My Period Drama Scrapbook in Detail!

What my room looked like while I made my Period Drama Scrapbook.
No, my room is not always this messy.
As I mentioned in one of my other posts, I recently - 'recently' now being about two months ago (goodness, how times flies) - made myself a Period Drama Scrapbook. Some of you were really kind and complimented me on the tiiiny pictures I showed you in that other post. So here is an in-depth post of my Period Drama Scrapbook! I hope you enjoy and decide to start one of your own!
This is the cover of the scrapbook. I chose the beautiful picture of Edith Crawley in Downton Abbey because it's just... so beautiful. It sums up the main idea of Period Drama, with that hat and fluttery garb. The letters of 'Period Drama' were cut out of magazines... I love that look.
You might notice I couldn't find an M, so I kind of made one with an N and another bit of another letter.

What I used to keep the book together, is the ribbon with the musical notes. There's a long story to that ribbon. It originally was used as a decoration on my Granddad's 80'th birthday cake, haha. I love ribbons with original stuff on them... I thought this period drama scrapbook deserved some pretty ribbon, so I decided to use that one. I'm glad I did!
The first two pages of the book! I made a list of all the things I love about Period Dramas. The books, the clothes, the quotes, the awesomeness, the funny bits, the romantic things, the unique characters and (obviously), the old-fashioned-ness. I put modern styled pictures inbetween to make the pop-effect, cool look. Which I really love. :-)
You can make these pictures larger by clicking on them. If you do that, you might be able to read my nonsensical comments between the pictures better. Yes, I know you're going to do that, so don't put on that innocent face. :-P

The next two pages are Pride and Prejudice-themed. After all, for me, that is a must. :-P

The first page here is done with pastel colours, pinky and fluttery - à la moi. I decorated it with some little snippits of fabric. Just in case you didn't know what that jumble of little squares in the bottom left corner was.

You might or might not see this, but the second page shown here has a big hole in the middle. So the picture of Lizzy in her red/pink (I think it's red, but others insist that it's pink- it's starting to become this controversial topic in the blogging world, ha) is actually two pages afterwards.

Viola, the follow two pages. Naturally, seeing as the back of the first page here had a big hole in the middle, so has this one. So the picture of Lizzy giving her dad this 'There go my silly sisters"-look through the window, is the one you saw on the previous page. Yes, you probably figured that out by now. I know, I know, I'm rambling.

The page with that circle-picture of Lizzy in her red (ha) dress is probably my favourite page in the whole book. It's very simple page, and it probably took the least time to make, but nevertheless - I have great proudness towards it. The grey letters on the paper is a snippit of Pride and Prejudice - Darcy's long, lovely letter, to be more specific. The 'insufferable presumption,' as Lizzy called it.

So yeah. That kind of makes four Pride and Prejudice-themed pages. Sssh.

The left page is all about Gone with the Wind (wow, I actually managed to write that down without capitalizing all the letters). I'm not one of those raving mad GWTW fans, but honestly, I have a great fondness towards it. It's just a great, lovely, big classic. I especially love the book.

The right page is Emma-themed! Um, please. Ignore the picture I drew. I drew that picture of Emma and Knightley last year, and yup, it's rather shudder-able. Just focus on the photos, because they are nicer.
When I made this scrapbook, I hadn't seen Little Dorrit yet. If I had, I would definitely have dedicated a page towards that one. I just had to tell you. Because honestly, I don't want you to think I think GWTW is better than Little Dorrit. It's not. :-)

These pages are my least favourite pages of the book. Especially that 'messy random packed page'. I've gotta be honest with you: I regret starting that page. But yeah, it has a charm. *snorts*

I do rather like the Downton Abbey page. Mary in that lovely rich red gown, and Rose looks beautiful in her blue shimmery dress.

Ah, Mary's red dinner dress. It totally deserves a whole page. It's the swooniest, loveliest, prettiest dress there ever was. Amen.

I must say I'm very pleased with the page on the right there. I like all the squares effect, and Mary Poppins cut up in four parts. Some squares aren't at all Period Drama related, I know - just random patterns I found and thought would look good in here. I like the overall effect, though. :-)

Here's the last page - the back cover. A lovely, final picture of Melanie Wilkes in the gorgeous blue silk (my favourite Gone with the Wind dress ever, which says a lot, I know) and a synopsis and goodbye. And yes, that's another picture of Darcy and Bingley in their gentlemanly apparel.

There! I hope you enjoyed this! I certainly LOVED making it. You should start one too! You need Period Drama pictures (I just printed loads out) and some random nice tapes, beads, fabric bits, ribbons - whatever you happen to find - to make it look nice, and a good pen to write down some comments in between. It's not too hard, and it's great fun. :-)

I'm sad people. The holidays are almost over. Monday is back to school.


  1. This is gorgeous!! I made my best friend a Les Mis scrapbook for her birthday with music for the songs in it too....I should totally do this with period drama movies!!

  2. IT'S SO PRETTY!!! Seriously, Naomi, I am still in awe of how creative you are. This is so beautiful! I love it! Especially the GWTW and DA parts. Oh yeah, and the P&P parts. ;-P

    I really want to make one of these. The problem is getting the pictures, though, 'cause I've already used up all the ink in our printer once and I kinda don't think it would be appreciated if I did it again. You know? Maybe I'll think of some other way.

    Oh, I DO have a lot of little DA pictures that I cut out from my calendar last year, so maybe I can make a mini-DA scrapbook or something. There's an idea. :-)

    Very nice! I only wish I could see it in person!


  3. Beth,
    Thank you so much! Oh, I would have liked to see your Les Mis scrapbook. :-) If you make the Period Drama Scrapbook, will you please post about it? *sweet smile*

    Thank you darling! Your compliments are with no bounds, dear. Thank you.
    Actually, I didn't print out these specific pictures at home - that was at a print shop, when we still lived in the other house. Yeah... ink is always an issue, especially here with nine children. Oh yes! Make a mini DA scrapbook! There's a very good idea. :-) ONE DAY, my dear, ONE DAY, you shall see it in person, and you shall be able to touch it and everything. Dream big. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  4. I love this soooo much!!! Thanks for posting about it! I can't imagine how much time you put into all these amazing details. It's simply stunning!


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