I am sixteen...

That's right, readers. Today, just in case you might be interested, is my sixteenth birthday. Yay! My Liesl years have started, I don't need a governess anymore, I'm in the second half of my teen years, I would be able to learn how to drive if I lived in America, and I can marry with my parents permission! Of course, I won't, haha. I'm happy to stay with all my fictional heroes for several years yet. :-P
So yes... Happy Birthday, myself!
Many people have birthday traditions. I definitely have. Here's a list of things I always do on my birthday:
~ I go up a year. Every birthday. I know, it's such a coincidence, right?
~ I wake up early. I can't help it, I always do.
~ I get clothes. For Christmas I get mainly books, and for my birthday I get mainly clothes. It's not a rule in our family, it's just how it always happens to be on my birthdays the last few years. I bought myself a whole new outfit several weeks ago, and now I'm enjoying them. I'm a bit of a fashion-geek. And yes, my new clothes do have some pink. And yes, also some sparkles. :-)
~ I watch Pride and Prejudice 1995!!! I've done this for four year already, and I'm going to do it every year. P&P on my birthday. It's tradition. And a very good one, too.
~ I get to spend the whole day not-doing-schoolwork. This is the best thing about being homeschooled! You can get a free day on your birthday! (And no, my siblings still have to do their work. I'm the only lucky one today. *evil grin*)
~ I have quiet birthdays. While I like people and I like talking with people, I do not like parties (unless they are family parties). So I never have birthday parties. I prefer doing it my way, quiet and just NICE. :-)
I intended to make a 'Period Drama birthdays' post - but all the birthdays I could think of were Bobby's one in 'The Railway Children' and Sara's one in 'The Little Princess'. And - heh - those two movies aren't exactly my favourite movies (I don't dislike them, they just aren't post-worthy) so I set off to think of something else.
So I decided to do something different... I'm going to have a look at all my fellow sixteen-year-olds (in the fictional Period Drama world.) Here goes!
The first that comes to mind, is, of course, Liesl von Trapp in the Sound of Music. We all know her, 'I'm sixteen years old and I don't need a governess' and her famous song, 'I am Sixteen going on Seventeen' (which I'm going to sing a lot this year because it's the only year I can sing it in without lying.) Liesl is a nice girl, dreamy, rather naïve, sweet and innocent. While I personally think sixteen is far to young to go out with boys, I really like Liesl.
Did you know that Charmian Carr, who acted Liesl, was not really sixteen, but twenty-one? Yes, you did. Everyone knows that 'did-you-know.'
Sweet Georgiana! She is sixteen too. The actress however, just like Charmian Carr, was twenty-one when she acted in P&P. Oh well, I suppose twenty-one-year-olds look like sixteen-year-olds. I hope that doesn't mean I look ten. :-P
We all know Georgiana got swept away by Mr Wickham, but we all forgive her for that because she's sorry for it and she's just a gorgeous, sweet, shy lovely girl. She's rather a lot like Liesl, I think - she has the naiveness, and she had a something with a boy that ended wrong. Of course, Georgiana is shyer. Did you know that in the book, Georgiana never talks? Not directly, anyway. I believe Jane Austen did that to emphasize how sweet and quiet she is. I think Emilia Fox did a charming job. I love Georgiana.
And her sister-brother relationship with Mr Darcy is so sweet. :-)
I read Gone with the Wind in five-and-a-half days. I love it to bits. I don't really know why, because all the nice characters die, and the majority of characters are annoying, including the main character. The famous Scarlett O'Hara. You know, there were times when I read the book when I thought, 'Oh, maybe she's not too bad, maybe I could like her.' But then something popped up and I perished the thought again. I do not like Scarlett, but, as Emma said in her review of GWTW, I like her just enough to care what happens to her.
Anyway, Scarlett is sixteen in the beginning of the book, and no, I will not follow any of her examples in my next year as a sixteen-year-old. No. way. Scarlett is not a role model and that's all there is to it. :-)
I know, Lydia is fifteen, but she's sixteen by the end so I thought I'd just pop her in - seeing as I'm in a Pride & Prejudice mood and all that. :-)
And no, Lydia, I shan't follow your example and marry at the age of sixteen.
I always seem to forget that Marianne is sixteen! But she is, so Jane Austen tells us. I like Marianne. She is perhaps a little too carried away in emotions, which I am not (only sometimes, and when I write), but despite that, I like her. Especially when portrayed by Kate Winslet, who did a marvellous job.
Gosh, I'm so glad times have changed with the marrying age. In the old days, marrying at sixteen was considered normal. I can't imagine marrying for some time yet. :-)
Jo March is fifteen in the beginning of the book, but I always think of her as sixteen during the majority of the book. Don't ask me why. :-) I like Jo, but I do not relate to her much, apart from the fact that we both love writing and that we have three sisters. I am not a tomboy at all, but still, I like Jo. She's a funny sweet kind of girl. I absolutely love Winona Ryder's performance as Jo. She was brilliant.
Meg is sixteen in the beginning of the book. In some ways I relate more to Meg than Jo, but in other ways I don't. I have Jo's creativity and lust-for-life, but I'm practical and responsible like Meg. And I have a fondness for fashion like Meg, too. :-)
Can you think of any other sixteen year olds?
What are some of your birthday traditions?



