My favourite covers

Emma and I talked on the phone about how we got attracted to pretty covers. This gave me a blog post idea! I'll be gushing about some of my favourite covers. Ready, set, go. It'll be fun.
The Lynn Austin books have some gorgeous, charming covers. Contrary to what some people say, I absolutely love the cover of my blog namesake's book, 'Wonderland Creek.' I love her dreamy dolly look and her velvet hat and silky curls and her three books. And I love the way a little village is puffing poorly in the background.
This is probably my favourite Lynn Austin book cover, which suffice to say, says a lot. I remember as a very little girl, I used to admire this cover of 'one of mummy's books I was going to read when I was older.' I crazed about this cover for years and years, and I still do, 'cos it's SO CHARMINGLY lovely.
Haha, this is a weird, fun, childhood book of mine, with Nellie Oleson as the main character. Anyway, about the cover - don't you like it? True, there's a really spoilt girl sitting on the counter (who does that, pray? (Nellie, apparently)) but still, I really like this cover. I used to LOVE it. Rave about it, stare at it. Now, I like it. A lot. Because I always will.
Another random childhood favourite. I love how the picture of the girl seems to be scratched through the American flag.
Oh my stars and stockings, what do you think of this gorgeous cover? Isn't it so speglamaglaforiously lovely? Yup, the Regency gown. Yup, the sea. Yup, pink. Yup, the bonnet. Yup, the big house. Yup, I approve. Yup, I want to read it again. Yup, I love this cover.
This is a Dutch book I often used to check out at the library, when we still lived close to one, and the main reason why I checked it out? The cover. JUST LOOK AT THE SINCERE BEAUTY OF IT. (Am I getting excited to quickly? Nah. I really, honestly adore this cover.)
The cover is just as epic as the book itself. The FIRE on the background. Those flags with the black spider, as Gretl in the Sound of Music puts it, telling you immediately that the story is a War one. The girl's determined look and beautiful hair. And then the book she's clutching... gah, this cover makes me want to read the book all over again.
This cover is awesome. Yes, you can't see any faces, but it's awesome anyway. Come on, admit it. Go on.
One has the face issue, but for me, this cover is just so SWELL. This was also one of the covers I used to admire and admire and gaze at as a little girl. The DRESS. Those little ribbons at the bodice - you know, the way they keep on getting smaller and smaller. It's just a lovely cover.
Finally we also have all those gloriously beautiful OLD vintage covers which I just LOVE. This copy of 'Little Princess' is just one out of millions and zillions of adorable old covers. LURVE.
What are some of your favourite covers?
Do leave a link in the comments, because you all now know that pretty covers are one of my one weaknesses!!!
 ~ Naomi


  1. Such delicious covers! I didn't know that Little House book existed, I can see it's not by Laura Ingalls Wilder but what is it like?
    Naomi xx

  2. No, indeed, it is not by Laura Ingalls Wilder - it's a spin-off, and more fictional than true. Well, as a young girl, I absolutely loved it and thought it hilarious - it IS a hilarious book, I must say, although Nellie is very naughty indeed. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. I see, I'll have to have a look for it. My reading list is growing longer and longer!
    Naomi x

  4. The Wonderland Creek cover is pretty good. I don't like velvet so the hat is a little ughhh, but I love how Alice looks!
    Sometimes I sit on the counter :P
    That Book Thief Cover though!!!!! It's amazing!!
    I need to read Sixteen Brides!
    I Mozart's Sister a good read?
    That Little Princess cover is sooo charming!
    Some of my favorite covers are my new Lord of the Rings books. The covers are so beautiful! There's also a style of Dickens covers that I like. And the new Anne of Green Gables covers that came out a few months ago!! I NEED THEM NOW!! Sorta :)

  5. Beautiful! The Healer's Apprentice is on my favorites list, and the cover has a lot to do with it!
    Also really pretty are: In the Shadow of the Lamp
    The Letter Writer

  6. Ashley, Oh good! Your opinion of the Wonderland Creek cover has improved some since you wrote your review. :-) Well, I still like the hat. :-) Oh, you sit on the counter, do you? When you go shopping? :-P
    Yes, I really enjoyed 'Mozarts Sister' a lot. It's a very good book, and I recommend it. Oh, I haven't seen the new Anne covers - I'm going to check that out, because you've made me curious. :-)

    Abby, wow, those are lovely. My favourite of the three you showed me is 'In the Shadow of the lamp'. It makes me REALLY want to buy it. Is it any good? :-)

    ~ Naomi

  7. *Emma recovers from a swoon*

    Pretty covers are my weakness too. Literally. I'm such a sucker for pretty covers. Y'all know that. :-)

    Of course I LURVE Wonderland Creek (I know, why do people say they don't like the cover? I've read that before and I was like WUT), but my favorite Lynn Austin cover is probably Hidden Places. Her covers are all my favorites.

    Um, I sit on the counter at home. But I wouldn't do it public. At least, I can't recall that I ever have before. *Emma thinks hard*

    I actually don't like The Tutor's Daughter cover that much. I think it's her bonnet-- it just looks too modern. Julie Klassen's covers just have a fake feel about them (but the actual books are great).

    Oooh, Liverpool Street looks scary. The little girl's face. It's haunting me.

    I MUST READ THE BOOK THIEF!!! It looks so sprawling and epic and dramatic and exciting and OHHHHH. So many books, so little time, they say. :-)

    You just made me want to read Sixteen Brides again. Really badly. It'll always be one of my favorite covers. :-) *happy smile*

    I LOVE Tasha Tudor's old illustrations! She also illustrated The Secret Garden, which I love. Her style is just so antiquated and charming.

    The Sweetest Thing is one of my favorite covers, and the new Buttermilk sky that I just bought. I really hope it's good. *crosses fingers*

    I should do something like this! You don't mind, do you? (I know I do copy you a lot, heehee.) ;-P


  8. Emma,

    Yes, I like the Hidden Places cover too, but it's not my favourite. But we might have different covers - do you have the kind of peachy one? That's the one I have. Yes, it IS really gorgeous. :-)

    Yes, I totally see what you mean. Julie Klassen's covers DO have a fake, dressing-up feel. But yet I like 'The Tutor's Daughter' cover. I just... love it. As for some of her others, those are even faker. The dance teacher, that one is just SO fake that it's almost funny. =)

    You think Liverpool Street sounds scary? Oh yes, the poor girl on the cover - she's a Jewish girl trying to flee, by the way. Gosh, I really have to read that again. All I can remember is the cover. :-)

    (I loved all your adjectives. :-))

    Oh yes, I love 'The Sweetest Thing' cover. I wanted to add it, but I didn't because I couldn't find a proper picture of it. Beh.

    Oh, I'm flattered! Yes, steal ahead. You, after all, brought me on the idea in the first place, dear.

    ~ Naomi

  9. I liked "In the Shadow of the Lamp" a lot. I gave it four stars on Goodreads, because it's not a favorite, but it's very good. It's about a servant girl who becomes a nurse for Florence Nightingale and works in a hospital in Crimea during the war. Describing the wounds might have been a tad gory, but over all I think I remember it as a clean read.

  10. Wow, some of those covers are really beautiful!

  11. These are beautiful, Naomi. I especially love the Tasha Tudor cover.


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