you! Indeed! Babies are wonderful blessings!

    Oh man, yes, the editing process. I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with that! I definitely prefer writing. So definitely. Yes, thank goodness the editing doesn't go too slow. :-) But still, it's not *that* bad. I'm making it sound like I hate it, which I don't!

    You're welcome! I actually took one of your buttons earlier (and saved it in my folder) but only remembered to put it on my sidebar until some days later...

  13. *Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep Breath*

    Oh wow Naomi! I loved that opening! :D and YAY christmas music!

    I've been busy playing Christmas carols on my dear Fredrich..ahem..my Viola. I love them all too! I played a duet with my head of Music at my school's Christmas service.

    I love that photo! YAY Little Dorrit!!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! You literally had me dancing around the house in delight! :D

    Your Period Drama Scrapbook is to die for! I love it so so much!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Cinderella! I so want to see that!!!!!!
    Her desk is AMAZING!

    Wow, this would have been a long comment. So sorry Naomi dear, I have to email you! There is SO much to catch up on!


  14. Evie,
    So nice to get a comment from you!
    Christmas music is lovely, I know. Heehee, I love how you named your Viola. I name my favourite things too. :-)
    Have you seen little Dorrit? I'm enjoying it so much!
    Aw, thanks for your enthusiastic comment! I'm really exited about number ten too!
    Thanks! And don't apologise, for I love long comments... they are always the best, right?
    ~ Naomi


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