Beginnings and Endings of Movies // Game Answers!

Wow! I had seventeen people playing this game! It was quite a success. :-)

Beginning: Two horses galloping
Ending: A wedding!
Pride and Prejudice 1995
Beginning: Mountain scenery
Ending: A family walking
Sound of Music
Beginning: A death scene
Ending: A wedding!
Sense and Sensibility 1995
Beginning: Three happy children
Ending: Father come home
 The Railway Children
Beginning: A chat on the lawn
Ending: A miserable protagonist
Beginning: The arrival of movie stars
Ending: A kiss
Singin' in the Rain
Beginning: a wedding of a friend
Ending: a train
North and South
Beginning: Shocking news
Ending: War declared
(Hint: This is from a Series, and it's the first Series only.)
Downton Abbey, Series one
Beginning: A spoilt girl
Ending: Father and son share a hug in a garden
The Secret Garden
Beginning: A birthday gift
Ending: Death of family
(Hint: The birthday gift is what the whole story is about.)
The Diary of Anne Frank
Beginning: A simple Christmas
Ending: A kiss under an umbrella
 Little Women
Beginning: A shipwreck
Ending: A safe island
The Swiss Family Robinson
Beginning: A flashback
Ending: A honeymoon
Emma 2009
Beginning: A train in an icy-cold white winter
Ending: Two only survivors reunited
The Book Thief
Beginning: Clouds
Ending: Kites
Mary Poppins
Beginning: A flashback
Ending: A couple on adventure (in some kind of desert)
Wives and Daughters
Beginning: A baptism (also a flashback, because the one who gets baptized is the main character of the story.)
Ending: A kiss
Northanger Abbey
Beginning: An explanation about the title of the movie
Ending: People leaving their town
The Fiddler on the Roof

Here are all the players' scores! Thank you ever so much for playing.

Hannah Batchelder: 140
Elizabeth Anne D.: 140
Hannah: 120
Kerry: 120
Ivy Miranda: 120
Abby P.: 110 (you ended up playing twice, once gaining 100, once gaining 110 :)
Ainsley: 100
Arwen: 100
Ashley: 90
Miss Elliot: 90
Emma Jane: 90
Kristalyn: 90
Miss Meg March: 90
Mary: 80
Hamlette: 60
Clara Ruth Stone: 10

Well done, everyone!


  1. Oh gosh, I totally missed The Book Thief and The Diary of Anne Frank, and I've seen both! This was so fun to do! And now I need to see Gone With the Wind and Northanger Abbey. (-:

  2. Yaaay, haha! This was a bunch of fun, maybe my favorite game yet. :) That was a lot of participation, glad everyone did it. :D

  3. Oops! Haha, I submitted it twice because at first I thought my comment didn't go through, but then I realized that it wouldn't make sense to show the comments until the game was over! That was really fun!

  4. I can't believe I didn't get "The Diary of Anne Frank." That was so much fun!

  5. This was a super fun game! There are a bunch on here that I am now annoyed with myself for missing, hee.

    Also, I've nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award -- details are here :-)


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