Period Drama Lovers // Game Answers

Thank you for playing! This game was a little harder than expected, so sorry about that.
A man with a moustache; in the book industry / A kind-hearted farmer
This is from 'Miss Potter', who ends up with the kind-hearted farmer, called Mr Willie Heelis.
An older, wise and musical gentleman / A charming strong man and romantic on the bargain
This is about Marianne Dashwood, who ends up with Colonel Brandon
A handsome blond / A charming, dangerously dashing, rich man / A ridiculous and soppy youngster / An old rich fellow with side whiskers
This is Scarlett O'Hara and her many lovers! Her main one is Rhett, the charming dashing rich man.
A well-to-do travelling village man / A sweet village lad with dark hair
This is Anne Shirley, who ends up with Gilbert Blythe. In the book, she has many more lovers, but I followed the movie for this one.
A kind, sympathetic gentleman / A young sweet lad; a childhood friend
Amy Dorrit, who ends up with Arthur Clenham, a kind sympathetic gentleman.
A tall proud person / A handsome red-coat / A pastor
This one wasn't too hard! Elizabeth Bennet who, of course, went for the tall proud Mr Darcy!
A friend of her father / A Titanic victim / A married guy with a newspaper business / A farmer
This is poor Edith Crawley, who didn't end up with any. Of course. I mean, she's EDITH. Nothing ever ends up right with Edith.
A young crush who loves reading and writing / A kind blind guy
Mary Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, and Adam Kendall. I reality though, Mary never married.
A wealthy, cruel and controlling man / A kind Jew
The is Gwendolyn from 'Daniel Deronda' who marries Henleigh Grandcourt.
A neighbour boy / A kind and wise professor
Jo March, who got the professor in the end!
A tailor / A butcher
Tzeitl from 'Fiddler on the Roof' who, wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, finally got her tailor!
A childhood friend often spotted with his musical instrument / Proud, a little pompous, but romantic fellow / An opinionated and possessive (but good-looking) young man / A handsome young journalist
This is Laura Timmins from Lark Rise to Candleford, who ended up with Daniel Parish, the handsome young journalist.
Players' scores:
Miss Meg March: 120
Emily Blakeney: 100
Arwen: 80
Emma Jane: 80
catsinboxes: 60
Clara Ruth Stone: 20

Thank you for playing!


  1. Oops, haha! I had thought that I'd answered then and then I went back to my comment to see what I got and realized that I must have closed the comment box instead of submitting it! Oh dear, haha! But anyways, I believe I got seven of them right. :) I guessed Anne Shirley on Little Dorrit, their suiters are similar. :P Fun game, thanks for organizing! :)

  2. Whoops. I didn't do so good.

    WHY didn't I guess Daniel Deronda? And Little Dorrit? And Anne of Green Gables, for goodness' sake?

    Oh well. ;-P It was a fun game anyway!

  3. Yay! I don't think I expected to do so well.


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