5 things you will understand if you're part of a big family

You don't notice it when there's noise, you notice when there's NO noise. Seriously, this is so true. My brother's piano playing, blocks rattling, boys fighting, my sister's bonging up the stairs... oh, that's just background music. But when I'm home alone (which doesn't happen a lot, heehee) I'm like, 'OH MY GOODNESS WHAT'S THIS.' Seriously, silence in a big family equals amazing. Even during movies, or lessons, or whatever - there is always background noise. Right now I'm in my bed, my little sister trying to sleep above me - and she's moving her blankets with great gusto, ha.
Do I like this? Sometimes. I've got to say, I wish my brothers were fifty times calmer than they are, and I do love to be alone in a room now and then to escape the noise (and this is possible a lot of the time) but still. I mean, I say, noise is wonderful. I love my siblings chatters on the background, my brothers ridiculously funny squabbles and the music bonging all over the place. While I sometimes wish there would be more silence in the day and not only in the evenings, I know I would miss the noise once it would be gone.
When one person falls ill... Uhuh. Two weeks ago my second-youngest sister fell ill. Now, we're in the middle of a whole epidemic. It'll probably be my turn tomorrow (but I've told myself I'm going to watch 'the Scarlett Pimpernel' if I am, for a consolation.) Always, when someone has a cold, a few days later, everyone has it. To escape an illness is rare, suffice to say. Whenever someone falls ill I'm like, 'OH NOOOOO. NOT AGAIN.' But thankfully, we're very lucky and we only have about one serious epidemic a year. Right now I'm in the middle of the one for this year. :-P
Yeah, this, I would say, is the biggest downer about being part of a big family.

Food has to be divided equally. Or at least, this one would be true in families with BOYS. Meals are always pretty hectic, and snacks are even more hectic. Everyone's portion has to be fair to their size - I mean, if someone gets a little more than usual, EVERYONE wants a little more than usual. And I must say, I do the same, if it's something I really love, so I can't exactly push the blame on my brothers, can I?
Oh, and when mum is away for a meal, I'm like, 'WHAT WILL DINNER BE LIKE TODAYYY.'
You don't know the meaning of the word 'lonely.' Well, unless you have a big imagination like me. :-P
But you know what I'm trying to say. There's never a lonely minute. If I want company of people, I have it right at the other side of my bedroom door. I'm so lucky, and I fully realise it. My family is awesome - my dad and mum are amazing leaders and parents, always organised and not-giving-up-even-if-there's-glumness-and-illnesses, and my brothers, although super energetic, are just funny and lovely and my sisters... well, you know, I couldn't live without them. I'm so blessed with my family, and I love them to pieces. :-P
Deciding things is hard. For example, what with my mother being pregnant with number ten, and baby names being discussed, everyone has their own different opinion. Some love this name, others claim it the ugliest name in whole wide world, others adore this name and others say it's not suitable because... blah. Deciding things is HARD.
Now, I don't have to do the deciding - my poor parents have the last word. And seriously, poor them. They don't want to hurt anyone, but they HAVE to, because they can't please everyone at the same time! Ohhh dear. That's pretty annoying, but hey, it's actually rather fun, opinions. We have long discussions and well, they are fun, even if I loose (which is often, cause I'm always in the minority group, ha.)
Love, Naomi
PS My little sister is sleeping now, but it ain't quiet. She snores. But it's nice and brushy and wishy and lovely background music indeed. :-)
PSS Have a good day, please. And if you'd like to keep the sick epidemic at our house in your prayers, I'd be very much obliged. It's tiring, but the slope of the pit will go up soon. This day is a gift, that's why it's called the present. (Emma, because I know you'll ask; no I didn't make that up.)


  1. This is something I do understand! I have eight siblings, two girls and five boys, and mommy is is pregnant with the other one, so we do not know whether it's a girl or a boy!

  2. Oh, this is so true!!

    It's very rarely quiet in a big family, right? The piano (I'm a culprit of that sometimes, myself, but you know what I mean…) and all...

    The illness thing. YES. When one of us gets sick, at least, if it's a stomach thing, we go into full-blown quarantine. It's often pretty ineffectual, but we try anyway. Ugh. Definitely the worst part.

    Indecision. The trademark of our family;)

  3. wow! this sounds very familiar!!
    the pictures are really sweet!!

  4. These were pretty relatable! I have five siblings, so six isn't that big compared to your family, but it's bigger than the average family, I think :). Then again, we know a couple of families with 8 or 9, one with 12 and one with about 14, so we're not so big!
    I have SO often thought how I would dislike being an only child! Siblings are fun! (Especially if there are a few older ones and you can have singing sessions and do parts!

  5. This describes my family exactly!! Haha:-) and the thing about portion sizes is true for all-girl families too as I have three sisters and then we had two little brothers....talk about noise! Mums and dads are awesome though aren't they!:-)

  6. Sounds like you have a wonderful family. Speaking from a mom's experience, if you will put your toothbrushes in the dishwasher when these illnesses start popping up, it does help a bit. I don't know why this makes such a difference, but it has in our family. My sister in law told me about that years ago, and it has been helpful.

  7. We've been having a cold epidemic here too. Someone caught one between Christmas and New Year's, and at least one person has been sick ever since. And I only have 3 kids! Sigh. So yes, I'll definitely keep your family in my prayers :-) Especially your mom! I know well how draining it is to be sick while pregnant.

  8. Why does this all sounds so familiar? Oh yeah.

    Completely relate with everything. Especially with the sickness issues. My family is finally completely healthy for the first time this year. The winter colds hit us very hard. I was lucky, I only got sick once.

    Noise. Totally. Yup. Uhuh. All the time. One of the reasons why I listen to so much music.

    I must say though, I do know what it is like to be lonely, but only in a room full of people. I like to be alone, but not lonely. Introvert problems, right there. That's probably why God put me in a big family. It's a good thing.

    Your post had me laughing internally the entire time I read it!


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