Period Drama Christmas game!!!

Hello all!
Christmas is so scrumptious is deserves a big game, right? A big Period Drama Christmas related game. You're all nodding your heads now, aren't you? Yes, you are. Or, if you're not, you should. And if you're still not, tough! Because here's one anyway!
As usual, ten points for every game, I hope you'll play and let the fun begin...
Question one:
What Christmas Carol is Maria Lucas, accompanied by the most - ahem - talented Mary Bennet, singing?
Question two:
Who's wearing this sweet Christmassy ensemble?
Question three:
What Christmas Carol are the March sisters singing in this scene?
Question four:
This is the first line of a famous classic:
"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents."
Can you tell which book it is?
Question five:
Who's wearing this beautiful Christmas ensemble?
Question six:
Who's the lucky owner of this lovely Christmas present?
Question seven:
Can you tell what Period Drama 'owns' this delicious Christmas table?
Question eight:
And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!
What famous classic ends with this sentence?
Question nine:
Who's the lucky wearer of this beautiful Christmas gown?
Question ten:
Do you know which movie I took these screencaps from?
This is probably a hard one, but I'm asking because I want to see if some of you know this movie. Our family watches it every Christmas season - it's a childhood favourite of mine. :-)
Answers coming in a week!
Please feel free to guess as many times as you like and thanks for playing (if you did :-P)!


  1. CHRISTMAS!!!! Yikes, it's getting closer! I am SO wildly excited. What a fun game! Let's have a go....

    #1 Don't know. I should, but I don't.
    #2 Emma Woodhouse, of course! :-)
    #3 They're singing Ding Dong Merrily On High
    #4 Little Women
    #5 *drumroll* Scarlett O'Hara
    #6 Um....probably Lark Rise to Candleford or something else like that that haven't seen. ;-P
    #7 This I can tell just by the lighting....Emma 1997
    #8 A Christmas Carol! (I just typed that in a very deep, Dickens-esque voice. You could tell, right?)
    #9 I think-- I think-- is it Treasures in the Snow? I haven't seen it in literally eons so that's just a total guess.

    Maybe I should do my own Christmas game, hmm? Or any game at all, for that matter-- golly, it's been AGES since I did a game! *Emma runs off to think up an idea as good as Naomi's. She can't* ;-P


  2. 1. Angels we have heard on high?
    2. Emma
    3. Oh man I've only seen this once. Um, silent night?
    4. Oh I know this! Little Women!
    5. Scarlett O'hara. I get the feeling that I'm not getting any of these right. :P
    six. Oh goodness I'm so bad at this! Well it's lovely whoever has it. Maybe something from Mr. Selfridges?
    7. Possibly Anne of Green Gables?
    eight. Oh of course A Christmas Carol. :)
    nine. Er, Mary from Cranford?
    10. Call of the Wild? Sorry, couldn't think of anything else.
    Sorry some of my number keys are not working. Haha! But this was a boatload of fun! :)

  3. #1: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen?
    #2: Emma Woodhouse
    #3: Ding Dong Merrily on High
    #4: Little Women
    #5: Scarlett O'hara?
    #10: Treasures of the Snow?
    Thanks, lovely game and delightful blog!
    Miss Meg March

  4. Cool Naomi!
    here are my answers!

    1. 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'

    2. Emma 2009

    3. ?

    4. Little Women

    5. Meg March

    6. ?

    7. Emma 1996

    8. Charles Dickens' "A Christmas

    9. 'Ma' in 'Little House on the

    10. ?

    Thanks Heaps!

  5. Hey Naomi! I've awarded you at my blog! Please have a look:)


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