Happy Birthday, dear Emma

I honestly have no idea how to start this post. So many feelings, thoughts, heart-felt things are on my heart right now, and I just don't know where to start. This post is made for the honour of someone who's changed my life in the best way ever - for someone who laughs at my lame jokes - for someone who's as romantic and imaginative as I - for someone who understands my writery problems - for someone who I can't thank enough. Today is the sixteenth birthday of that person. My best friend and fellow crier and laugher and lover of many mutual things. Happy birthday, darling Emma. Happy birthday.
This girl is awesome. And pretty. And a good singer and writer on the bargain. Archie, take note.
I wish you the warmest-all-the-best for this bound-to-be-awesome sixteenth year and I just... I just have to thank you for all  you do, often without realising what you do. You send me letters I'll cherish forever, you don't find me weird when I say I want to marry Mr Knightley, you honestly say what you think about things, and you're enthusiastic and you fun and you write so well and you're just so good.
I know I have done some friendship-posts of ours before, and so has Emma, for my birthday (which was so sweet I feel I'm not doing credit (but I know Emma will say that I did, so there)) but here, I have to do it again, because this lovely person is a huge character in my life and it's her birthday, so she totally deserves a dedication post. Right? Right.
This is us when we were little girls.
About the surreal-ness of having a friend such as Emma
Emma talked about how we met here, so I won't do that all again. Besides she wrote it much nicer than I ever could (and no, Violet, you may not contradict me, not even praps. Me bossy? Ahem. Inside jokes. Those are fun) but today I will tell you how surreal it is to me to have a bestie. It IS totally amazing to me, still, although I know Emma for about a year already. I just sometimes can't believe I have a friend as close to me as Violet. (only I, mind you, may call her that. It started when we wrote to each other first and realised we were both reading Lynn Austin books - me, Wonderland Creek, she, A Proper Persuit - so I called her Violet after the main character in The Proper Persuit and she me Alice, after the gal in Wonderland Creek. Long story, yup.)
When I was young (I'm still young, yes, but when I was younger still), having a bosom friend was unreal. Just, not real. Just, like, something in movies and books. Like, it-will-never-happen-to-me. After watching Anne of Green Gables, I told my mother I'd love to have a really good friend. And my mother, trying to make me feel better about not having any close friends (I mean, I had friends, but none really close), said that Anne-Diana friendships were very rare indeed. And I believed that, but I kept on faintly and dubbly hoping.
Well, my mother's a very smart person who I look up to VERY much (she's going to raise her tenth child soon, so of course I look up to her!) but sorry, dear Mums, you were wrong in that. I DID meet a bosom friend. And oh, we're every bit as close and every bit as good as friends as Diana and Anne, if not, much more. Only, via written words, but that's besides the point.
So yes, Emma, having you as a bosom friend, is just AMAZING. And unreal. And, praise-the-Lord-SO-much-worthy.
Some (of the many) reasons why Emma is awesome:
~ She acted in a stage play of Les Miserables as Eponine and wasn't even nervous when singing on her own (got it? got it?) in front of millions of beady eyes staring at her.
~ She seals her letters WITH WAX. Like Mr Darcy. How amazingly lovely and beautifully quaint is that, pray?
~ Her hand writing is prettier than 'Edwardian print-font' on the computer.
~ She has watched more movies than I, so if I don't know what to watch, I can always go to her for recommendations. Not that I ever don't know what to watch, though, because she recommends stuff without me asking. But then, so do I. :-P
~ She and I are scarily similar on some subjects, but also dangerously different on others (which we quarrel about in a best-friend-way (which is harsh, but sooo laugh-laugh-laugh.))
~ She sings as well as Samantha Barks.
~ She writes as well as my favourite author, Lynn Austin, and the emails where she sends me updates from the book she's writing are my favourite emails (although all of them are= me love.)
~ She ships the same people as I and we both like many of the same actor/actresses/fictional characters etc.
~ She has beautiful hair. Random, but I love her hair. It's less frizzy than mine. :-P
~ She won't talk about what happened to Matthew Crawley (youknow) which is good because neither do I. That is one subject we NEVER dwell on. Hearts will break if we do.
~ Her gifts to me are unique and awesome. She gave me this for Christmas:
I know. You're jealous. Sorry. :-)
~ It was because of her I started blogging, and she suggested the name of my blog.
~ She collects quotes.
~ Writes long blog posts with swaying romantic feel to them that make every fellow hopeless-romantic-old-fashioned-bluestocking-type smile with pleasure. Her blog is awesome.
~ All her emails and comments are long. ALL.
~ She never uses the word 'lol', which just plain crazy annoys me.
~ We agree on all the deep subjects we've talked about so far, WHICH MEANS A LOT.
~ She rambles and uses caps when excited and doesn't care what people think, which is how all the nicest people work.
~ She's weird and special. For instance, she sits on her desk instead of on her chair. Yeeeeaah.
God has blessed me SO much by meeting you, dear Emma. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and happy, happy, happy birthday. I mean it, just have a GREAT day. You have loads of those, I know, 'cos you're a very happy person by nature (unless you're watching a particular Christmas special of Downton Abbey, haha), but make today REALLY GREAT. Think about yourself, and smile until your cheeks really hurt. And know that I'm thinking a lot about you here at the other side of the ocean and that I'll always be your best friend.
AND THAT WE'LL MEET ONE DAY. Soon, because one can dream, Emma always tells me. Well. You know, not always. But more than once, or twice. Just quite a lot, let's say that. But yeah, not always. OR ANYWAY. I'm drooling.)
Let's conclude this post by saying in chorus:


    Naomi this was very very sweet!


