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Dear people of the blogging world who happen to read my blog, today I have a very fun game for you all to play. The idea popped into my head as I ate my dinner yesterday evening. Idea usually just pop into my head with not apparent reason, I've lately realised - same with writing ideas, they just randomly pop inside my brain; unexpected and all. It's funny how brains work, no?
Random lovely picture of two adorable lovers. I've watched 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' and I'm pretty infatuated at present. :-)
Anyway, on to the game!
In this game, I will describe all the lovers (or men who are interested in the heroine) of the heroine you have to try to guess. The lovers are not always in the order of appearance as they are in the Period Drama, so take care. :-)
-Guess the name of the heroine whose lovers I am describing.
-Guess which of the lovers I described she ends up with (if you know the heroine, this shouldn't be too hard!)
-Write down all your guesses in the comments, as usual, and ten points can be won for each correct answer. Answers to this game will be coming in a week, so don't hesitate to play right now! :-) Let the fun begin!
A man with a moustache; in the book industry / A kind-hearted farmer
An older, wise and musical gentleman / A charming strong man and romantic on the bargain
A handsome blond / A charming, dangerously dashing, rich man / A ridiculous and soppy youngster / An old rich fellow with side whiskers
A well-to-do travelling village man / A sweet village lad with dark hair
A kind, sympathetic gentleman / A young sweet lad; a childhood friend
A tall proud person / A handsome red-coat / A pastor
A friend of her father / A Titanic victim / A married guy with a newspaper business / A farmer
A young crush who loves reading and writing / A kind blind guy
A wealthy, cruel and controlling man / A kind Jew
A neighbour boy / A kind and wise professor
A tailor / A butcher
A childhood friend often spotted with his musical instrument / Proud, a little pompous, but romantic fellow / An opinionated and possessive (but good-looking) young man / A handsome young journalist
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hello Naomi,
    Wow, what a fantastic idea! I'm afraid I don't know many, but I'll give it a try! :D
    #2: Oh, is that Marianne Dashwood? And she would end up with the older, wise and musical gentleman, Colonel Brandon. :D
    #4: Is that Anne Shirley? If it is, she marries, the sweet village lad with dark hair, Gilbert. (GILBERT!! *dreamy sigh*)
    #5: Oh, Little Dorrit?! I mean, Amy Dorrit... :P She marries the kind, sympathetic gentleman, Arthur Clennam. Love that book and the movie!!
    #6: Elizabeth Bennet. She ends up with the tall proud person, Mr Darcy.... :D
    #8: Jo March. She marries the kind and wise professor. I'm so glad she did, as much as I liked Laurie, the Professor was totally made for her!
    #9: Tzeitel from Fiddler on the Roof...she marries the tailor. :) (Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles!! ;D)
    Wait, I just realized, you seem to have accidentally put two 8s and 9s...? I was referring to the last 8 and 9, with my answers...sorry if that's confusing. :P
    Yes, I enjoyed it very much! Bravo, Miss Bennet, you're so clever. :)
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. You're a bit of a poet-- and we did not know it. ;-P

    Fun game! You always have such original ideas. And golly, they seem to be getting trickier and trickier....Let's see what I've got here.

    #1 Beatrix Potter, and the one she ends up with is Willie Heelis.
    #3 Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler
    #6 Lizzy Bennet, Mr. Darcy
    #7 Uh-oh, Edith Crawley....and who does she end up with? I'll just say Michael Gregson, cause that was close...DO NOT TELL ME IT'S MR. DREW. DON'T EVEN.
    #11 Is it what's-her-face from Fiddler on the Roof? But I don't remember either of their names, so that doesn't get us anywhere. ;-P

    That's all I can think of now! I might be back.


  3. SQUEEE YOU WATCHED TSP!!!! Isn't it glorious?? And I love that picture of Percy and Marguerite. *romantic feels*
    Ooh, fun! I don't think I can do this now (it's almost time for church) but perhaps later. :-)

  4. 6: pride & prejudice
    10: Little Women

  5. Whew, this is tough! I unfortunately only have guesses for some of them :-P

    #1. Heroine: Beatrice Potter Person with whom she ends up: Well...technically...

    #2. Heroine: Marianne Dashwood Person with whom she ends up: Colonel Brandon!:)

    #7. Heroine: Is it Edith Crawley?

    #9. Heroine: Gwendolyn Harleth Person with whom she ends up: Henleigh Grandcourt (the wealthy controller)

    Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I've got:(

    Fun game, anyhow:D

  6. Oh, wait, I've also got a guess for #5: Heroine: Amy Dorrit Person with whom she ends up: The kind, sympathetic gentleman (Arthur Clenham).

  7. 1. Beatrix Potter. She ends up with the kind-hearted farmer, Mr. Heelis.
    2. Marianne Dashwood? Colonel Brandon, the older, wise and musical gentleman.
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. Elizabeth Bennet. The tall pround person, Mr. Darcy.
    7. ?
    8. Mary Ingalls. The kind blind guy, Adam Kendall.
    9. ?
    10. Jo March. The kind and wise Professor Bhaer.
    11. ?
    12. ?

    And those are my (few) answers!
    Thanks Naomi!

  8. Ooh, looking at comments, I knew more of these than I realized! But, off-the-bat, I knew 5 (Amy Dorrit, right?), and 6 and 7. Very fun idea!

  9. catsinboxes, I'm sorry! I should have waited till I published all the comments, as I usually do! Thank you for playing honest. The answers will be up soon. :-)

  10. Naomi, no problem! It was fun :-)


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