    I love your birthday traditions. I hope your day is splendiferously lovely! And have fun watching P&P!!! :-)

    Awww, this is such a sweet post. Happy, happy sixteenth birthday, my dear friend.

    Heehee, in two weeks, I'll be able to sing that song with you. ;-P


  2. Happy Birthday!! I can think of another 16 year old: me! My birthday was just about two weeks ago. But that's enough about me! :) Lovely post, and I totally agree about "starting my Liesl years"! Have a splendid birthday!

  3. You are sixteen, going on seventeen!
    Happy birthday! Welcome to the world of sixteen-year-olds:)
    Naomi xx

  4. Emma,
    Always, always when some-one says (or writes) 'Happy Birthday', my immediate instinct is to say 'Happy Birthday back.' Am I the only one? Anyway, happ- I mean, thank you! (well, in a way I can say happy birthday to you, 'cos it's almost yours.)
    Well, if this is a sweet post, the one *you* wrote for me is... what? :-)
    Yes, I'm looking forward to you joining the 16-year-old-club, dearest! :-)

    Abby P.,
    Oh, happy (late) birthday to you too then! Yup, we're all in the Liesl fase. :-)

    Thanks for the welcome and the birthday greetings. :-)
    Well, I'm not exactly YET 'going' on seventeen, but I love how you quoted the song. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope it was wonderful:D

    I know exactly how you feel about the whole homeschool and getting to skip school! Heehee.

    That is an awesome birthday tradition. Watching P&P 95, I mean;)

    Your thoughts on period drama 16-year-olds were so interesting! And I love the way you filter your pictures…*sigh*…

    Happy birthday, again!:D

  6. Sodapop Curtis and Johnny Cade are 16 during The Outsiders. Through our teen years, my brother and I always paid great attention to which Outsiders character we were the same age as. When I turned 21 and was older than all of them, I was very sad.

    Happy birthday!

  7. Feliz Complianos! i hope your day is full of bubbles,sparkles,chocolate and happy feelings! your birthday traditions are lovely! My sister Beth is 16!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAOMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 *bear hugs*
    Thanks for being my first blogger friend, you are SO nice and kind! Hope you had the bestest day deary!
    Love Evie

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAOMI!!!! My sister's birthday is today too...cool coincidence.

    This post was so fun! I enjoy reading what you write!!! And I love the atmosphere around your blog...so cheery and light and happy.

    May this year be the best year you've had so far!!!


  10. P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog look!!!

  11. Happy Birthday/Day After your Birthday!!! Hope you had a great one! No school sounds awesome!!
    Liesl!! Yay!! Yes, sing the song while you can!
    I like Georgiana in the book! She hasn't really come up in the movie yet, so I can't say.
    YOU READ GONE WITH THE WIND IN 5 DAYS!!!! What!!! I stopped reading it because I need time to read it in big gulps.
    Lydia is annoying. Enough said.
    I think of Jo as a lot older! That's cool though :D
    I remember Laura being sixteen in one of the middle Little house on the Prairie books, I think?
    Also, Anne is teaching school around 16 in Anne of Avonlea? Or was that seventeen?
    Anyway, have a great birthday celebration!