    *happy tears*

    OHHHH NAOMI!!!!!

    To say I am happy would be a gross understatement. To say I am flattered would be dreadfully insufficient. Just, I'm so overwhelmed at the moment. You are so sweet. This is so wonderfully special. I'm almost crying, really. :-)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You've made this my best birthday ever by being my friend! I love you too and I just wish you were sitting here beside me so I could thank you properly for being such a dear! :-)

    You know how similar our 'wishing-for-bosom-friends' stories are. I always hoped I'd have such a dear friend, but I never actually expected it to happen. You are a dream come true, did you know that? (Of course you did. I've told you many times.) ;-P God has been so good to us.

    This also made me laugh a lot-- so many of the things you said are just priceless. "On Her Own"-- yes, yes, I get it. :-) And Ruth and Idgie! Aww, she did that just for me! *virtual hugs* Haha, I've NEVER used 'lol'. It bugs me just as much as it bugs you.

    I can't tell you how happy I am to be the one who inspired you to start your blog. It makes me feel very special. And now look how far you've come! *Emma glows with maternal pride*

    Aww, thanks, Naomi, now everyone knows I sit on my desk. Thanks a lot. How mortifying. ;-P

    YES WE WILL MEET ONE DAY. I love to think that it will be someday soon....*happy sigh* Oh, the joys of dreaming.

    Thank YOU for being the sweet, clever, swell girl you are. I will remember this for always. :-)

    ~Violet :-)

    P.S. I wish there was some way to type a little face with tears or something. ;-P Can you think of one?

  3. Evie, Thank you!

    I'm just grinning my head off right now. I'm so glad you loved this post. I know EXACTLY how you feel - I felt the same way as you did when you read this than I did when I read yours you wrote for me (or whatevah.)
    I'm glad you're almost crying. It's a great feeling. :-)
    No really, I spend a whole evening on Saturday watching Ruth-and-Idgie-clips on Youtube and I've SO fallen in love with the movie. You can actually say I've watched it now, because I've seen ALL the Ruth/Idgie clips and that's the main story, right? It's SO good. I'm Ruth though, and you're Idgie.
    Why, you're welcome. *evil grin* Haha, you yourself have said on your blog that you sat on your desk. :-)
    Aww, thank you. Awww, you're amazing. You're welcome.

    ~ Naomi

    PS I burst into laughter when I read your PS. Yes, there IS one, you know:
    (That was two happy crying faces. One for you and one for me. :)
    Happy birthday!

  4. Oh, and what did you think of the 'Archie, take note,' thing? I must say I was rather proud of that lame joke. :-P

  5. :'-)


    Oh, now you must watch the whole movie! It's soooo good! Haha, yes, I'm Idgie and you're Ruth. But, you see, I can't really be Idgie because Mary's already Idgie. :-)

    Yes, I laughed at what you wrote about Archie. Clever, clever. :-)

  6. AW!!! That is the sweetest thing! Aren't best friends just the absolute most wonderful thing? I am lucky enough to have two best friends, and I just don't deserve friends as sweet as them. But one of them I haven't even met yet, she lives in another state and our older siblings were friends. Yet we somehow just seem to understand each-other through letters and packages, and there's nothing more satisfying than getting that letter in the mail. :) Oh, and I do so admire good handwriting! Mine is atrocious, maybe Emma could do a post sometime on achieving good, graceful handwriting? ;)

  7. By the way, what is "Archie take note" referring to? :P

  8. Emma,
    Well, thank you, but I didn't 'think' of it, I just knew it from somewhere else. Well, I'd absolutely LOVE to watch the whole movie, but it ain't on Youtube and it's REALLY expensive on Amazon. That's the Meet-me-in-St-Louis-problem, too.
    Well, I'm glad you laughed. :-P

    Yes! Emma should do a post on good handwriting! Emma, are you there? There's a good idea.
    I know, right? Having good friends who send good packages is just SO utterly and completely amazing.
    Heehee, Archie is Emma's favourite hero - he's in Horiato Hornblower - and I wrote 'Archie, take note,' because Emma wants desperately to be noticed by him. :-P And Archie should.

    ~ Naomi

  9. Super sweet post Naomi! Oh, and it is really interesting what you said about being dangerously different on some subjects, as my sisters and I are just like that! On some topics we can go on happily for hours and then on others (and thankfully they are few :) ) we can give each other headaches in about a matter of minutes. :)

  10. Awwwww!! this is so sweet! You two have an amazing friendship:-)

  11. Oh, lovely. Happy Birthday, dear Emma!!
    Oh of course. Your Emma is the Emma of A Lantern in Her Hand. *smacks head* I'd looked at that blog and thought, ooh, how lovely, and so when I saw her picture on your blog I thought, now WHERE have I seen that face before? Now I know who BOTH of you are!
    Here's to a friendship that'll last twenty years and beyond!! :-)

  12. Awwww, happy birthday, Emma!! What a sweet post, Naomi! You two are so blessed to have each other and I love reading your friendship posts!

  13. Oh, yes I'm one of the persons the gradulate really tard. The most time I forget the dates from my friends family etc. I'm not good at remembering.
    But I also wish you all the bestand happy birthday. Have a nice year 2015 and I wish you two to stay together until the life's end. The best friend you often know really long, such like you two since you were little. :)


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