  12. It's late....so I really must go off to bed soon :), but I HAD to pop on here quickly and say HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Naomi dear!!!!!!! :) :)

    I hope you had a lovely day and have a positively scrumptious time with the rest of P&P!!! ;)

  13. Happy Birthday Naomi! 16 is such a big year, and I can't wait till I'm too. (-: Wonderful post, and I love all of your birthday traditions!
    It's so strange, I always thought of those movie/book characters as much older than I, when in reality, they're practically the same age as us! And it reminds me, I should re-watch some of these movies again soon, it's been too long... Have a wonderful, exciting year!

  14. Oh! I forgot.... :P

    Isn't Anne sixteen when she goes to Queen's Academy?

    We'll be taking this 16th year at the same time. XD Maybe we'll not have a liesl-like experience...but that would be awesomer than having a little broken heart, I think.
    May it be your best year yet! =D


  16. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

    Arwen, It was thank you! Oh, you are homeschooled too? For me, a birthday ain't a birthday when there's schoolwork. YES I KNOW, RIGHT? I have the best traditions. :-)
    Actually, I didn't filter the pictures myself... I find all those lovely screencaps here: http://icapturetheperiodpieces.tumblr.com/

    Hamlette, Oh, I've never heard of "The Outsiders." I remember doing the same with the Von Trapp kids. When I was seven I was like, 'Oh, now I'm Marta!' and so on. Thank you!

    Ainsley, My day was filled with happiness thanks... I know, I have great birthday traditions. :-) By the way, I like your new profile picture!

    Evie, THANK YOU!!! *bear hug back* Oh yes, I remember now, I was your first bloggy friend! I forgot about that.

    Kaitlyn, Thank you so much! Oh, happy birthday to your sister. I have to thank you for your sweet compliments on my writing and my blog and my blog look! It's extremely sweet of you. :-)

    Ashley, yup, no school IS awesome. I know, I've been singing the song a lot today.
    Ohh! I'm so excited about you watching P&P for the first time. Georgiana is such a sweetheart. She has the most gorgeous big brown eyes - look out for them. :-) A pair of fine eyes, that.
    Yes, I did read GWTW in five days. Well no, it was more six. I read till REALLY late, I must admit. :-P
    Yes true, Lydia IS annoying, but I LOVE Julia Sawalha's performance and I love watching her. And her snorts. :-)
    Oh yes, Laura! I remember now, there's this episode in the TV series called 'Sweet Sixteen.'

    Heidi, Aww how sweet of you to pop in before night doom. :-) Thank you so much! I am having SUCH snappingly fun time with P&P. It's just been too long!!!
    Oh yes, Anne was sixteen at some point, of course she was.

    Elizabeth Anne, Thank you! I know, right? Marianne, for example... I am HER age? It's weird, but fun. :-) Well, I'm glad I reminded you to rewatch stuff. :-)

    Jess, Thank you! Oh yes! You were sixteen recently - I read Evie's 'hack post' (which was so totes adorbs with all those gifs). Haha don't worry, I don't think I'm ready for a Liesl-experience. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    *throws confetti*
    This time it really is happy LATE birthday. I'm sorry, I wasn't even on the internet at all yesterday. So happy birthday!! :-)

  18. Thank you very much, Miss Elliot!!!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday Naomi! Hope the day was special for you!

    Ah...the perks of being homeschooled. We get our birthdays off as well but we always tried to get our mom to let all of us off. Usually she didn't give in :/

    Btw...I absolutely LOVE reading your blog posts! I was so happy to have discovered your blog :)

  20. I'm so sorry this is a late comment!!
    But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yay you're 16!
    Your birthday sounds much like mine usually are-quiet, at home days-but wonderful! :)
    I LOVE how you did a list of period drama 16 year olds!!
    I never knew Scarlet was supposed to be 16 at the beginning. Huh. I'll have to read the book sometime!
    Anyways, I hope your day was lovely!! Happy sweet sixteen! :)

  21. Congratulations! Sixteen is such a fun age, being so talked about and the quintessential age for being fun and youthful, yet mature and grown-up. Have fun this year! Sorry, I haven't commented in awhile. Got bombarded with a bunch of schoolwork and classes, haha! But I wish you a late happy birthday and hope you have the best year. :)

  22. Thank you so much, Kristalyn, Natalie and Hannah!

  23. Our daughter turned 16 on Dec 9 of this past year. I think she is enjoying the age. There are special things about all the stages in life the Lord gives us!


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